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#4780986 - 06/08/18 08:00 AM j
Driz Offline

Registered: 09/23/07
Posts: 301
Loc: northern NY
Its just amazing the [censored] oil change places will do to make a buck. My buddy who is a pretty good wrench himself has started getting lazy the last few years so he tries to let the oil change outfits change his when he can. He hits the bargains and coupon things whenever he can. So a couple weeks ago he had one of those $15 coupons and took his 03 Grand Cherokee in.
He’s at my place addressing a few issues on the old beast and we decide to check the oil and other things. He told me he had it done someplace and his $15 coupon deal. He also mentioned that the guy said he had to charge him $5 extra because those grands took 6 quarts and the coupon was only good for 5. I thought that odd since I had owned 2 of those nasty trucks with the exactly same 4L and Selecttrack tranny and didn’t recall ever buying extra single quarts, odd.
We take the stick and you guessed it way over.......about a quart. I measured out a quart in an old container marked it and drained it to the line. Checking it again the stick was dead bang on the line. What a coincidence right? Equally surprising was the wrench somehow not knowing those Jeeps only take 5 when they for years were one of the more popular cars around in snow country.
The next thing was how dirty the oil looked for 3 weeks sitting in the yard and 400 miles on it. It wasn’t nasty but it sure looked more like well kept 3000+ than new to me for a car that ran well and wasn’t an oil burner. The more I think about it I bet he simply dumped a new quart on top of the old and tossed on a filter mad. Starts to make sense doesn’t it?
I bet this sort of “MISTAKE” mad happens all over all the time which is why I always tell everybody. Do your own. If you can’t or don’t want to take it to that local small shop (the one all the locals use and worship the guy for his honesty”. With those big places and especially on deals you seldom know what oil you are getting and who knows which bargain budget filters you are getting.

#4781014 - 06/08/18 08:20 AM Re: j [Re: Driz]
skyactiv Online   content

Registered: 03/02/13
Posts: 4623
Loc: The Midwest
Fewer people change their own oil. I've only paid for an oil change once in my life. When I lived in a subdivision, I was only one of two guys that changed oil themselves.
Wife: 15' Audi A4 quattro 6 speed manual
Me: 13' VW GTI 3 door 6 speed manual

#4781024 - 06/08/18 08:33 AM Re: j [Re: Driz]
2010Civic Offline

Registered: 12/06/14
Posts: 371
Loc: Minnesota
You couldn't pay me to have someone change my oil, or anything else for that matter. Nobody cares about your stuff.
2010 Honda Civic LX
Valvoline SynPower 5w-20 - Honda oil filter
56,500 miles

#4781026 - 06/08/18 08:36 AM Re: j [Re: skyactiv]
John_K Offline

Registered: 12/08/06
Posts: 2746
Loc: Columbus, Ohio
Originally Posted By: skyactiv
Fewer people change their own oil. I've only paid for an oil change once in my life. When I lived in a subdivision, I was only one of two guys that changed oil themselves.

Most people these days that I know take it to these quickie places.
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#4781031 - 06/08/18 08:42 AM Re: j [Re: Driz]
mx5miata Offline

Registered: 03/28/10
Posts: 654
Loc: NY
I'll do my own repair work until I can't wrench no more.
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#4781041 - 06/08/18 08:50 AM Re: j [Re: Driz]
Ursatdx Offline

Registered: 11/01/11
Posts: 148
Loc: New Jersey
The 2003 Grand Cherokee takes 6 qts with either the 4.0L or the 4.7L.

#4781054 - 06/08/18 09:07 AM Re: j [Re: mx5miata]
Egg_Head Offline

Registered: 10/07/12
Posts: 298
Loc: North Carolina
Originally Posted By: mx5miata
I'll do my own repair work until I can't wrench no more.
Right on!
1979 Garelli Rally Sport
2009 Cub Cadet LT1042
2002 BMW 540 M Sport (totaled)

#4781104 - 06/08/18 10:02 AM Re: j [Re: Ursatdx]
bradepb Offline

Registered: 12/12/08
Posts: 1225
Loc: Clinton Twp. MI
Originally Posted By: Ursatdx
The 2003 Grand Cherokee takes 6 qts with either the 4.0L or the 4.7L.

If true maybe his dipstick is off.

#4781107 - 06/08/18 10:07 AM Re: j [Re: Driz]
JLTD Offline

Registered: 12/15/17
Posts: 931
Loc: US
Or maybe OP is right and a single quart was poured on top.
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#4781147 - 06/08/18 10:39 AM Re: j [Re: Driz]
WiskyBadger Offline

Registered: 01/14/13
Posts: 1664
Loc: Wisconsin
These are the stories that make me so thankful that if I can’t do something myself I have good friends and family. I haven’t paid a shop for anything other then a alignment in atleast 10 years. I do all my own oil changes and repaid as much as I can myself. These stories are so prevalent it makes me wonder how many older cars are driving around that haven’t gotten the service that’s been paid for, for years.
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#4781162 - 06/08/18 10:49 AM Re: j [Re: Driz]
Wolf359 Offline

Registered: 04/27/12
Posts: 5031
Loc: MA
When I was busier, I used to take it to those quick change places, but always checked the oil and filter afterwards. I also used to get out and walk around so I could see them working on the car. Nothing crazy ever happened aside from once when at Sears, they put in 5 quarts in a car that only held 4. Changed my own oil after that, but then I got lazy and had the quick change place do it. I still take it to a mechanic once in a while and give him the oil and filter. Used to be $10 just for labor, but now it's up to $20, but they also rotate tires and fill up all fluids.

#4781186 - 06/08/18 11:13 AM Re: j [Re: Driz]
Gimpy1 Offline

Registered: 08/24/17
Posts: 135
Loc: Displaced Texan in Mexico City
The very first oil change on my GTO I had to get done at a "quickie lube" place because I was working crazy long hours downtown. I was charged $110.00 for 7 quarts of Mobil 5w30 and filter which I thought was a bit high but it had to be done. I had this done on my lunch break and when I was going back to the office I started hearing a metallic clanging sound every time I hit a bump. I get to the parking garage and look underneath my car only to see the freaking skid plate hanging. I am now fuming since I can't really drive the car home. So I call the "quickie lube" place and ask to speak with the manager and to make a long story short they basically told me to pound sand. I had to call my wife to pick me up, and take me to a local dealer to pick up a bolt for the kid plate, fortunately the parts guy was able to find one at a cost of $25 bucks. So after that debacle nobody touches my cars but me, if I screw it up its on me and I'll learn from my mistakes, and I will continue maintaining my cars myself and I'm also teaching my 7 year old daughter how to do it, so in the future these shady places don't take advantage of her.

#4781855 - 06/09/18 01:34 AM Re: j [Re: Driz]
jakewells Offline

Registered: 12/28/12
Posts: 539
Loc: Cave City KY
i change my own oil and do my own repairs because i like it done my way.
1994 Ford F150 302 4R70
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#4781893 - 06/09/18 04:49 AM Re: j [Re: Driz]
Duffyjr Offline

Registered: 01/13/16
Posts: 558
Loc: Nebraska
The quick shop I use is owned by an old bar buddy that got tired of wrenching for someone else and he admits it's hard to find good help because he can't pay mech wages. He is constantly training new guys to work in the pit while he works up top but he will let you stand there and watch so I know no scams are being pulled. He is the only quick lube in town and it's his lively hood, he can't afford to mess up.

I take in my own oil/filter and he charges me $25. When I take my Sierra in I always take a couple shop towels and have them cover the front drive shaft when they remove the filter so it don't leak all over my drive way when I get it hone.

Hearing all the bad things here about quick lubes I feel lucky to have him.

Edited by Duffyjr (06/09/18 04:50 AM)
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#4781994 - 06/09/18 08:22 AM Re: j [Re: Ursatdx]
AVB Offline

Registered: 05/20/12
Posts: 1390
Loc: Georgia
Originally Posted By: Ursatdx
The 2003 Grand Cherokee takes 6 qts with either the 4.0L or the 4.7L.
You are correct.

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