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#4809593 - 07/09/18 08:03 PM I fixed my washer ,Thanks You Tube !
andyd Online   content

Registered: 09/25/04
Posts: 7253
Loc: Marshfield , MA
Wife reports the washer isn't draining. First trouble with 12 yr old Whirlpool front loader. Googled "Whirpool Duet not draining." 1st hit was a You tube video that NAILED it. The plate under the front door is on 2 screws. With that off, the drain knob is right there. I put a folded up crummy towel under it and unscrewed the plug. Out comes the screen, a bunch of 1/4" holes in a half tube . Jam packed with 2.35 in change, paper clips a few nails, some nuts some lint to glop everything together. Cleaned the whole shebang, re-assembled and 3 loads later I declare the Duet to be fixed. Whew grin2
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#4809606 - 07/09/18 08:14 PM Re: I fixed my washer ,Thanks You Tube ! [Re: andyd]
Imp4 Offline

Registered: 04/06/18
Posts: 297
Loc: Somewhere in time
One more win for the little man!
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Grandma's creampuff...

#4809608 - 07/09/18 08:15 PM Re: I fixed my washer ,Thanks You Tube ! [Re: andyd]
dishdude Offline

Registered: 11/14/08
Posts: 8819
Loc: Phoenix
It paid YOU $2.35 to fix it. grin2
2018 Challenger SRT

#4809614 - 07/09/18 08:18 PM Re: I fixed my washer ,Thanks You Tube ! [Re: andyd]
WhyMe Offline

Registered: 12/18/12
Posts: 544
Loc: Washington for now
i have fix a few front loader by doing the same thing. the all have a filter somewhere and after a few years they clog up.

#4809620 - 07/09/18 08:28 PM Re: I fixed my washer ,Thanks You Tube ! [Re: andyd]
Donald Offline

Registered: 03/21/04
Posts: 20547
Loc: Upstate NY
Washing dog beds without really shaking out the dog hair first will clog the filter.

I had a fairly new Frigidaire washer that had the panel you mention under the door. The main door seal leaked and they replaced the washer under warranty. They new one has a one piece front, much harder to clean the filter.
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#4809640 - 07/09/18 08:45 PM Re: I fixed my washer ,Thanks You Tube ! [Re: andyd]
skyactiv Offline

Registered: 03/02/13
Posts: 4479
Loc: The Midwest
Youtube helped me fix my sisters LG dryer. A voltmeter pointed out the high limit thermostat was bad and I obtained one locally for under $20 and fixed it for her.
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#4809646 - 07/09/18 08:54 PM Re: I fixed my washer ,Thanks You Tube ! [Re: andyd]
benjy Offline

Registered: 08/23/10
Posts: 900
Loc: pa
good info for me, as i own the same!!! easy belt changes as well!!! the belt drive is best + thats why i bought it.

#4809660 - 07/09/18 09:12 PM Re: I fixed my washer ,Thanks You Tube ! [Re: andyd]
Nick1994 Offline

Registered: 02/19/13
Posts: 10273
Loc: Phoenix, AZ
YouTube comes to the rescue a lot!

I found a video on there for my 14 year old Kenmore top load washer last year. The agitator dogs were worn out. Boy was that easy to fix, like $5 in parts. The lid switch was also going out. Took the washer apart (easy as can be) and replaced the switch for around $10. It's like a new washer again.
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#4809698 - 07/09/18 09:45 PM Re: I fixed my washer ,Thanks You Tube ! [Re: andyd]
BIGJ552000 Offline

Registered: 08/22/03
Posts: 262
Loc: NY
Best part about all these fixes...... These older machines are much better then the current new "energy efficient" ones that barely use water, which defeats their purpose... To actually clean clothes. I'll keep my older one going as long as possible!

#4809788 - 07/10/18 01:46 AM Re: I fixed my washer ,Thanks You Tube ! [Re: andyd]
researcher Offline

Registered: 04/12/12
Posts: 279
Loc: Michigan
cheers awesome that you fixed it and youtube helped you! I did that for my relatives nissan rogue when I wasn't sure how the spark plugs were to be replaced. Every engine has it's own tricks to it.

Again, thanks for the good news and yeah I agree, IT PAID YOU!! lol..

#4809800 - 07/10/18 02:20 AM Re: I fixed my washer ,Thanks You Tube ! [Re: andyd]
blupupher Offline

Registered: 08/27/04
Posts: 4475
Loc: Katy, Republic of Texas
Yeah, it is much different now than 15 years or so ago.

Today there is hardly anything that can't be fixed by finding a video on it.

While many things I can figure a lot of it out, the videos take the guess work out of some of it.

I am actually waiting on a part for my water dispenser on my refrigerator to come in so I can fix it.
Was pretty sure what the problem was (I thought it was a switch), but online showed what the #1 problem was (a broken tab for the switch) which mine was.

Trying to teach my 12 yr old son why he needs to lean how to fix these things.
Today I made the point to him, I took $200 cash as set it on the table next to $13, and asked which he would rather spend on a repair.
He of course said he would want to spend the $13, so explaining to him that if I had called out someone to fix it, the $200 (and maybe more?) would be what it would cost.

Then had to explain to him that the $200 was my money, not his. smile
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#4809842 - 07/10/18 06:14 AM Re: I fixed my washer ,Thanks You Tube ! [Re: andyd]
xBa380 Offline

Registered: 02/12/08
Posts: 854
Loc: Cleveland
Isn't it great?? Congrats on the fix!

I had a similar situation with our 30+ year old Maytag dryer. Was not getting hot all of a sudden. Found a Youtube Video for the same exact model and how to trouble-shoot it with a multimeter... Found the issue, ordered the $8 replacement part (glow rod) and it was all fixed... Not to mention *much* cleaner when I was done with it, it was a bit filthy in there... Did the same for my Central Air when it died out... Until it REALLY died until I had to buy a new unit.

#4809855 - 07/10/18 06:31 AM Re: I fixed my washer ,Thanks You Tube ! [Re: andyd]
JTK Offline

Registered: 08/14/03
Posts: 10653
Loc: Buffalo, NY

I know I've fixed a few gas clothes dryers thanks to u-toob.

My 10yr/old LG front load washer is a bit intimidating, although it does have a tool-less access door at the bottom allowing access to the strainer basket. I've never found anything but a little bit of lint in there. It's more of a loose change catcher.
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#4809906 - 07/10/18 07:37 AM Re: I fixed my washer ,Thanks You Tube ! [Re: andyd]
ZZman Offline

Registered: 03/17/08
Posts: 5832
Loc: Michigan
Yep, love DIY videos
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#4809979 - 07/10/18 09:08 AM Re: I fixed my washer ,Thanks You Tube ! [Re: andyd]
Virtus_Probi Offline

Registered: 06/25/15
Posts: 4042
Loc: New England
The water pump in our LG front loading washer is prone to failure and we find a repair video after we googled the error code it was reporting.
$20-30 for a new pump and we should get another ten years out of the thing.
It wasn't completely trivial to get to, but it was easy enough that a klutz like me was able to do the job.

I was also able to fix a defrost water leak/backup problem with our Frigidaire side by side with some help from the web.

Edited by Virtus_Probi (07/10/18 09:09 AM)
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