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#4721171 - 04/09/18 05:48 AM I'm stumped ...
dnewton3 Offline

Registered: 05/14/07
Posts: 7356
Loc: Indianapolis, IN

If you recall, I posted a story not long ago (carried on both CNN and Fox) about London being more dangerous than NYC. Stabbings are the number one cause of murder in London (firearms long ago heavily controlled/banned in the UK). Well - at least they're consistent now; blaming the knives .... Must have been an "assault knife" ... You know, designed for military, rapid deployment, designed for use in one hand, excessive blade length ... Because kitchen knives have a purpose, but no person should ever carry an "assault knife". I guess they'll have to blame cars and vans next; ban them, too.

What's that in your hand?
- pencil
- hammer
- screwdriver
- coffee cup
- extension cord
- BPA-free metal water bottle
- laptop computer
- tree limb that you picked up from the front yard
(all examples above, and hundreds of others, have been used by one human to kill another human).
Better ban them - ALL of them!

At some point London'ites will have to surrender their hands, because people have been beaten to death just by fisticuffs.
I'm imagining something along the lines of Monty Python's famous "tiger - leg" scene from the Meaning of Life.

Doctor: Perkins - what's all the trouble then?
Perkins: Well, Sir, it's my hands; they're missing.
Doctor: What do you mean "missing"?
Perkins: Well, you see, my hands ... they've sort of been ... ummmmmmm ... cut off.
Doctor: Cut off you say?
Perkins: Yes - quite. Right off. Have a look!
Doctor: Oh ... Well that's a bit of a niggler now, isn't it? How'd it happen?
Government manager: Dangerous things, Sir. Had to be removed, you know. Terribly dangerous to let just anyone have hands. 'Fore you know it, people would be waiving them about, pummeling each other in some sort of morbid dance. Can't have that today; utterly unacceptable. No one needs hands anyway; dreadful things prone to germs and violence. Better off without them; that's Parliaments view. Public health and safety; that's the goal here Sir!

Edited by dnewton3 (04/09/18 05:51 AM)
The act of preventative maintenance, in and of itself, is FAR MORE important than brand/grade/base choices among lubes and filters.
- under maintaining something is akin to abuse/neglect; that can kill equipment by shortening the lifespan
- over maintaining something has never been proven to be anything but a waste of time and money

#4721178 - 04/09/18 05:59 AM Re: I'm stumped ... [Re: dnewton3]
Shannow Online   content

Registered: 12/12/02
Posts: 38918
Loc: 'Stralia
Oz has been there long ago...

Per our Police Commissioner probably a decade ago..."if you have a knife in your pocket, you better have a fishing rod over your shoulder"

I know people who have been asked to turn and place their hands on a shop front wall, for having a leatherman on their belt.

A local apprentice chef didn't have a car, and caught a train to the neighbouring town, his place of work. One evening he went for a few beers with his workmates after a shift, and was "caught" catching the train back here.

As he had not returned straight home after his shift, he was charged.

Now we have doctors (UK and Oz followers) calling for bans on carving knives, as they are unecessarily "stabbing" implements, when less lethal knives can still carve the Sunday roast.

Edited by Shannow (04/09/18 06:03 AM)
Edit Reason: Added link

#4721179 - 04/09/18 05:59 AM Re: I'm stumped ... [Re: dnewton3]
Trav Offline

Registered: 11/20/06
Posts: 18209
Loc: MA,
Common sense right, if you want to kill someone and cant get a M72 LAW you use a gun if you cant get that you use a knife and if you cant get that swing a toaster oven around by the cord.
People are morons man but you know that already. People kill people not inanimate objects people choose to put in motion its really that simple.
ASE L1, Master. Deutsch Meisterbrief.

#4721184 - 04/09/18 06:04 AM Re: I'm stumped ... [Re: dnewton3]
SubieRubyRoo Online   content

Registered: 05/14/12
Posts: 819
Loc: Winchester, Indiana
Nothing new here, unfortunately. Blame the inanimate objects instead of the criminals. Then tax the law abiding citizens.

#4721186 - 04/09/18 06:05 AM Re: I'm stumped ... [Re: dnewton3]
demarpaint Offline

Registered: 07/03/05
Posts: 29369
Loc: NY
I have a screw driver on my desk that can kill........ A few pens and pencils too....They aren't assault style though, oh wait maybe the screw driver is because of the look of the handle.
God Bless Our Troops

#4721193 - 04/09/18 06:13 AM Re: I'm stumped ... [Re: dnewton3]
SeaJay Online   content

Registered: 03/05/15
Posts: 945
Loc: New York City
All true, but those other killing devices do not fit well with the MSM narrative that all those second amendment nuts are ruining the country.

#4721195 - 04/09/18 06:17 AM Re: I'm stumped ... [Re: dnewton3]
SonofJoe Offline

Registered: 07/23/16
Posts: 995
Loc: Europe
Here we go! The usual drivel from the usual suspect...

Oh! Look what's happening over there in London. It's so terrible. And in Germany. It's so terribly terrible. And in France too. It's so terrible.

And everyone, just keep looking over there and don't, whatever you do, look at what's happening here, under our very noses because we don't want to draw attention to that, no sir! That's all how it should be. All very constitutional. God bless America!

What a joke...

#4721197 - 04/09/18 06:20 AM Re: I'm stumped ... [Re: dnewton3]
Sayjac Offline

Registered: 10/13/08
Posts: 12070
Loc: The Old North State

#4721207 - 04/09/18 06:36 AM Re: I'm stumped ... [Re: SubieRubyRoo]
HoosierJeeper Offline

Registered: 11/23/16
Posts: 1264
Loc: WI
Originally Posted By: SubieRubyRoo
Nothing new here, unfortunately. Blame the inanimate objects instead of the criminals. Then tax the law abiding citizens.

Yep. Take away rights from law abiding citizens. Criminals won't follow it, they're criminals! Look at Chicago.
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#4721218 - 04/09/18 07:09 AM Re: I'm stumped ... [Re: dnewton3]
Smoky14 Offline

Registered: 04/23/03
Posts: 1324
Loc: Nowhere NM
Last time I flew they took my fingernail clippers, but then gave me a magazine to read, at least I was armed. Little do they know in most cases.

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#4721226 - 04/09/18 07:25 AM Re: I'm stumped ... [Re: Smoky14]
demarpaint Offline

Registered: 07/03/05
Posts: 29369
Loc: NY
Originally Posted By: Smoky14
Last time I flew they took my fingernail clippers, but then gave me a magazine to read, at least I was armed. Little do they know in most cases.


Good point. Just ask anyone that studies/studied Arnis, Kali, or one of the other stick disciplines just what damage a rolled up magazine or newspaper can do. wink
God Bless Our Troops

#4721230 - 04/09/18 07:31 AM Re: I'm stumped ... [Re: dnewton3]
hatt Offline

Registered: 01/03/12
Posts: 4076
Loc: Florida
There is never a reason to carry a knife

He must have people that open everything for him.
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#4721241 - 04/09/18 07:43 AM Re: I'm stumped ... [Re: hatt]
4WD Online   confused

Registered: 09/21/10
Posts: 5950
Loc: Texas/International
Originally Posted By: hatt
There is never a reason to carry a knife

He must have people that open everything for him.

Knives got banned at work about 10 years ago too many (serious) hand injuries guys went crazy then cooled off finding there are many safe alternatives wire stripping tools, specialty scissors, HD shears, sack cutters (guarded) have not heard a peep about it in years

At home, I have adopted the practice to do all I can without a knife

As for the OP story we have a worldwide and USA culture problem that does not reduce my desire to own a few firearms
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#4721285 - 04/09/18 08:39 AM Re: I'm stumped ... [Re: dnewton3]
Ducked Offline

Registered: 10/25/12
Posts: 4030
Loc: Taiwan
last-but-one time I flew (Turkish Airlines) I kept the steel in-flight cutlery because I thought I might be going camping.

(Used to have a nice lightweight duralium British Airways set but I lost them and they don't do anything like that anymore. Probably too many people knicking them.)

They missed it on the next plane change but the one after that they got it and took it off me after a search for more.

"You MUST realise this is far too dangerous to be allowed on a plane, sir"


#4721342 - 04/09/18 09:27 AM Re: I'm stumped ... [Re: dnewton3]
Dyusik Offline

Registered: 09/26/14
Posts: 1845
Loc: US-WA
I can cause more grief with my sneakers. A good pair of shoelaces can go a long way. Quiet (no breathing = no screaming), no mess (blood stains) and they go back in the shoe( concealed, easy to carry).
This is ridiculous.
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