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#4804120 - 07/03/18 03:37 PM Yamaha xt 250?
lawnman Offline

Registered: 05/27/13
Posts: 36
Loc: FL
Looking at purchasing a 2013 xt250. Only 1700 miles. One owner. First year of fuel injection on this model. Any experience good and bad? Well aware of this smaller bikes limitations but curious what you folks think. Any issues to look for? Thx!

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#4804142 - 07/03/18 03:48 PM Re: Yamaha xt 250? [Re: lawnman]
maxdustington Offline

Registered: 01/21/17
Posts: 847
Loc: Toronna
The Honda 250 dual sport got the CBR250R's motor around that time I think. If you are going to use it as a road bike you may want to look into that.
03 Jetta AWP/09A 200k kms
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#4804146 - 07/03/18 03:50 PM Re: Yamaha xt 250? [Re: lawnman]
krismoriah72 Offline

Registered: 02/16/09
Posts: 1577
Loc: wv
Originally Posted By: lawnman
Looking at purchasing a 2013 xt250. Only 1700 miles. One owner. First year of fuel injection on this model. Any experience good and bad? Well aware of this smaller bikes limitations but curious what you folks think. Any issues to look for? Thx!

Its not a highway bike, but if you are just using it for city and backroads its a great one.

5 years old- so of course the rubber meets the road. Check for dry rot and obvious signs of age.

Clutch- you will be able to tell on your test ride.

Most important- air filter. Look at it- has it ever been serviced? Pull it and visually look for any signs of dust in the intake. If you see dust dont buy.

Ask oil change history.

Is it on OEM battery? if so plan on buying one.

Test drive it- are brakes good? Get it good and hot and put it thru its paces.

After its good and hot pull out the clean white tissue in your pocket and put it over the exhaust while running- if you see oil spots dont buy.

#4804147 - 07/03/18 03:50 PM Re: Yamaha xt 250? [Re: lawnman]
BrocLuno Offline

Registered: 09/06/15
Posts: 5612
Loc: Kalifornia Kollective
XT250 is a very nice bike. Plenty of grunt for most situations. When I worked at Parks OHV program, we had rangers patrolling on XT250's. They lasted and went quick enough to do the job smile
Formerly in marine engineering. In an earlier life I owned my own petroleum tank truck, and hauled for the majors and independent's.

#4804168 - 07/03/18 04:06 PM Re: Yamaha xt 250? [Re: lawnman]
lawnman Offline

Registered: 05/27/13
Posts: 36
Loc: FL
Great advice so far

#4804190 - 07/03/18 04:35 PM Re: Yamaha xt 250? [Re: lawnman]
skyactiv Offline

Registered: 03/02/13
Posts: 4480
Loc: The Midwest
Excellent, fun bike to get around on. Yamaha is the Toyota of bikes. Actually, Toyota has used Yamaha for engine engineering assistance in the past.
I use to flip bikes for fun and profit before I got married.

Good to know: The cheapest way to buy inner tubes for a motorcycle is to buy OEM Honda if its the same size.
Cheaper than aftermarket and cheaper than Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki.
I showed up at a motorcycle dealer that wanted $17 for an aftermarket tube they had in stock. Nope, I'll order one from you, wait a few days and save the money.

$9.41 for a Honda tube vs $31.06 for a Yamaha tube. You can intercharge them as they are both the same size and valve orientation.

Wife: 15' Audi A4 quattro 6 speed manual
Me: 13' VW GTI 3 door 6 speed manual

#4805384 - 07/04/18 11:40 PM Re: Yamaha xt 250? [Re: lawnman]
Warlord Offline

Registered: 10/15/06
Posts: 995
Loc: Southwestern Alberta
I actually liked the XT 225 better but the 250 is still pretty good.
07 GMC Canyon - 204km
01 Saturn SL2 - 240km

#4805433 - 07/05/18 05:26 AM Re: Yamaha xt 250? [Re: Warlord]
NGRhodes Offline

Registered: 01/06/13
Posts: 336
Loc: West Yorkshire, UK
Originally Posted By: Warlord
I actually liked the XT 225 better but the 250 is still pretty good.

I had an XT225, very capable off road (on technical trail sections there nothing significantly better), I also used mine for commuting.

250 is a bit more refined, better on the road, not quite as good off.

#4806692 - 07/06/18 10:55 AM Re: Yamaha xt 250? [Re: lawnman]
totegoat Offline

Registered: 12/21/11
Posts: 1269
Loc: Ca
Wife bought me an XT250 for father's day. I've put 700 easy street miles on it, changed the oil/filter, and so far really enjoying it.

#4807181 - 07/06/18 09:26 PM Re: Yamaha xt 250? [Re: lawnman]
bubbatime Offline

Registered: 03/18/08
Posts: 5720
Loc: South Florida
I OWN a 2013 XT250. I bought mine used two years ago, and have put about 1000 miles on it since.

The fuel injection is great. Starts right up, no more carb problems. Its single cylinder, two valve engine that makes about 16HP, so its no power house. BUT, its reliable, and gets 75 mpg. The previous model the XT225 had a 6 speed transmission, and its unfortunate that the newer XT250 went back to the 5 speed transmission.

Top speed I have ever had it was 73 indicated which was actually about 65 mph via GPS. The speedometer is optimistic about 4-8 mph, so I use the speed on my GPS to know that actual speed Im going.

The bike is not happy at top speed, although they will supposedly run at top speed all day long. The bike is really happy in the 35-55 mph range. Its a cool around town bike, and cool for what it is.

Its not all that great off road, so dont consider it a fantastic dirt bike. Consider it more of a light trail bike or street bike.

If its all stock, definetly drop a new battery in it. Shake out the air filter (probably in good condition at that low of mileage), and change the oil. It needs a valve adjustment at 600 miles, so ask the owner if that was done. Most people dont.

On the oil change, most filters dont come with the o- rings for the oil filter housing, but the Fram CH6097 does. You don't have to change the o-rings every time, but its nice to know that you can just buy the Fram and it comes with o-rings, which would cost $10ish dollars by themselves at the dealer.

The factory battery was getting weak in mine, I replaced it with a on sale $42 at the time ACDelco. Its been a good strong battery, especially for the price.
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#4807583 - 07/07/18 11:13 AM Re: Yamaha xt 250? [Re: lawnman]
tomcat27 Offline

Registered: 06/25/09
Posts: 3579
Loc: Chicago, IL
I've enjoyed mine for two years (600 miles of trail riding) and echo everything that bubbatime said. if you have hills you will have to downshift.
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#4810915 - 07/11/18 03:24 AM Re: Yamaha xt 250? [Re: lawnman]
bonjo Offline

Registered: 08/26/09
Posts: 87
Loc: Wiltshire, UK
I rode one at a off road riding day experience. I preferred it to the honda 250 which was very snatchy.

I had good poer and smooth throttle. It is an expensive bike though