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#4689949 - 03/09/18 07:27 PM When to change water hoses? Spark Plugs?
jrcowboys Offline

Registered: 11/16/05
Posts: 54
Loc: Round Rock Texas

Have a 10 year old BMW 650i that has original water hoses. All look good and "feel" OK. When do you recommend changing hoses even when they feel/look OK? Note: I'm kind of a nut on maintenance and try to stay on top of everything. Also, same question on spark plugs.

Note: I got reamed on this forum for using too expensive oil for the change interval, but I try to keep my cars a long time (have 1999 Lexus) and feel the extra cost is worth it for peace of mind. Please be kind to us worriers.



#4689953 - 03/09/18 07:32 PM Re: When to change water hoses? Spark Plugs? [Re: jrcowboys]
rooflessVW Offline

Registered: 12/24/11
Posts: 3661
Loc: North Carolina
If they look ok and feel ok they're ok.

Your owner's manual should contain information regarding the spark plug interval.
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#4689963 - 03/09/18 07:47 PM Re: When to change water hoses? Spark Plugs? [Re: jrcowboys]

Registered: 05/19/17
Posts: 108
Loc: VA
I have a 1992 Miata with original water hoses on it. They still look good, so why replace them!
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#4689964 - 03/09/18 07:48 PM Re: When to change water hoses? Spark Plugs? [Re: jrcowboys]
maxdustington Offline

Registered: 01/21/17
Posts: 231
Loc: Toronna
From what I understand hoses being a regular maintenance item ended when they began to be made from EPDM.
03 Jetta AWP/09A 200k kms

#4689972 - 03/09/18 08:03 PM Re: When to change water hoses? Spark Plugs? [Re: jrcowboys]
Jimzz Offline

Registered: 10/03/14
Posts: 1104
Loc: NoVA
Yep EPDM changed the regular change schedule for hoses. As long as the car was not over heated they should be good for 20 or so years and in the 150-200k range.

Most cars can do 100k or more on double platinum or iridium plugs. I also change the belts around 100k as well for most.

#4689979 - 03/09/18 08:13 PM Re: When to change water hoses? Spark Plugs? [Re: jrcowboys]
Marco620 Offline

Registered: 02/25/14
Posts: 1962
Loc: Deplorable in KS/ fly over
You do like me and wait for aftermarket ones that add BLING!!!!!!!!
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#4690041 - 03/09/18 09:27 PM Re: When to change water hoses? Spark Plugs? [Re: jrcowboys]
Jett Rink Offline

Registered: 11/01/05
Posts: 350
Loc: Bristol, Tennessee
I finally had to replace the hoses on my wife's Mercedes 2000 CLK320 last year. They were 17 years old and at about 150,000 miles. You've likely got several years more life in those BMW hoses. I'd leave them alone.
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#4690051 - 03/09/18 09:41 PM Re: When to change water hoses? Spark Plugs? [Re: jrcowboys]
JHZR2 Offline

Registered: 12/14/02
Posts: 41409
Loc: New Jersey
My early 1980s Mercedes still have original hoses!

#4690053 - 03/09/18 09:43 PM Re: When to change water hoses? Spark Plugs? [Re: rooflessVW]
Snagglefoot Online   content

Registered: 12/31/17
Posts: 1291
Loc: Alberta

I find Iridium plugs can last 150,000 miles and possibly more. Hoses are tough to gage. I have two vehicles with 150,000 miles and original hoses.

#4690117 - 03/09/18 11:25 PM Re: When to change water hoses? Spark Plugs? [Re: jrcowboys]
SubieRubyRoo Offline

Registered: 05/14/12
Posts: 861
Loc: Winchester, Indiana
As long as you don’t have a “new” Hemi plugs should make it to 100k. It wouldn’t hurt to remove, check/regap, and re-antisieze at half that.

If you have a Hemi plan on 30k. My stepson’s 2009 Ram was at 39k on plugs and the gap had opened from .043” to well over .060” on every plug and it was idling rough and throwing misfire codes intermittently.

#4690175 - 03/10/18 04:19 AM Re: When to change water hoses? Spark Plugs? [Re: JHZR2]
SteveSRT8 Offline

Registered: 10/10/08
Posts: 18863
Loc: Sunny Florida
Originally Posted By: JHZR2
My early 1980s Mercedes still have original hoses!

We simply do not change them at all anymore. Hoses seem to last the life of the vehicle in our experience.

New gen hemi owners should note that the 14 RAM I own has fancy plat/iridium hybrid plugs and requires changes at 100k miles.
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#4690196 - 03/10/18 05:43 AM Re: When to change water hoses? Spark Plugs? [Re: jrcowboys]
Popsy Offline

Registered: 05/10/15
Posts: 836
Loc: Frogland / Brittany
Same here, changed a few hoses in both Barchetta (1996 and 1998), but that was mostly due to them being damaged when removed for other maintenance. I also have a Fiat diesel from 1998, only the turbo output hose has needed replacement, due to being twisted too often to change parts underneath (my fault).

I'd say if you keep the cooling system clean and change fluid regularly, good chances are the hoses will be fine for years and years.
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#4690227 - 03/10/18 06:42 AM Re: When to change water hoses? Spark Plugs? [Re: jrcowboys]
Trav Offline

Registered: 11/20/06
Posts: 18236
Loc: MA,
I wouldn't worry about the hose but keep an eye on plastic cooling system parts eg expansion tank. These engines are prone to transfer pipe leaking and its a huge job with OE tubes but there are aftermarket collapsible tubes that make the job much easier and work well but its still a big job. That would worry me a lot more than hoses.
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#4690262 - 03/10/18 07:36 AM Re: When to change water hoses? Spark Plugs? [Re: Trav]
Kira Offline

Registered: 08/19/10
Posts: 4888
Loc: Champlain/Hudson Valley
Years ago I asked about hose longevity on several boards and got NOTHIN' from anybody.
I asked at dealerships and garages with the same results.

5 or 6 years ago I couldn't take it any more and replaced the 4 hoses in my sister's 1999 Jeep Cherokee 4.0l at about 160K and 13 years of age.
They too felt OK during the "squeeze test".

After the job was done the new hoses looked like filet mignon under the hood and the oldies lying on the ground were dry and had a patina of ultra-fine cracks.
The hoses' interiors, however, had a bit of crumbliness to them. One fellow had mentioned that now-a-days hoses break down from the inside.
I had no reservations at all. If I was a year or two early, no biggie.

More recently a Volvo mechanic I trust mentioned never changing them. "300,000 easy" is what he said.

Were the '99's hoses improved possibly to a point which is not as good as current hoses? I won't know before I meet God and I ain't fretting it.

I'll look at today's hoses' exteriors at 15 years and their interiors whenever I have a chance.
If I see crispiness or evidence of those crumbles, out they'll go.

Plugs are another matter. They have stated lifespans as mentioned above but I've seen plugs hold their gap and others widen quite a lot.
I'm numbed by a dozen years of driving Volvo 5 cylinder engines with the 3 electrode plugs.
No need to think or even look at 'em...just change 'em at 60,000.
They've never looked BAD; just their edges become a bit rounded off come 60K.