T80L-77000A OTC/Rotunda Ford Dealership AOD Rebuild Toolkit


7902-A End play checking tool
Valve Body Guide Pins
77140-A Forward Clutch Lip Seal Protector
77005-A Intermediate Clutch Lip Seal Protector
77403-A – Reverse Clutch Outer Seal Protector
77254-A Direct Clutch Outer Lip Seal Protector
77403-B Reverse Clutch Inner Seal Protector
77003-A Gauge Bar
7103-A Oil Pump Remover Adaptors (2)
77268-A Oil Pump Bushing Replacer
77268-B Oil Pump Bushing Remover
77110-A Rear Case Bushing Replacer
77209-A Sun Gear Bushing Replacer
77034-A -Extension Housing Bushing Replacer
77030-A Server Piston Selection Tool
77030-B - Servo Piston Remover
77405-A Reverse Clutch Spring Compressor
77515-A Clutch Spring Compressor Extension
Does not include Direct Clutch Inner Lip Seal Protector (77234-A). Can be purchased online as Atec t-1624 (approx. $25-30)

All in good condition.

Price - $175 plus half of shipping within continental U.S.


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