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#4683405 - 03/03/18 05:19 PM When to do first OC on NOS with low miles
Indydriver Offline

Registered: 03/20/11
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So I helped my daughter buy a new ď2017Ē Mazda CX-7 last September. The car was built in 2016 in their Hiroshima plant then put on a boat, then a train, then sat at the dealer for a while. The car was on top of a lift in the showroom and kind of forgotten about. The good news is it was inside most of the time at the dealer. It has been outside 99.9% of the time since weíve owned it.

The car had 200 miles on it when we bought it. Now, six months later, itís only got 1200 miles on it but the FF is going on two years in the sump. Iíve got all my supplies in stock for a DIY whenever I decide to pull the trigger. Iím currently thinking late spring/early summer but just curious what the board thinks about this time vs miles situation.

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#4683411 - 03/03/18 05:26 PM Re: When to do first OC on NOS with low miles [Re: Indydriver]
Trav Offline

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I would have dumped it already.
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#4683414 - 03/03/18 05:29 PM Re: When to do first OC on NOS with low miles [Re: Indydriver]
JLTD Offline

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Me too...
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#4683416 - 03/03/18 05:30 PM Re: When to do first OC on NOS with low miles [Re: Indydriver]
compratio10_5 Offline

Registered: 12/07/15
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Loc: Pocatello, Idaho
I don't have access to your owners manual but I do like Mazda's handling. If it were mine, I would change the oil and filter as soon as the weather is decent (spring) and then maybe annually thereafter.
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#4683447 - 03/03/18 05:57 PM Re: When to do first OC on NOS with low miles [Re: Indydriver]
tomcat27 Offline

Registered: 06/25/09
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from the title I thought you had added nitrous to the car....
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#4683460 - 03/03/18 06:07 PM Re: When to do first OC on NOS with low miles [Re: Indydriver]
PimTac Online   content

Registered: 03/04/17
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Loc: Soviet State of Washington
I like the idea of dumping the factory fill around the 1000 mile mark. You will get the opposite views from some here. Itís a personal preference.

A nice vehicle. The new CX8 has taken its place but thatís not available in North America. We will have to wait for the new CX-X coming in a few years.
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#4683491 - 03/03/18 06:38 PM Re: When to do first OC on NOS with low miles [Re: Indydriver]
slacktide_bitog Online   content

Registered: 03/20/08
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Change the oil next time the weather permits thumbsup

Do you have a CX3 or CX7? You said CX7 in your OP, but the line in your sig says CX3 smile

#4683500 - 03/03/18 06:43 PM Re: When to do first OC on NOS with low miles [Re: Trav]
demarpaint Offline

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Originally Posted By: Trav
I would have dumped it already.

Me too.
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#4683519 - 03/03/18 06:59 PM Re: When to do first OC on NOS with low miles [Re: Indydriver]
fdcg27 Offline

Registered: 09/25/09
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Loc: OH
As has been observed here many times, oil can't tell time. It therefore has no idea how long it's been in the sump since someone in Hiroshima aimed a nozzle down the fill hole.
What does Mazda have to say in the OM? Six month drains, a year or what?
If Mazda says a year, then maybe go a year from date in service. The engine's life won't suffer either way. The notion that FF should be drained early is probably an artifact from an earlier time of less precise machining and less clean assembly.
If your daughter only drives 1K in five months, does she even need a car?
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#4683536 - 03/03/18 07:12 PM Re: When to do first OC on NOS with low miles [Re: Indydriver]
BrocLuno Online   content

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Do it when the weather is better. If that's all the miles it gets, I'd go with the longest Mazda will let you have between changes. Gotta keep that warranty intact ...

Since it looks like you'll be changing well before the oil is "used up", I'd get the least expensive oil that meets MFG specs.

Write down the change dates and mileages in the back of the OM and sign or initial.

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#4683561 - 03/03/18 07:27 PM Re: When to do first OC on NOS with low miles [Re: Indydriver]
Dyusik Online   content

Registered: 09/26/14
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Whenever in doubt, I just follow a generic severe service. 3,000 miles and 3,000 months. Since it's FF, dump when you get the itch, sounds like you are looking for an excuse to change it already.
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