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#4751018 - 05/08/18 11:15 AM .357 SIG HST Ammo Q?
BlueOvalFitter Offline

Registered: 02/28/03
Posts: 6003
Loc: Cajun Country, La.
I just received a notification from about .357 SIG HST 125 gr. ammo is back in stock, 50 rds. $26.95.
Before I buy this ammo, I saw a posted review on SGAMMO about it getting stuck in the barrel of an M&P gun. I will post his review and the answer from another member. I then want opinions from those of you that have shot this ammo.
BTW, I own an M&P FS .40 with the .357SIG barrel that drops into the M&P.

50 rd box - 357 Sig 125 grain Federal HST Ammo P357SHST1

Federals highest grade of personal protection / Law enforcement ammo

Customer Reviews
by Anonymous - 2017-11-02 03:13
XXXXXXXXX , You Need to Buy a real Gun, A Smith and Wesson M&P Is nothing more than an Expensive Paperweight, They have had serious issues with all there handguns. You need to Buy a Glock. The Ammo- I have carried these Rounds for 15 + Years and fired Over 15k Of them though the same gun, Barrel, Springs Ect. I have never had a Stove Pipe, Jam or Misfeed. I trust my Life to these Rounds , and So does my Wife to Protect Our Children. Personally I think Russell Is having Operator Error , Its not the Bullets Its the User.

I have a Smith and Wesson M & P 40\357 sig. This gun has run over 1500 rounds without one single failure to fire failure to feed failure to eject. This federal HST 357 Sig over expands and every single round has stuck in barrel causing failure to eject and jamming Have tried three different magazines same problem. Spear lawman has been flawless as have Remington rounds. All 40 caliber ammo is eaten up flawlessly so I know it is the federal HST But that is why we go to the range Glad to find out before I trusted it in a life-threatening situation SNG service and delivery spectacular as always

#4751079 - 05/08/18 12:18 PM Re: .357 SIG HST Ammo Q? [Re: BlueOvalFitter]
KCJeep Offline

Registered: 06/30/11
Posts: 7035
Loc: Mahzurrah!
Originally Posted By: BlueOvalFitter

Customer Reviews
by Anonymous - 2017-11-02 03:13
XXXXXXXXX , You Need to Buy a real Gun, A Smith and Wesson M&P Is nothing more than an Expensive Paperweight

All I had to read was that first line right there to know he is not worth even listening to.

If it happened at all it was probably a squib load, very rare in quality factory ammo but it does happen.
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#4751112 - 05/08/18 12:52 PM Re: .357 SIG HST Ammo Q? [Re: BlueOvalFitter]
ammolab Offline

Registered: 01/16/06
Posts: 1016
Loc: Ruidoso, NM USA
Factory .357 Sig barrel or aftermarket barrel causing his problem. Failure to extract / eject may be an issue with his barrel or extractor. I would not make or brake a purchase on one review.
2009 Honda CR-V
2011 BMW R1200R
2005 Kaw Ninja 250
1994 Jeep Wrangler 2.5L
2016 Chevy SS Sport Sedan

#4751207 - 05/08/18 02:32 PM Re: .357 SIG HST Ammo Q? [Re: BlueOvalFitter]
Boomer Offline

Registered: 09/19/08
Posts: 1953
Loc: Pennsylvania
Agree on his criticism of S&W M&P being bad. Have one in 9mm and have put several thousand rounds of HP ammo of different brands trough it and it has performed flawlessly.
2013 VW Passat TDI SE, 57,690 miles Castrol Professional VW507 5W-30
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#4751331 - 05/08/18 04:46 PM Re: .357 SIG HST Ammo Q? [Re: BlueOvalFitter]
hatt Offline

Registered: 01/03/12
Posts: 4541
Loc: Florida
If my gun wouldn't feed HST I'd have my defective gun fixed or call Federal to replace the defective ammo.
2013 F150 5.0, PUP 10W-30, Wix 57502
2010 Camry 2.5, GTX 5W-20, Fram Ultra XG9972

#4751557 - 05/08/18 08:41 PM Re: .357 SIG HST Ammo Q? [Re: BlueOvalFitter]
KJSmith Offline

Registered: 08/31/15
Posts: 286
Loc: TX
Buy a single box and give it a try.
Only way to really know.

#4751609 - 05/08/18 09:25 PM Re: .357 SIG HST Ammo Q? [Re: BlueOvalFitter]
AMC Offline

Registered: 10/17/10
Posts: 907
Loc: South Eastern, CT
I don't own a M&P anymore but federal HST has been one the most reliable hollow points I have ever tried. My father has an older colt 1911 that will not feed most hollow points, HST feeds no problem.

I carry the HST in 357 sig in my glock 22 with both a factory glock barrel and an aftermarket wolf barrel, I have never had any problems of any sort.

I would disregard the negative review you found, it sounds very biased and completely based on emotion.
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#4751642 - 05/08/18 10:29 PM Re: .357 SIG HST Ammo Q? [Re: BlueOvalFitter]
SR5 Offline

Registered: 07/07/15
Posts: 4581
Loc: Down Under

Here is a test by tnoutdoors9
Penrite Vantage 10W40 SN & A3/B4 + Wesfil-Cooper Z154

#4751663 - 05/08/18 11:18 PM Re: .357 SIG HST Ammo Q? [Re: SR5]
BlueOvalFitter Offline

Registered: 02/28/03
Posts: 6003
Loc: Cajun Country, La.
Originally Posted By: SR5

Here is a test by tnoutdoors9

SR5, this is one of my favorite .357 SIG ballistic gel tests. Esp. since it's HST ammo thumbsup
All of you that replied with the positive responses, THANK YOU! I like HST ammo A LOT! And, I have been waiting a long time for SGAmmo to get this 50 rd. box in stock. But, I had NEVER seen that review until today. I have ordered a box and am thinking positive about it.

#4751797 - 05/09/18 08:03 AM Re: .357 SIG HST Ammo Q? [Re: BlueOvalFitter]
Astro14 Online   content

Registered: 10/10/10
Posts: 8668
Loc: Virginia Beach
Not all opinions or reviews are valid.

Federal HST is excellent ammo. I've got quite a bit of it, and in shooting over a thousand rounds of it, granted in 9mm, I have not had a single malfunction.

You have no idea if this reviewer knows anything about his gun, cleans it regularly, or even shoots properly. Limp-wristing can cause malfunctions in a semi-auto pistol. Who knows what happened with this clown?

Only way for you to be certain if the HST is right for you is to test it yourself. Buy some, not a little, but a lot, and shoot it.

If I owned a .357 Sig, the HST would be at the top of my list.
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