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#4649950 - 01/29/18 09:52 AM SHO
Camprunner Offline

Registered: 02/19/08
Posts: 1034
Loc: MA.
My cousin is thinking about purchasing a Ford Taurus SHO we drove one yesterday nice car lots of power all wheel drive. He was asking me about the eccoboost 3.5 V6 and if it's a good reliable motor so I figure I would ask here. I don't know much about the 3.5 EB in this car other then it has smaller turbos then the Ford truck 3.5 EB and makes 365 HP.

The one he is looking at is a leftover 2016 with only 91 miles it's loaded and has a six speed auto we did not talk price yet but the dealer says they need to move the car. So decent car or should we look at something ells? Anyone here own one?

#4649957 - 01/29/18 10:03 AM Re: SHO [Re: Camprunner]
SHOZ Offline

Registered: 06/28/03
Posts: 5749
Loc: Illinois
There is a good FaceBook SHO group and also a forum. is probably the best place for info.
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#4649976 - 01/29/18 10:22 AM Re: SHO [Re: Camprunner]
tenderloin Offline

Registered: 12/16/02
Posts: 6521
Loc: Huntington Beach, CA
Friend has one. If styling including interior is OK with your friend then go for it. These run strong and from everything I read and hear are reliable. I believe the same engine (or close) is used in many Explorers that law enforcement use..I know they are here in California...So they have been used and abused..and still are running. With AWD they really get off the line leaving many higher HP cars in the dust. A tad heavy but drives/rides well. For me only the question (assuming price is to his liking)is the styling..

#4649980 - 01/29/18 10:24 AM Re: SHO [Re: Camprunner]
gofast182 Offline

Registered: 04/30/13
Posts: 1699
Loc: NJ
A coworker has one, pretty red. I don't think he has had any problems with it. With that said the interior looks a bit downmarket and the thing is freakin' huge, it is a BIG car.
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#4649995 - 01/29/18 10:44 AM Re: SHO [Re: Camprunner]
itguy08 Offline

Registered: 09/15/11
Posts: 3227
Loc: Somewhere
2010 Owner here. Bought new in Dec, 2009 now with 122k on the clock. Has been very reliable other than a bum knock sensor replaced under warranty. With the AWD it's fast and quiet and decent in the snow. I'd buy another if I were in the market as I quite like the styling both inside and outside. It's a shame Ford has let the Taurus languish - its a very capable vehicle.
I'd imagine a 2016 would be good as well. is a good resource to read.

THE EB 3.5 in them has been quite reliable - it's used in the SHO, MKS, Explorer, including the police versions.

#4650056 - 01/29/18 11:25 AM Re: SHO [Re: Camprunner]
ctrcbob Offline

Registered: 01/01/06
Posts: 614
Loc: Mount Dora FL, Penfield NY, R...
Because it is a leftover 2016, he SHOULD get a large discount on it. I owned a 2010. Never had any problems. Great 6F55 Transmission.
Mount Dora FL,
Penfield NY
Roswell NM

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#4650084 - 01/29/18 11:54 AM Re: SHO [Re: Camprunner]
Donald Offline

Registered: 03/21/04
Posts: 20459
Loc: Upstate NY
Of course the dealer will say he needs to move the car. Did you expect him to say "it's been here a year and it's Ok if it sits another year"
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#4650094 - 01/29/18 12:05 PM Re: SHO [Re: Camprunner]
MCompact Offline

Registered: 07/21/02
Posts: 4113
Loc: KY
It's a lot o car for the money. If your cousin likes it and the price is right he should go for it.
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#4650104 - 01/29/18 12:10 PM Re: SHO [Re: Camprunner]
FermeLaPorte Offline

Registered: 07/25/17
Posts: 472
Loc: Texas (south)
He likes it, he should go for it. My cousin had one. It ran OK but he refused to use 93 octane and never got the most of it.

For the money and being a Ford, I would go with a F-150 or similar.

But then again, I am more of an utilitarian kind of guy.
Always Mobil 1
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#4650107 - 01/29/18 12:12 PM Re: SHO [Re: Camprunner]
HemiHawk Offline

Registered: 03/09/16
Posts: 842
Loc: PA,US
The only thing I'll throw out there is... Check out the Fusion Sport. Similar setup - V6 Turbo, all wheel drive. The Fusion may have slightly better handling characteristics, roughly same interior space, and should be a good bit cheaper.
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#4650110 - 01/29/18 12:13 PM Re: SHO [Re: Camprunner]
mightymousetech Offline

Registered: 04/03/17
Posts: 1444
Loc: Ontario, Canada
Power: yes. Fast: no. These things are HUGE!
Mighty Mouse Tech
Acura Tech
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#4650142 - 01/29/18 12:43 PM Re: SHO [Re: Camprunner]
aquariuscsm Offline

Registered: 12/30/06
Posts: 18170
Loc: Dallas,Tx USA
I remember the older Yamaha powered ones.
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#4650157 - 01/29/18 12:54 PM Re: SHO [Re: aquariuscsm]
Virtus_Probi Offline

Registered: 06/25/15
Posts: 3970
Loc: New England
Originally Posted By: aquariuscsm
I remember the older Yamaha powered ones.

I remember talking to some Ford engineers about the V8 version that replaced the Yamaha V6 that was so of them pulled me to the side and told me to NEVER buy one of the V8s. The V8 was a mandate from above and they wouldn't listen to the peons below them who tried to tell them it wasn't really working given the constraints they had.
I think there may have been a poster here who had one and liked it, but that version of the SHO didn't last long.
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#4650162 - 01/29/18 12:56 PM Re: SHO [Re: mightymousetech]
SteveSRT8 Offline

Registered: 10/10/08
Posts: 18954
Loc: Sunny Florida
Originally Posted By: mightymousetech
Power: yes. Fast: no. These things are HUGE!

Plenty of joe. A great example of a good stoplight to stoplight car. Can easily be tuned for more power. Even with brake updates it is not too good at high speed work. Way too small inside for my tastes especially as it is a large automobile. Not a handler either.

But they are powerful for sure, very quick off the line as is typical of AWD.
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#4650164 - 01/29/18 12:58 PM Re: SHO [Re: mightymousetech]
gofast182 Offline

Registered: 04/30/13
Posts: 1699
Loc: NJ
Originally Posted By: mightymousetech
Power: yes. Fast: no. These things are HUGE!

I parked next to my coworker's last week and should've taken a picture. It is MASSIVE next to my car which I think is a decent size. Also weighs over 4,200lbs IIRC.
2006 S2000 - Berlina Black - PU 10w30, PCX-004
2017 340i xDrive - Black Sapphire - Dlr Fill, 114...898
2011 MDX Tech - Aspen White - Dlr Fill, PLM-A01

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