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#4684915 - 03/05/18 08:35 AM Missing Shingles on the roof
maverickfhs Offline

Registered: 12/28/16
Posts: 1960
Loc: VA
Due to recent windstorm in our area, 2-3 shingles are missing from my roof, which I can see from ground level.

Question is, we are expecting some rain later part of this week. Should I get it fixed before it or it can wait a few days and wonít cause any damage?

Thanks for any advice and help
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#4684921 - 03/05/18 08:40 AM Re: Missing Shingles on the roof [Re: maverickfhs]
BAJA_05 Offline

Registered: 02/04/18
Posts: 336
Loc: Berks County/Pa.
Get it fixed ASAP to eliminate the "what ifs."

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#4684922 - 03/05/18 08:43 AM Re: Missing Shingles on the roof [Re: maverickfhs]
NGRhodes Offline

Registered: 01/06/13
Posts: 324
Loc: West Yorkshire, UK
Depends how overlapped they are and what kinda membrane you have underneath.
We have a few missing, ours fully overlap and we have a recent membrane change so waiting until weather is better before getting on the roof.

#4684923 - 03/05/18 08:43 AM Re: Missing Shingles on the roof [Re: maverickfhs]
barkingspider Offline

Registered: 12/22/13
Posts: 2040
Loc: socal
I agree, replace the missing shingles ASAP. If u donít have time right now, tarp the area at the least. But tarp is just a band aid.
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#4684930 - 03/05/18 08:46 AM Re: Missing Shingles on the roof [Re: maverickfhs]
SOHCman Offline

Registered: 03/29/10
Posts: 1286
Loc: USA
Are they 3 tab or architectural shingles? I nursed a old three tab roof on for a couple years with wind damage by cutting a new shingle to size and sliding it under where the old shingle was. You can even completely remove the old shingle and nail in place by bending up the shingle above it, but it requires some effort and scratches up your arms with fiberglass.

Bottom line is fix it, have a pro fix it, or face possible water damage if you can see the felt paper below the shingles. If its just a tab ripped off and you cant see the felt paper (or even the OSB plywood below the paper) then it can wait usually.
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#4684978 - 03/05/18 09:30 AM Re: Missing Shingles on the roof [Re: maverickfhs]
Schmoe Offline

Registered: 05/12/03
Posts: 7256
Loc: Oklahoma
In a pinch, do this. Get some new shingles and a couple of tubes of asphalt in a caulking gun. Cut some of the newer tabs to match to missing tabs, apply a buttload of asphalt under it, then place it on top of the missing tabs and press it on. It will hold for a while until you're ready to replace the shingles or get a new roof.
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#4685012 - 03/05/18 09:56 AM Re: Missing Shingles on the roof [Re: maverickfhs]
Donald Offline

Registered: 03/21/04
Posts: 20446
Loc: Upstate NY
Get some shingles and slide under for now.
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#4685029 - 03/05/18 10:11 AM Re: Missing Shingles on the roof [Re: maverickfhs]
JMJNet Offline

Registered: 09/06/07
Posts: 928
Loc: TX, USA
Is it a 3 tab shingles?
It is commonly happened with that type of shingles based on my experience looking at neighbor's houses.

Fix it right away, water will go in because the 3 tab shingles does not really have too much overlap.

The architectural shingles (30 years warranty and up) have a lot more overlap and nails per shingles, that is why they hardly flew off with wind.
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#4685043 - 03/05/18 10:25 AM Re: Missing Shingles on the roof [Re: JMJNet]
69GTX Offline

Registered: 09/23/15
Posts: 3815
Loc: Connecticut
Before putting in a replacement shingle that might not hold that well, I'd put down a moisture barrier...regular plastic or sticky water/ice.

I've had the cheap asphalt shingles for the past 30 yrs and never lost a shingle in numerous heavy winds and nor'easters. My neighbor's roof is probably 25-30 yrs old on the cheap shingles. And while most of them are very brittle or curling upwards...none have blown away in heavy winds.

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#4685085 - 03/05/18 11:08 AM Re: Missing Shingles on the roof [Re: maverickfhs]
andyd Offline

Registered: 09/25/04
Posts: 7125
Loc: Marshfield , MA
This thread prompted me to go outside and take a look. Nothing out of place. grin2
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#4685093 - 03/05/18 11:15 AM Re: Missing Shingles on the roof [Re: maverickfhs]
maverickfhs Offline

Registered: 12/28/16
Posts: 1960
Loc: VA
Thanks all.
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#4685316 - 03/05/18 03:34 PM Re: Missing Shingles on the roof [Re: maverickfhs]
Sierra048 Offline

Registered: 02/26/11
Posts: 824
Loc: N. Georgia Mtns
We bought a new house in Georgia in 2007. About two years later we started having shingles just slide right off the roof. No wind at the time so we couldn't figure it out. The builder of our small subdivision had gone bankrupt so we had no recourse there. I had a roofer come and repair it. He said that whoever nailed the shingles down did a terrible job, leaving them loose and prone to do exactly what they were doing. He repaired them for us and went on his way. Over the next five years this happened three more times. It started getting expensive replacing/repairing the shingles. For a relatively new house, the roof looked terrible. The last time it happened was right before we put our home on the market to move where are now. I hired another roofer to come out to make sure the roof was in good enough shape for the inevitable inspection that would happen during a sale. He said he wasn't sure it would pass inspection because not only had it been installed in a sloppy manner, but the original shingles that were installed were substandard at the time of installation and that there was a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer of the shingles so there would be no help from any warranty. Long story short, I had to replace the roof in order to sell the house. Good Luck.

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#4685392 - 03/05/18 04:52 PM Re: Missing Shingles on the roof [Re: maverickfhs]
maverickfhs Offline

Registered: 12/28/16
Posts: 1960
Loc: VA
Problem is, my house is 3 level and at least need 40ft ladder.

Hence, I am leaving it for someone else to take care of it.
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