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#4809871 - 07/10/18 06:51 AM Re: Thoughts from a Middle Ager [Re: BISCUT]
DuckRyder Offline

Registered: 10/20/05
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Loc: Atlanta
Or you could sell everything, pack what is left on a BMW GS or KTM Adventure and head out...
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#4809878 - 07/10/18 06:56 AM Re: Thoughts from a Middle Ager [Re: BISCUT]
itguy08 Offline

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I'd go for the new Mustang GT. I also love the old Fox bodies but the new ones are so much better from a performance and comfort level (with the exception of the rear seat).

The new 5.0 is amazing - pulls like a freight train all the way up to the 7500 RPM redline and sounds great doing it. Even returns decent fuel economy too.

Get the Active Exhaust - you can go from crazy loud (track mode) to church mouse quiet. And as you get on it, even in normal mode it will sound great.

The digital dash is cool and worth it. IMHO.

Then once you get the car take some money and travel - ROAD TRIP!!!

#4809905 - 07/10/18 07:36 AM Re: Thoughts from a Middle Ager [Re: BISCUT]
demarpaint Offline

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Do whatever you can afford. Life can change in an instant, and sometimes the change is not good.
God Bless Our Troops

#4809936 - 07/10/18 08:13 AM Re: Thoughts from a Middle Ager [Re: BISCUT]
stranger706 Offline

Registered: 04/24/09
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Loc: Gulf Coast
Get the 5.0

Itís an amazing car. I dd mine 100 miles 5 days a week. Comfortable and refined on the hwy. Itíll get 28 mpg cruising at 75.

Or take the back road, turn off stability/traction control and use the 460 hp.

These v8 powertrains will not be around long. Get one while you still can.

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#4809941 - 07/10/18 08:19 AM Re: Thoughts from a Middle Ager [Re: BISCUT]
HemiHawk Offline

Registered: 03/09/16
Posts: 902
Loc: PA,US
I've had a couple Mustangs, and I keep looking at getting a new one. One thing I'll say about the older fox body is... they're not very safe. And thats true even before you chop the top off. I see clean convertibles pretty often and consider them. While growing up we had a 92 5.0 in the family and I'd love to have one just like it. but they have noodle chassis and I'd hate to be hit by a soccer mom on her phone in that car.
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#4809961 - 07/10/18 08:45 AM Re: Thoughts from a Middle Ager [Re: BISCUT]
Brian553 Offline

Registered: 01/30/18
Posts: 90
Loc: Central Texas
My comment may rock the boat quite a bit, but I don't mean it to be snobby. I came from driving an '11 WRX, and my brother previously drove around on a g37. He always drives his cars hard, which I got to experience in the passenger seat. I drove my WRX hard when I had some twisty roads to carve up and pull on the straights, otherwise it was a commuter. These cars are slower on paper compared to the 5.0. My brother recently traded his g37 for the 5.0, and I gotta say, I wasn't really blown away by the 5.0. It's quick, and quicker than the others like I said, but I guess it doesn't let you feel the difference or something (I'm sorry I wish I could give something objective to specify this.) The suspension is nice and sharp for cornering, but rough on all road asperities if you want to cruise. It sounds great and it's easy to drive. I think part of it is that I moved into bikes just before he made the swap, and this messed up my sense/thrill of speed for cars. I hope that if you have been exposed to motorcycles you haven't spoiled your thrill in fast cars. If you think you have, I would go with whichever lets you go on long treks/ travel. And if you are really feeling up for it, take one of the adv bikes and do a trek on those. Cars are comfier, though.

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2008 Toyota Rav4 V6 (10w30 Valvoline HM/ML ~ 4.5k oci)
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"The carpenter's rule is 'measure twice, cut once.'" -Stephen Covey

#4809970 - 07/10/18 08:57 AM Re: Thoughts from a Middle Ager [Re: BISCUT]
JLTD Offline

Registered: 12/15/17
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Loc: US
Assuming your retirement is secured, why not do both? Take a nice vacation while you decide which vehicle to get. Then, relaxed from the vacation, take test drives to figure out which one you like better.
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#4809971 - 07/10/18 08:59 AM Re: Thoughts from a Middle Ager [Re: BISCUT]
pandus13 Offline

Registered: 08/12/11
Posts: 3345
Loc: Chicago,IL,USA

I'm the off-path kind.

#1 Take one of the alone trips you talked in the past. This could help you decide what you want from the next 10-20 years.
#2 2019 Mustang
#3 take the family minivan (OP has 4 kids) and make it "snappy". Happy wife means you can enjoy #2...
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#4809977 - 07/10/18 09:07 AM Re: Thoughts from a Middle Ager [Re: BISCUT]
BrocLuno Offline

Registered: 09/06/15
Posts: 5691
Loc: Kalifornia Kollective
Never spend money on vehicles that you don't have to. They are essentially disposable commodities. By have to, that includes passions about certain ones. If you have to, you have to ...

But, I'd do a bit of both. Start hunting the LA and Phoenix CL adds for an older 'Stang that really catches your eye. Rust free 5.0 example. They are everywhere and rust free. Fly out and buy it, drive it home. Adventure along the way. Make getting the car the way you want an adventure too.

Along the way, you'll discover things you want to change - seats, suspension, tires, wheels, brakes, etc. Do them as time and energy permit. Get a Euro mini-hitch receiver and add a bike rack when you want. Drive the Pony to some fun places and ride your bikes around and enjoy smile

You are just getting to the point where time becomes the more important factor and money less so. That trend accelerates as you add years. There are shops all over that can help on a Fox Body to make it anything you want. Pick ones a day or two away and get the work done. Ride your bikes around while it's being done and explore the new settings smile

A new car is an assembly of ICU's and wiring waiting for an oops ... Mechanical throttle and one ECU are enough.

The money you save on the purchase price of the car will pay for all the hotel rooms along this path and you'll have a bunch of mini-adventures laugh

Also travel. You need to see Alaska (more than once, it's BIG and takes more trips to "see" parts of it), New Zealand (especially south island), Montana/Wyo, lots of Europe, etc. The savings from not buying a new car will pay for much of this smile
Formerly in marine engineering. In an earlier life I owned my own petroleum tank truck, and hauled for the majors and independent's.

#4809998 - 07/10/18 09:27 AM Re: Thoughts from a Middle Ager [Re: BISCUT]
novadude Offline

Registered: 01/16/03
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Loc: Shippensburg, PA
Get the FOX body. New cars are leaps and bounds better when it comes to handling, performance, comfort, but there is something to be said about the old car driving EXPERIENCE. I love driving my '65 Nova with it's manual steering, heavy clutch, etc. Makes you feel like you are connected to a machine, not a video game.

#4810003 - 07/10/18 09:30 AM Re: Thoughts from a Middle Ager [Re: JLTD]
28oz Offline

Registered: 04/20/17
Posts: 402
Loc: Utah, USA
Originally Posted By: JLTD
Assuming your retirement is secured, why not do both? Take a nice vacation while you decide which vehicle to get. Then, relaxed from the vacation, take test drives to figure out which one you like better.

+1 Finances in order? Yes? Great. Have fun! I'm a little partial to the Z cars. grin
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#4810041 - 07/10/18 10:18 AM Re: Thoughts from a Middle Ager [Re: Shannow]
Zee09 Offline

Registered: 05/05/18
Posts: 635
Loc: Tri State Conservative
Originally Posted By: Shannow
I'm 50 now...

And my big thing is that "you can't go back".

The places that meant everything to me as a kid have changed...I've found that I can't take anyone new to tose places and get them to experience anything like what it means/meant to me.

Same with cars...My thing was Holden Toranas...making them fast and handle. When I went to go back 11-12 years ago, they were slow (compared to those I was driving for work), expensive (everyone else's memories), and heavy to handle. I went back, and I was disappointed.

I realised that I spent the 80s modifying 60s and 70s cars to be the 80s Euro offerings - I got a beater BMW323i for $1,300 (it didn't have air con either), and thrashed the daylights out of it. It went and handled and braked, and I wasn't emotionally invested in it.

2010 Hired a Camaro (if they had a Yellow SS, I would have got that), and drove SFO, across the bridge, up to point Stuart, Guyserville, Reno, down half of Lake Tahoe, and back...I treasure the memories...wouldn't buy a Camaro 'though...especially at Oz prices.

2014 we had the family road trip, Nissan Maxima...was great, I loved every moment with that car (including topping it up with MC 5w20)...wouldn't for a minute contemplate that as our family car. Forever glad that I didn't get an econobox like all my peers do when they travel.

Travelling and renting something that I wouldn't consider for my normal life gave that extra flavour to the trip.

When I was playing with my Toranas, I liked the fact that when I got home Friday, I would start a repowering process that HAD to get me to work (50 miles away) on Monday that would fill me with dread, rather than excitement.

So again, in Summary, you can't go back.

Insert cheesy motivational pic here...(only because when I watched Vikings with my son, it resonated so strongly)


OR to not insert...

I agree 100%
I have 100 times the stuff I used to have and honestly I find it as a hassle-trap.
I'm a bit older but grew up with the same flavors.

Plus you never know what tomorrow may bring. I found out and often it isn't pretty.
But as individuals we all need to find our comfort spot in life.

I'm building a house a year as I always wanted to and enjoy it Mansions- I always loved a house with all the rooms.

And when you fund it yourself, who cares if it takes awhile to sell. Of course here many don't get it.

Actually cars are becoming a burden to me. I'm working on eventually owning just one.

"If I walked on water, they'd say I couldn't swim."

#4810051 - 07/10/18 10:28 AM Re: Thoughts from a Middle Ager [Re: BISCUT]
Zee09 Offline

Registered: 05/05/18
Posts: 635
Loc: Tri State Conservative
Listen to Mama!

"If I walked on water, they'd say I couldn't swim."

#4810104 - 07/10/18 11:12 AM Re: Thoughts from a Middle Ager [Re: BISCUT]
dtownfb Offline

Registered: 03/11/09
Posts: 84
Loc: PA
If you can somehow involve your family/friends with the car purchase, go for it! Otherwise, I would travel and create experiences.
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#4810492 - 07/10/18 04:30 PM Re: Thoughts from a Middle Ager [Re: BISCUT]
A_Harman Offline

Registered: 10/01/10
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Originally Posted By: BISCUT
45 years old. I was lucky in life to always have work and get a decent pay. As a kid I had 2 I-Rock's. Loved them but always appreciated the 5.0 liter Mustang's sheer straight pull. Sooo I'm pondering a few things and wanted to hear your opinions.

1. 2019 Z .... Since the 280 in my youth always had a thing for the Z.

2. 2019 Mustang 5.0 ... I don't think I could do an Eco Boost on the Mustang. I have the 5.0 on a 15 F150 but it isn't the same as the Mustang. Love the motor and I like the V8.

3. 90's Mustang GT rag top in either a maroon or black. Never have I wanted maroon!! Those years Ford got maroon right. This would be a total rebuild by a pro.

Or be smart, and use the cash to travel smile

I love mts and travel. I have a lot of bikes that don't require oil but cost as much as many cars. Looking foreword to hearing your thoughts and rants!

Resto-mod an original 240/260/280Z. Nissan hasn't made a good Z-car since they were called Datsun. All the later model ones are bloated and overweight.
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