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#4662508 - 02/11/18 06:28 AM Ok Copart buy
GON Offline

Registered: 11/28/14
Posts: 82
Loc: PA
Purchased this 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix a few weeks ago. 147k miles, looked fairly clean other than the left rear passenger door. Had decent maintenance records with oil changes being done on schedule at a GM dealership.

Paid Copart about $723 for this GP. Not included in the cost was a $55 rental to Uhal for the tow dolly, about $175 in gas, plus tolls (cost unknown due to EZPass). Also needed to take a day from work to go get it.

Purchased it as a spare for my youngest Son who drives a 1998 S10 ZR2 with over 200k miles. Thought I would fix this GP up as a cheap insurance policy. Upon inspection at home, I was over optimistic. The dealer oil changes did not equate to the dealer doing other services. The plugs, wires, and most everything else was original. Car has a noise in the rear, I suspect a wheel bearing. None of these are deal breakers with this model car, and the 3.8l engine.

What is the concern is the corrosion. The undercarriage has multiple heavy corrosion issues, and the brake and fuel lines are rusty. The body is showing signs of about to turn from white the rusty orange.

#4662659 - 02/11/18 09:11 AM Re: Ok Copart buy [Re: GON]
JC1 Offline

Registered: 11/29/08
Posts: 3001
Loc: Oshawa, Ontario Canada
That's a good buy. Getting the maintenance done will keep you busy.
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#4662813 - 02/11/18 11:06 AM Re: Ok Copart buy [Re: GON]
Linctex Offline

Registered: 12/31/16
Posts: 6148
Loc: Waco, TX
It'll be a good car for someone else, may as well go ahead and flip it.
"The evidence demands a verdict".
(Re:VOA)"it's nearly impossible to actually know the particular additives that are in there at what concentrations."

#4662866 - 02/11/18 11:49 AM Re: Ok Copart buy [Re: GON]
bigjl Offline

Registered: 09/06/12
Posts: 2220
Loc: London, England
For the money you can't complain.

A bit on the ugly side if i am being honest.
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#4662897 - 02/11/18 12:19 PM Re: Ok Copart buy [Re: GON]
SeaJay Offline

Registered: 03/05/15
Posts: 1088
Loc: New York City
Seems to be in good shape for a $700 car.

#4662948 - 02/11/18 12:51 PM Re: Ok Copart buy [Re: GON]
eljefino Offline

Registered: 06/15/03
Posts: 32631
Loc: ME
You should check into owning your own tow dolley vs renting. You'll be able to sell it for what you have into it.

#4662953 - 02/11/18 12:55 PM Re: Ok Copart buy [Re: GON]
Dorian Offline

Registered: 12/07/15
Posts: 300
Loc: Ohio
KILLER DEAL! Change your ATF fluid and filter. Our 07 GP needed a rebuild at 160K despite being maintained. Also, there is an L shaped hose on the side of the block that is known for failing on these engines. It is for coolant. Replace it ASAP. Ours was seeping, and a friend of ours overheated his engine because his failed. Plugs and wires aren't too bad. But for $700 who would complain?! Keep her maintained and she will be a safe and solid backup. We only got rid of ours because it was totaled due to severe vandalism.
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#4662964 - 02/11/18 01:06 PM Re: Ok Copart buy [Re: GON]
2002 Maxima SE Offline

Registered: 05/29/04
Posts: 835
Loc: NC
I had one as a rental once. Nice car, decent ride and power...but....all...RED...dash at night was too much!
2000 Ford Taurus SE Wagon - 148K
2013 Mazda CX-5 GT - 35k
2015 Subaru Outback Limited - 35k

#4662971 - 02/11/18 01:15 PM Re: Ok Copart buy [Re: GON]
Mr Nice Offline

Registered: 09/12/04
Posts: 21183
Loc: Orlando, FL

So you're making good money flipping your vehicles?

#4662977 - 02/11/18 01:23 PM Re: Ok Copart buy [Re: Mr Nice]
GON Offline

Registered: 11/28/14
Posts: 82
Loc: PA
Originally Posted By: Mr Nice

So you're making good money flipping your vehicles?

No, I don't flip the vehicles. If I sell one I do a very detailed disclosure, and simply try to recover the money I put into it. I live in a depressed area, one I gave to a neighbor kid, I see it cruising around from time to time.

I do this for the challenge, and simply try not to lose money. I just drive em if and when I get them running. I don't have car payments and I don't have a need to get collision insurance, just liability. So indirectly I save some money by using what I buy.

I am looking forward to getting the Black S500 withAMG exterior package on the road late this spring. All my former W220s are 4matics, I look forward to experiencing the W220 as a RWD S-class sedan (heard the RWD S-class are a better ride than the 4matics).

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#4662993 - 02/11/18 01:45 PM Re: Ok Copart buy [Re: eljefino]
GON Offline

Registered: 11/28/14
Posts: 82
Loc: PA
Originally Posted By: eljefino
You should check into owning your own tow dolley vs renting. You'll be able to sell it for what you have into it.

Two years ago I bought a U-haul dual axle car trailer off Ebay. The use to sell them, U-haul no longer does.

I loved the trailer, but it was heavily corroded, and I can't handle rusty vehicles. It was also super heavy, a huge task to move. I put it on Craigslist and it sold in about three hours. The nice thing about the Uhaul car trailers is they have surge brakes, no need for a brake controller on the truck.

I have been looking for a aluminum car trailer for some time, just not had success in getting one at a price I can afford.

Have the Uhaul rental staged for tomorrow's Copart run...

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