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#4649587 - 01/28/18 09:18 PM Engine for Life
Brolly Offline

Registered: 11/27/16
Posts: 174
Loc: Oklahoma
One of the dealerships I am looking to deal with has engines for life on all the new cars (Honda). I have not been given any information in hand on the details on it but was told just have to pay for oil changes and filters at the manufacturer times at that particular dealership. Anyone have experience in these plans?

Also saw one of the other dealerships had $300!! Nitrogen fill up sounds like they are going for anything and everything these days
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#4649594 - 01/28/18 09:26 PM Re: Engine for Life [Re: Brolly]
Dyusik Offline

Registered: 09/26/14
Posts: 1735
Loc: US-WA
Bet it's only 70% nitrogen, rounded up. Although it does say "inflation", as in price inflation.
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#4649595 - 01/28/18 09:28 PM Re: Engine for Life [Re: Brolly]
Linctex Offline

Registered: 12/31/16
Posts: 5195
Loc: Waco, TX
Originally Posted By: Brolly
$300!! Nitrogen fill up sounds like they are going for anything and everything these days ]

That's just insane.
Compressed air is already 78% nitrogen.
"The evidence demands a verdict".
(Re:VOA)"it's nearly impossible to actually know the particular additives that are in there at what concentrations."

#4649603 - 01/28/18 09:33 PM Re: Engine for Life [Re: Brolly]
Brolly Offline

Registered: 11/27/16
Posts: 174
Loc: Oklahoma
Bad thing is they probably don’t do anything except for change the color of the valve stem cap. All new cars “come” with this added item at this particular dealer. When I bought my 2008 Accord new from this exact dealership it was $100 but they forgot to put it in the deal I didn’t say a word until it was over.
1999 Toyota Camry CE 2.2L

2018 Accord 2.0T Touring

#4649612 - 01/28/18 09:47 PM Re: Engine for Life [Re: Brolly]
Pajero Offline

Registered: 05/05/12
Posts: 774
Loc: Rio Rancho, NM
Interesting! I checked my local Honda dealer and they don't offer the engine for life program. Many others in various states do.


Always remember "Planned obsolescence."

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#4649624 - 01/28/18 09:58 PM Re: Engine for Life [Re: Brolly]
chemman Offline

Registered: 02/19/07
Posts: 58
Loc: Maryland
Likely the dealer also requires that ALL maintenance they suggest along with tire rotations, tire replacements, etc. must be performed by them in order for the lifetime engine warranty to remain in effect. That's how it is at a multi-line (Dodge, RAM, Chrysler, Toyota, etc.) dealer near my house.

Their "scheme" first started with "free oil & filter changes" for the life of the vehicle some years back.
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#4649636 - 01/28/18 10:19 PM Re: Engine for Life [Re: Brolly]
Brolly Offline

Registered: 11/27/16
Posts: 174
Loc: Oklahoma
They no longer offer the oil changes for life of the car. Per the salesman it was separate plan and not many paid for the plan. So now they offer the engine for life plan. I do not know if the customer has to pay for the engine for life plan or is it provided without cost. Will be interesting to dig a little more.
1999 Toyota Camry CE 2.2L

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#4649643 - 01/28/18 10:38 PM Re: Engine for Life [Re: Brolly]
JHZR2 Offline

Registered: 12/14/02
Posts: 41218
Loc: New Jersey
Note the dealers asking price with notation that it's not the MSRP...

Simple way to get idiots to think they're getting a better deal when the adds are stripped off...

Also probably is used for the basis of what a lease price would be.

#4649651 - 01/28/18 10:58 PM Re: Engine for Life [Re: Brolly]
JustN89 Offline

Registered: 06/27/17
Posts: 300
Loc: DFW
I worked for a dealership that offered engine replacement for the life of the vehicle, they never replaced an engine in my 18 months there but they sure made a lot of money off of this promotion.

First, all service had to be done by their dealership. It's not like a cars warranty where as long as you can prove it was done, the warranty will be honored. This is their offering and they can make the rules. The service schedule must be followed to the letter and the dealer's service department must be the one to perform the work.

Second, this only applied to cars that were out of warranty. If it was under warranty, the manufacturer paid for the engine replacement. If they declined the warranty, then you probably failed to perform adequate service and therefore getting the dealership off of the hook for replacing it.

Third, engines for life were only for the original purchasers of the vehicle. Not too uncommon, but still a surprise to some people.

All in all, even if the dealership did have to replace an engine in a customer's car, they still made more money off of servicing it than they spent in replacing the engine. Promotions like this are simply money generators, it brings customers in to purchase cars (who doesn't want free engines for life! and it makes sure that they service their cars there, and many dealers make the most money through their service department.

#4649657 - 01/28/18 11:01 PM Re: Engine for Life [Re: Brolly]
Brolly Offline

Registered: 11/27/16
Posts: 174
Loc: Oklahoma
Thank you for bringing light to this topic!!!
1999 Toyota Camry CE 2.2L

2018 Accord 2.0T Touring

#4649659 - 01/28/18 11:05 PM Re: Engine for Life [Re: Brolly]
aquariuscsm Offline

Registered: 12/30/06
Posts: 17725
Loc: South Texas,USA
It's kind've like when I bought my 300ZX,the dealership offered free tires for life,as long as I let them do all the oil changes. Nope,nada,never,no way!!
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#4649665 - 01/28/18 11:19 PM Re: Engine for Life [Re: Brolly]
ZeeOSix Offline

Registered: 07/22/10
Posts: 16792
Loc: PNW
Nitrogen Inflation charge ... $300. And it makes it sound that was for one time!

Suckers are born every day. crazy
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#4649667 - 01/28/18 11:24 PM Re: Engine for Life [Re: Brolly]
csandste Offline

Registered: 05/31/02
Posts: 1055
Loc: St. Peters, Missouri
Two ruses designed to bring in unsophisticated buyers. I've owned well over thirty cars and had one engine failure and that was coolant related. Don't Valvoline and QS have engine guarantees if you change oil every four thousand miles. If a million people change oil when the OLM says 40% and they have to pay for 100 engine failures they're way ahead. The dealer ever more so.

Engine guarantees and $300 nitrogen fills, along with stripes and sealant are often used as fodder for people who want to pay more money and get a bigger discount. To me it represents a flim flam dealership. If I see this on Moroney sticker add ons I yell invectives at the nearest salesman. With emphasis on YELL.

#4649670 - 01/28/18 11:32 PM Re: Engine for Life [Re: Brolly]
Nick1994 Online   content

Registered: 02/19/13
Posts: 9623
Loc: Phoenix, AZ
The oil change HAS to be there? I'd pass.

Last summer I was on a 5,000 mile road trip in a family member's new Avalon. Half way through it was due for the 10k mile oil change, stopped at the dealer because the tires were out of balance and had them do the oil change. What if you can't get to that dealer "on time" according to them?
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#4649691 - 01/29/18 12:46 AM Re: Engine for Life [Re: Brolly]
DdDd Offline

Registered: 06/08/17
Posts: 184
Loc: NY
Nothing is as miserable as buying a Japanese car.

The same demographic that wets the bed over car repairs is also clueless about mechanicals. Hence the rapacious dealer add ons.

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