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Re: Purpose of the....02' Sensor [Re: Oregoonian] #4838999 08/13/18 11:15 AM
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CT8 Offline
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Very basic ,,, generates a voltage because of the difference between the air on the outside of the sensor and the gases inside the exhaust pipe. volts tell the computer what it needs to do. The AF ratio is an average.

Re: Purpose of the....02' Sensor [Re: Oregoonian] #4839024 08/13/18 11:56 AM
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Johnny2Bad Offline
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By measuring the oxygen content of the exhaust they can infer the air / fuel ratio being burned in the engine.

This will cause adjustments in the engine operating parameters by the Engine Control Module [Computer] (ECM). It also plays a role in catalytic converter operation ... cats work at a certain elevated temperature, the computer can add oxygen to the A/F mix to increase the Exhaust Gas Temperature which heats up the Cat, then reduce the oxygen content once the cat is working properly to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy and power when needed.

Bad O2 sensor will clearly affect fuel economy and emissions, neither for the better.

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Re: Purpose of the....02' Sensor [Re: Oregoonian] #4839035 08/13/18 12:12 PM
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97prizm Offline
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Yes as said above 02 sensors typically are 1 in front in behind the cat to look at the unburned oxygen levels, but not always. There are heated O2s and plain O2 sensors. Don't replace the wrong sensor or you could fail an emissions test. The VECI sticker under the hood will tell you what emission components your vehicle will have.

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Re: Purpose of the....02' Sensor [Re: 97prizm] #4839071 08/13/18 12:51 PM
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Malo83 Offline
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Helps me pass smog checks here in Cali! LOL

Re: Purpose of the....02' Sensor [Re: Virtus_Probi] #4840307 08/14/18 06:12 PM
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Oregoonian Offline OP
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Thanks for that web page...Provided good info.

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