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#4633841 - 01/13/18 04:54 PM Crocodile Dundee II
AZjeff Offline

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Was on one of the side channels this afternoon when I was looking for a football game. Forget football, I just had to watch Mick outsmart the bad guys again. No idea how Aussies view Paul Hogan and how these movies portray life in the outback but they're just entertaining. Funny stuff even when you know what's coming.
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#4633862 - 01/13/18 05:25 PM Re: Crocodile Dundee II [Re: AZjeff]
cjcride Online   content

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#4633868 - 01/13/18 05:30 PM Re: Crocodile Dundee II [Re: AZjeff]
UncleDave Offline

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I thought it was a "knoife"?


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Uncle Dave
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#4633938 - 01/13/18 06:46 PM Re: Crocodile Dundee II [Re: AZjeff]
Shannow Offline

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Loc: 'Stralia
It's definitely not a documentary.

But here's some of the characters that I've known over the years.

Big Matt (was assistant site manager for the construction of the Mt Piper boilers, pressure welder, cert 10, has the family farm with sheds and sheds of old vehicles, and a Matilda Tank, without turret - think he's got leaopards now).

Member of the Volunteer Rescue association. one of his stories of merit is that while they were searching for a light plane, they came across a crevice on the rocky path they were traversing...meant half a day's walk to turn back and find another way, so he straddled the crevice, and lifted the rest of his team across...big, strong farmboy.

Turned up at work with a Piano in the back of the hilux ute. He found it at the side of the road when he was driving to work (Typically in Rural Oz, if you have something decent that you don't want, you'll make sure that you put it soemwhere for someone to take, even at the dump, leave it 6' from the face). Security guard at work "Matthew, why is there a Piano on the back of your ute?"....Matthew's reply "because the radio broke Phil."....That Day I asked him how he got it on single handed...easy, just lifted one end onto the tray, then went around the other end, lifted and slid it on.

Turned one area of his property into a Christmas Tree farm. when the price fell out of Christams trees, he invited us around for a BBQ, then a tank ride, where he ran over every single christmas tree and churned them into the ground.

Sights in his rifles by clamping them in a vice (there's one on a fencepost especially for sighting rifles), then adjusting the reticles to the POI...clamp fire and adjust. Day we were there, he shot his raingauge. He'd put it up on another post between the rifle and the target, and his technique didn't even involve looking thrugh the scope until the sots were fired.

BJ the Madman from Brindabella
Lucky to be 140lb wringing wet when I knew him.

His farm bike was a YZ490 running methanol and castor oil.

We turned up at the farm one day, and heard a smallblock screaming. As we approached the farm dam, there's the family's jetboat (ski boat with Hamilton Jet) in the farm dam, hooked in, with BJ on a single ski in basically a whip, zipping along the shore, in a few inches of water...takes a hand of to wave to us, and tumbles up the bank.

#4634058 - 01/13/18 09:42 PM Re: Crocodile Dundee II [Re: AZjeff]
SR5 Offline

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One of the best times of my life was being a labourer in the outback mines in central Australia. Hot hard work, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, two or three weeks on then one week off.

Every second guy was like a Paul Hogan. they could turn anything into something to laugh about, while still working hard.

Old Jim-Bob the fitter I was assigned to, he came out from England when he was 16 to do an apprenticeship, I was with him for the last year of his work at 65. He had never left the outback mines, and his body was broken. He looked like a kindly old man, and was a decent guy - a great guy to work with, but the stories of his week off would make you blush. Tall-Tex, he was from Maryborough on the coast, but we called him Tex because calling him Mary didn't make sense. This massive obese guy who had such a big gut, that even a XXXL work shirt couldn't cover it and the lower third of his stomach would just hang out. It's was fairly nasty looking and I tried to not look in it's direction. We called him Slim. Then there was the old diesel fitter who became the camp cook. But he couldn't cook. We called him Oil-Can-Harry, as his name was Harry and we all reckoned that he still used Rimula-X (Rotella) rather than vegetable oil.
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#4634126 - 01/13/18 11:33 PM Re: Crocodile Dundee II [Re: AZjeff]
Marco620 Offline

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Love Australia and its people. Glad England sent their felons there. Today I say hello mate.
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#4634157 - 01/14/18 12:49 AM Re: Crocodile Dundee II [Re: AZjeff]
Silk Offline

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I'm just surprised a famous Aussie isn't really a kiwi. And these days Australia sends it's fellons to New Zealand.
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