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#4777686 - 06/04/18 08:59 PM Got a Stihl MS270C 20" on permanent loan.
simple_gifts Offline

Registered: 07/26/04
Posts: 11953
Loc: Middlesex County CT
Short version: I've been cutting wood for a female friend of mine for about 5 years; I've been very lucky in acquiring free fallen wood from coworkers, a local shop owner, neighbors, etc. I've been using a CS400 18"

Recently the power company went on a massive tree trimming exercise to reduce storm damage and decided to drop a 3.5' diameter ash tree in the lot next to her home; the home owner indicated we could have @ the remnants. The limbs all were removed by the tree trimmers, but they left a 12' x 3.5' trunk on the front lawn and several other 18" logs. Not anything I want to use a 18" saw on. I"m figuring "tons" of wood.

Mentioned this job to a lifelong friend who lives 2 hours away and he said i could have his MS270C 20" on a permanent loan; his residential situation has changed and he has little use for it; the stipulation is I would have to loan it back should he needed it. He dropped it off last Wednesday, and I quickly put it to use on Sunday.

I don't have anything to compare it to except my Echo, but it does have a rapid chain tensioner which is unbelievably convenient and easy to use. I was using a yellow link chain (which i had to learn about) and it seemed to do very well. I am cutting 16" lengths (can't cut all the way thru) and then splitting the pieces into 1/8 or 1/5s using wedges from the ends; quite some exercise.

The only annoyance of epic proportion is the caps for chain oil and gas. For some reason a regular twist cap was too easy and there is a tab release and detent doo hickey which makes filling gas and bar oil a giant chore and prone to error What problem were they trying to solve here? Anyone else have any insight into that?

Echo gas and oil = 15 seconds, Echo bar or chain = 10 minutes
Stihl gas and oil = 10 minutes; Shihl bar or chain 15 seconds.

Anyone have one of these and are there any shortcomings? I seem to read they occasionally have coil issues?

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#4777696 - 06/04/18 09:12 PM Re: Got a Stihl MS270C 20" on permanent loan. [Re: simple_gifts]
clinebarger Offline

Registered: 12/19/13
Posts: 1924
Loc: Fort Worth, Texas
It may have aftermarket Gas & Oil caps on it. I have a Stihl chainsaw & cheap replacement caps SUCK!!
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#4777702 - 06/04/18 09:16 PM Re: Got a Stihl MS270C 20" on permanent loan. [Re: simple_gifts]
123Saab Offline

Registered: 10/27/10
Posts: 1587
Loc: PA
I don't think anyone understands the oil and gas caps.

Horrible design.
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#4777711 - 06/04/18 09:27 PM Re: Got a Stihl MS270C 20" on permanent loan. [Re: simple_gifts]
Cedarshark Offline

Registered: 05/30/18
Posts: 27
Loc: Texas
I have both saws. Both are roughly 40-45 cc displacement. The Stihl caps are hated worldwide. I have over 30 saws and in my humble opinion you are underpowered for the size of that trunk. You should be using a 60-70cc to pull a 20-24" chain without stressing the saw. Both the Echo and Stihl are homeowner saws and not meant for wood that size. You are obviously getting thru it but lots of work.
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#4777756 - 06/04/18 10:36 PM Re: Got a Stihl MS270C 20" on permanent loan. [Re: simple_gifts]
doitmyself Offline

Registered: 06/03/02
Posts: 6233
Loc: MI
A few years ago (maybe 5+??), those caps had a recall because they distorted from petroleum products (duh). They had a free replacement program if you took them to a dealer. Maybe yours are some of the old ones: The recall affected chainsaws also, even though my link doesn't show them listed.

Nothing more annoying to fuel/oil up your saw and then as you are are carrying it back to the tree, the oil dumps out all over your chaps. Grrrrrrrr.

#4777794 - 06/04/18 11:36 PM Re: Got a Stihl MS270C 20" on permanent loan. [Re: simple_gifts]
maxdustington Online   content

Registered: 01/21/17
Posts: 695
Loc: Toronna
"Permanent Loan"

More like store and maintain it for me!
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#4777929 - 06/05/18 07:58 AM Re: Got a Stihl MS270C 20" on permanent loan. [Re: simple_gifts]
andyd Offline

Registered: 09/25/04
Posts: 7168
Loc: Marshfield , MA
Using an under powered saw on oversize logs, I would mix with a lower ratio. And keep the chain sharp! About 25 yrs ago, I limited my daily 041 Farmboss usage to a single tank. For my sake, not the saw's grin2

Edited by andyd (06/05/18 08:03 AM)
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#4778057 - 06/05/18 10:56 AM Re: Got a Stihl MS270C 20" on permanent loan. [Re: simple_gifts]
IndyIan Offline

Registered: 09/23/08
Posts: 9093
Loc: Ontario, Canada
I had a similar size log and it was a workout for my 372xp. I have a 36" bar for it and with full skip it cut OK. I did all my 36" cuts and then switched back to my 20" bar to finish.
Each cut took a while but then the round is like 300-400lbs. Ash is pretty easy to split too with an axe, so I just split in the woods as I flopped over a round. You'll need wedges to hold the cuts open and watch yourself as you finish the cuts as they can roll.
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