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#4656410 - 02/04/18 09:51 PM avalanche water pump
spasm3 Offline

Registered: 05/30/10
Posts: 8260
Loc: North Carolina
Since I'm working on the AV 4wd. I need to do some maintenance. I will be changing hoses and coolant, belts, plugs and wires. Trans fluid, transfer case fluid. Probably diff fluid as well.

I'm thinking of changing the water pump. Last summer it seemed that the engine temp was stable under 2700rpm. Every time i went over that for any period of time the temp started rising quickly( This was towing my camper). I don't know if the stock pump has a plastic impeller or not. but i feel better changing it while i'm doing the hoses.

I see 2 pumps on rock auto that state metal impeller
1. Gates 45006 includes thermostat and housing and gaskets. $98.79
2. ACdelco oe 251743 includes gasket but no thermostat or housing. $121.79

The gates pump lists impeller rotation as reverse.
The ACdelco lists impeller rotation as standard.

So, if i buy the ac delco pump, i need the thermostat and housing. There is a note on the listing for thermostat housings that states if pump has been replaced with a 2004 or newer pump, you must use the 2004 thermostat housing.

I have no idea if the pump i buy would be the newer design. So I don't know what housing to buy.

If i buy the gates combo , will i have a rotation problem, or is this just a technical mistake?

Edited by spasm3 (02/04/18 10:01 PM)
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#4656421 - 02/04/18 10:01 PM Re: avalanche water pump [Re: spasm3]
eyeofthetiger Offline

Registered: 11/18/17
Posts: 529
Loc: South Carolina
Both pumps have a smooth pulley, which indicates rotation that is the reverse of crankshaft. I'm pretty sure that all of the Chevy trucks with that engine use the same water pumps. And yes, there are slight variations in the thermostat housings, so make sure to get the one that matches the water pump.
I usually like the AcDelco parts since they are supposedly "Original Equipment", but the Gates is probably fine.
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#4656432 - 02/04/18 10:12 PM Re: avalanche water pump [Re: spasm3]
chemman Offline

Registered: 02/19/07
Posts: 58
Loc: Maryland
I believe if you purchase the Gates pump, it will not have an impeller rotation problem. I believecthe impellers in both the ACDelco and the Gates pumps for the 5.3L engine rotate in the same direction. About 2.5 years ago I put a NAPA branded Gates pump on my '99 Silverado with the 5.3L and have not had any problems. I did not even take impeller rotation into account. I did not purchase the water pump that came with the thermostat and housing.

The water pumps for the 1999 and 2003 5.3L engines are the same part number.

Also, the Gates thermostat\housing assembly that I purchased from RockAuto fit perfectly into the water pump.
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#4656451 - 02/04/18 10:35 PM Re: avalanche water pump [Re: spasm3]
barkingspider Offline

Registered: 12/22/13
Posts: 1933
Loc: socal
When I replaced my WP, hoses, thermostat in my Escalade, I went OEM cuz I knew I was going to keep the truck for a long time if not forever. The extra cost is a drop in the bucket after a couple years. With that, I have had no problems w the Gates products I have used.
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#4656452 - 02/04/18 10:39 PM Re: avalanche water pump [Re: spasm3]
2strokeNorthstar Offline

Registered: 07/19/17
Posts: 195
I don't know what happened to ACDelco but the quality is all over the place. Did they sell the name? Some stuff is just junk, no better than Duralast or parts store brand. I don't think the AC Delco from any store is the same as the dealer. Or is the dealer now selling lower quality stuff too?

#4656454 - 02/04/18 10:41 PM Re: avalanche water pump [Re: spasm3]
Rhymingmechanic Offline

Registered: 08/13/04
Posts: 1282
Loc: VA
I've been shopping the same parts for my 2001 Silverado, because my AC Delco "Professional" pump is starting to leak after about 40,000 miles.

First, the standard rotation note must be a misprint. All of the V-8 pumps are the same.

The two part numbers you linked will both take the new style thermostat and housing. The part number I bought last time is no longer available, and I remember there being two choices each for AC Delco OE and Professional lines. Rockauto lists two different Cardone pumps, but everyone else must be phasing out the old style.

I'm considering the AC Delco OE pump this time.

#4656457 - 02/04/18 10:43 PM Re: avalanche water pump [Re: spasm3]
Pajero Offline

Registered: 05/05/12
Posts: 774
Loc: Rio Rancho, NM
You know your getting the right parts with OEM. Good luck!


Always remember "Planned obsolescence."

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#4656461 - 02/04/18 10:48 PM Re: avalanche water pump [Re: spasm3]
chemman Offline

Registered: 02/19/07
Posts: 58
Loc: Maryland
ACDelco now has at least 3 levels of quality. Their ACDelco Advantage line is for the value conscious person, and is likely at the low end of the quality parts scale. Then there is the ACDelco Professional line aimed at repair shops and serious DIYers looking for an OE equivalent part, and then they have the ACDelco GM Original Equipment line of parts which are supposed to be the actual parts used in GM factories.
92 Olds 88 Hav 5w30 PL/L24011
99 Buick Century Hav 5w30 PL/L24011
99 Silverado 5.3L Hav 5w30 PL/L25288
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