I'm posting this as information only; many people here such as myself are often asked/required to travel to Mexico for business.

The US State Department has updated travel warnings at the start of 2018 for many Mexico states. Several now are "reconsider" (level 3), and five now are "do not travel" (level 4; highest concern). I am posting this so that all of us whom travel to Mexico are aware of the changes in travel warnings.



I'm not doing this to induce a panic. Preparation and forethought are the first steps to assuring your own safety while traveling abroad; knowing the risks is paramount to making a good decision. THIS IS NOT ABOUT POLITICS. This is about bringing information to BITOG members whom travel to Mexico for business (or pleasure).

Additionally, there is good intel from other sources that indicates an increase in risk to US Citizens; a greater propensity for indiscriminate targets of terror-based actions abroad. In other words, it's getting ever more difficult to inflict harm here on our soil, so terror-based entities are going to push efforts towards high-density US travel locations outside our borders.

You can find all travel warnings for all countries and regions here:

Because this thread will likely dissolve into politics within three posts, I'm going to lock it now.

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