Due to the recent tendon injury I'm off of detailing game for a while now. With that said, I have some products I'd like to sell. Some of the bottles are brand new and never used, some are used but still over the half. Here's the list:
- Jet Seal 16oz (over half)
- Black Light 16oz (almost full bottle)
- Leather Serum 16oz (7/8 of the bottle)
- Butter Wet Wax 16oz (half)
- Pinnacle swirl remover, finishing polish 8oz (full bottles)
- Sonax Perfect Finish 16oz (full bottle)
- Griots Garage Correction Cream 16oz (2/3 of the bottle)
- 6" Polishing, Cutting and Waxing Pad (brand new)
- Pad brush (brand new)

Net value of the set is 200$ but obviously it is used and I'd like to get a half - 100$ (negotiable). I'm in spring texas so if anyone local wants to pick it up - y'all welcome! if not local - we can look into shipping options. Hit me up folks