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#4661724 - 02/10/18 09:17 AM Best oil for me
vincent714028 Offline

Registered: 03/04/07
Posts: 29
Loc: Alabama
I am a delivery driver. There are lots of short trips and city traffic. I commute to the city 40 miles on the highway so there is a 50/50 mix of city/highway miles. I use a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 3.8L V6. This van has 187,500 miles on it.

It leaks oil at multiple locations. I am not fixing this problem. I mention it as a point to note in my oil selection. I understand that 2 quarts of top off between 5,000 mile oil change intervals is a lot and adds to my oil cost. I would have to tear down the engine to fix all of the leaks. I would rather spend time and money on a new vehicle at $1500 instead.

I keep it maintained other than the oil leaks. I replaced the antifreeze and auto trans fluid within the last 3,000 miles.

I use Mobil1 5W20 High Mileage Synthetic at the moment. Cost is a huge problem at each oil change. I will continue to use this oil if it is the most cost efficient one for me to use. However, I am researching whether a switch to conventional oil will reduce my oil cost efficiency considering that the reduction in up front cost also reduces the gas mileage benefit of using synthetic oil.

What is the formula for this cost efficiency calculation between synthetic oil, conventional oil, and gas mileage? Should I use conventional oil or synthetic?
2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 3.8L V6 165K mi; M1 5W-20
1997 Chevrolet C2500 5.7L V8 150K mi - SOLD
2001 Ford Ranger XLT 2.5L I4 160K mi - SOLD

#4661727 - 02/10/18 09:21 AM Re: Best oil for me [Re: vincent714028]
salesrep Offline

Registered: 08/22/03
Posts: 3585
Loc: lllinois
Conventional and jump to a 5-30. Your mpg will only go down slightly with your driving habits.
High quality Specialized Lubricants pay for themselves!

#4661730 - 02/10/18 09:26 AM Re: Best oil for me [Re: vincent714028]
rooflessVW Online   content

Registered: 12/24/11
Posts: 3495
Loc: North Carolina
I'd pick up a 5 gallon pail of Rotella T4 10W-30. It works out to about $3/qt and will handle just about anything you can throw at it.
"Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead."

#4661731 - 02/10/18 09:29 AM Re: Best oil for me [Re: vincent714028]
BigCahuna Offline

Registered: 09/29/09
Posts: 2121
Loc: Deep in the heart of Jersey
I'd jump to a 15/40 wt diesel oil . Thicker oil leaks less and is cheap. you won't be able to any difference in mileage that's worth mentioning.,,,

#4661750 - 02/10/18 09:43 AM Re: Best oil for me [Re: vincent714028]
JeepWJ19 Offline

Registered: 09/09/15
Posts: 879
I'm gonna have to agree with bumping it to a 5w30. But try Pennzoil High Mileage 5w30.
2002 Jeep WJ 4.0 | Mobil 1 HM 5w30 |
TG8A | 2.5" lift | 148k miles

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#4661757 - 02/10/18 09:48 AM Re: Best oil for me [Re: vincent714028]
PimTac Offline

Registered: 03/04/17
Posts: 2981
Loc: Soviet State of Washington
Any major brand of 5w-30 high mileage oil will do.
2017 Mazda CX-5 GT. Idemitsu 0w-20 factory fill. Factory Denso filter.

#4661763 - 02/10/18 09:51 AM Re: Best oil for me [Re: vincent714028]
fdcg27 Offline

Registered: 09/25/09
Posts: 15308
Loc: OH
M1 HM in the 10W-30 grade.
This would likely reduce leaks/consumption and shouldn't cause any measurable decline in fuel economy.
You can get four jugs cheaply each year by taking advantage of Mobil's spring and fall MIRs.
If I had an engine with known leak/consumption problems in a place where it never gets really cold, I don't think I'd use a 5W-20 grade oil in it.
The fuel economy benefits of a lower HTHS oil are real and measurable, but probably not noticeable off a test dyno.
17 Forester 6K M1 AFE 0W20
12 Accord LX 78K M1 AFE 0W-20
09 Forester 95K M1HM 10W-30
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96 Accord LX 104K T5 10W-30
95 318i

#4661764 - 02/10/18 09:52 AM Re: Best oil for me [Re: vincent714028]
Alex_V Online   content

Registered: 04/10/16
Posts: 1064
Loc: Campbellsville, KY
Maxlife red bottle 5w30. A quart every 2,500 is mentionable but far from what it could be on the 3.8.
I like Chevy and Valvoline.

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#4661775 - 02/10/18 10:00 AM Re: Best oil for me [Re: vincent714028]
CT8 Offline

Registered: 10/09/14
Posts: 10382
Loc: Idaho
There is really no reason to use M1 and change it at 5,000 mile intervals.
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#4661781 - 02/10/18 10:02 AM Re: Best oil for me [Re: vincent714028]
vincent714028 Offline

Registered: 03/04/07
Posts: 29
Loc: Alabama
I am focused on cost as my main priority. That's why I want to find a formula to be certain of my decision. I am looking away from synthetic and toward conventional types of oil since the initial cost is lower.
2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 3.8L V6 165K mi; M1 5W-20
1997 Chevrolet C2500 5.7L V8 150K mi - SOLD
2001 Ford Ranger XLT 2.5L I4 160K mi - SOLD

#4661791 - 02/10/18 10:08 AM Re: Best oil for me [Re: vincent714028]
aquariuscsm Offline

Registered: 12/30/06
Posts: 17720
Loc: South Texas,USA
I was curious about the oem spec weight for your van and it does look like it's 5W20. Maybe try another 5W20 high mileage oil. Pennzoil High Mileage,Max Life,GTX High Mileage,etc. You said that you want to move away from synthetics,Pennzoil High Mileage is a conventional high mileage oil and is an excellent oil.
1996 Nissan 300ZX 5-speed,Arctic Pearl(#175 of 300)
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Pennzoil Platinum 0W20

#4661795 - 02/10/18 10:10 AM Re: Best oil for me [Re: vincent714028]
mattwithcats Offline

Registered: 06/13/13
Posts: 1582
Loc: Virginia
Shell Rotella T5 in 10W-30, a good stout inexpensive semi synthetic....
2009 Smart Pure
Pennzoil Platinum Euro 0W-40, Purolator Synthetic PSL 14610, 45 mpg...
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#4661810 - 02/10/18 10:21 AM Re: Best oil for me [Re: vincent714028]
Egg_Head Offline

Registered: 10/07/12
Posts: 257
Loc: North Carolina
Does it make sense to invest in an oil filter that will go 10k+ miles and change it at 10-12k miles and just keep topping off with cheapest conventional HM? You are putting 1 qt of oil in every 2500 miles, not sure if your sump is 4, 5 or more quarts, this would be important to understand. Changing oil and filter I presume at 5k means some of the oil you are dumping has been in there 2500 miles or less depending upon top off. You will always be chasing the fact that newer oil may be dumped but this is something to consider. Maybe folks here smarter than I can work out a formulation to prove it right or wrong.

Edited by Egg_Head (02/10/18 10:25 AM)
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#4661839 - 02/10/18 10:52 AM Re: Best oil for me [Re: vincent714028]
MRtv Offline

Registered: 01/04/16
Posts: 196
Loc: Ada county Idaho
I'd look at doing cheap oils from Walmart. Conventional Supertech 5w20 or 5w30. For a little more you can get the Castrol GTX ultra clean. I would also consider Supertech High milage or the Castrol High milage or whatever other blend oil is cheap. If your not going to fix it then use whatever inexpensive oil you can. No sense in putting in a premium oil.
2014 Nissan Versa Note 1.6 liter engine. 1997 Ford F150 4x4 4.6 liter engine.

#4661854 - 02/10/18 11:07 AM Re: Best oil for me [Re: vincent714028]
BrocLuno Offline

Registered: 09/06/15
Posts: 5062
Loc: Kalifornia Kollective
In a delivery van you will junk sooner rather than later - SuperTech High Mileage in any grade thicker than a 20 ...

ST HM smile
Formerly in marine engineering. In an earlier life I owned my own petroleum tank truck, and hauled for the majors and independent's.

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