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Re: Suggestions on HM Oil to treat consumption [Re: shurguywutt] #4816203 07/17/18 08:31 AM
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28oz Online Content
Online Content
Joined: Apr 2017
Posts: 576
Maybe try an HDEO? Have a family member's 2001 Altima that consumes a bit of 5W-30, HM or not. She'll have to top it off several times during an OCI. She just recently took a road trip to Oregon and I put Rotella 10W-30 in it since I already had it on hand and she would be doing a lot of freeway in high temperatures. She didn't have to add any oil the entire trip. The level on the dipstick was still above the midway mark when she got back to Utah. Perhaps worth a try in your application?

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Re: Suggestions on HM Oil to treat consumption [Re: Bullwinkle007] #4816277 07/17/18 09:56 AM
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Volvoeric Offline
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Yes. The B series vtec engines burn oil no matter the oil viscosity.... but i still love them.

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Re: Suggestions on HM Oil to treat consumption [Re: shurguywutt] #4816359 07/17/18 11:45 AM
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nthach Offline
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In a Prius, I'm using PPHM on this current OCI after a few cycles of MMO and Schaeffer's Neutra 131 with M1HM and Castrol Edge HM. I got the consumption down to 1qt/2000+miles. I'm interested in trying the Valvoline Cummins Restore stuff. 4-cylinder FWD Toyotas do have a knack about sludged up rings, especially the 1NZ/1ZZ/2AZ engines.

The latest PDS for SuperTech Synthetic HM shows it has one of the lowest NOACK values for a GIII oil, you'll need to switch to a PAO/ester-based oil like Red Line or Amsoil Signature Series if you want any lower.

Re: Suggestions on HM Oil to treat consumption [Re: shurguywutt] #4816489 07/17/18 02:02 PM
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FlyPenFly Offline
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AT-205 + Synthetic has helped with consumption issues more than synthetic HM oil has for me. Both are good at sealing minor leaks, but in consumption, I haven't noticed a difference with HM oil.

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Re: Suggestions on HM Oil to treat consumption [Re: JAG] #4816591 07/17/18 03:45 PM
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cheesepuffs Offline
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Originally Posted By: JAG
Originally Posted By: cheesepuffs
In the Honda, Im not sure if the Pilot was affected by this but other J series Hondas certainly were - the variable cylinder management causes oil consumption and heres why.

When the second cylinder bank shuts off, those cylinders cool down. This makes the piston rings contract, causing blow-by, and that is exacerbated by the fact that the heating and cooling of those combustion chambers and rings cause carbon buildup. The rings get stuck with carbon deposits, making it so that they cant seal to the cylinder wall as well, also causing blow-by.

I have this issue with my car and a real like tribologist (oil scientist) that I know outside of this forum recommended I run a high PAO oil to free up the stuck rings. I have read on this forum that PAO has zero cleaning abilities as told by armchair quarterbacks, but this is what this oil professional told me, so Im trying it via Mobil 1 EP 0W-20 which has around 60% PAO content going off of its Safety Data Sheet. Its too soon to tell if it worked. Previous to this change I ran Platinum HM which seemed to help but did not stop the oil loss, although for some reason consumption went up initially before dropping again with the Pennzoil. I would high reccomend running full synthetic oils in these engines to help prevent further deposits at least. And now with all the HM varieties of full synthetics you can get those seal swellers with them if so inclined.

Can you say whether that tribologist is a member here?
I said PAO is a lousy cleaner of engine deposits. Check the literature if you dont believe it.

They are not a member of this forum.

2008 Honda Accord Coupe V6
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