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#4666870 - 02/15/18 02:18 PM Castrol Oil JFR Racing
Bullwinkle007 Offline

Registered: 02/12/18
Posts: 112
Loc: California
Just curious has anyone stopped using Castrol because the way they dropped the sponsorship of JFR Racing after 30 years of working together. I personally don't agree with what Castrol did to John force. I no longer use their product.

#4666911 - 02/15/18 02:55 PM Re: Castrol Oil JFR Racing [Re: Bullwinkle007]
dpaldino Offline

Registered: 06/29/16
Posts: 14
Loc: NJ
I'm generally not a Castrol user, but it's hard to think of a better ambassador than John Force and his team. They're still at the top of their game, running for titles consistently. When you think of John Force, you think Castrol much like Richard Petty and STP. Unfortunately, things change when it comes to multi-million dollar sponsorships and it's hard to name more than a select few that have had the same primary sponsor for their entire racing careers. That said, I do tend to make some decisions based on dollars put into auto racing by products that I use. I'm a Pennzoil guy and appreciate the fact that they sponsor a number of race teams across a range of different types of racing.
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#4666955 - 02/15/18 03:49 PM Re: Castrol Oil JFR Racing [Re: Bullwinkle007]
wemay Offline

Registered: 04/04/12
Posts: 8399
Loc: Southeast Florida
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#4666964 - 02/15/18 03:58 PM Re: Castrol Oil JFR Racing [Re: Bullwinkle007]
Lenny5160 Offline

Registered: 08/22/16
Posts: 27
Loc: Minnesota
They sponsored him forever and gave him plenty of lead time to be replaced when they left. Don't think you can expect any more than that.

Castrol has an obligation to do what is best for Castrol, not John Force.

With that said, I've never used Castrol and also never used Peak Motor Oil, although I greatly appreciate their sponsorship of drag racing, especially at the Sportsman level where I participate.

#4666966 - 02/15/18 03:59 PM Re: Castrol Oil JFR Racing [Re: Bullwinkle007]
Richie Online   content

Registered: 06/10/04
Posts: 219
Loc: Valencia, CA
I haven't used Castrol in years and has nothing to do with JF Racing

#4666978 - 02/15/18 04:08 PM Re: Castrol Oil JFR Racing [Re: Bullwinkle007]
Charlie2015 Offline

Registered: 04/24/15
Posts: 206
Loc: Georgia
Castrol makes a good product, but I don't use their oil since the BP oil spill.
1998 Honda Accord EX 2.3L

#4667109 - 02/15/18 06:13 PM Re: Castrol Oil JFR Racing [Re: Bullwinkle007]
Garak Offline

Registered: 12/05/09
Posts: 23784
Loc: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
This happened a few years back, according to wemay's link. In any event, in some ways, it doesn't surprise me. That was around the time Castrol was beginning to try to rationalize its sponsorship and service fill and factory fill models. Total, in effect, got "bounced" out of F1 some time after that with some elements to the matter being similar, with Castrol wanting to brand fully with the OEMs with which they supply, and, within the service world, to take over as the service fill partner across all lines where they are the factory fill and/or motorsport partner.
Plain, simple Garak.

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#4667191 - 02/15/18 07:24 PM Re: Castrol Oil JFR Racing [Re: Bullwinkle007]
benjy Offline

Registered: 08/23/10
Posts: 668
Loc: pa
top fuel racing is big $$$ + i guess castrol thought john force's big mouth was not a good value any more!! maybe they did not like how he ran things having cars oh choice in his program INTENTIONALLY loose to benefit another!! beside castrol was the low life that screwed up what "synthetic" oils really are, as they were selling group III oil as "synthetic" even before their big $$$$ got the definition changed in 1999. castrol products are good but i buy NOTHING they make for that reason!!

Edited by benjy (02/15/18 07:27 PM)

#4667344 - 02/15/18 11:30 PM Re: Castrol Oil JFR Racing [Re: Lenny5160]
Bullwinkle007 Offline

Registered: 02/12/18
Posts: 112
Loc: California
I totally understand that but what the [censored] is 10 million or even 20 million when the company is worth is in the billions

Edited by Bullwinkle007 (02/15/18 11:31 PM)

#4667350 - 02/15/18 11:34 PM Re: Castrol Oil JFR Racing [Re: benjy]
Bullwinkle007 Offline

Registered: 02/12/18
Posts: 112
Loc: California

#4667396 - 02/16/18 04:49 AM Re: Castrol Oil JFR Racing [Re: Bullwinkle007]
02SE Offline

Registered: 12/30/05
Posts: 2487
Loc: The Canyons
Castrol is a business.

JFR is a business.

It's nothing personal, (most of the time) but both entities will make decisions based on what is deemed best for the bottom line.

Edited by 02SE (02/16/18 04:49 AM)