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#4625841 - 01/06/18 11:45 AM Laser Sights for Carry Pistol
bigj_16 Offline

Registered: 07/03/17
Posts: 1268
Loc: Douglas County, Colorado
Any comments from experience?

#4625882 - 01/06/18 12:20 PM Re: Laser Sights for Carry Pistol [Re: bigj_16]
JasonC Offline

Registered: 12/06/06
Posts: 622
Loc: Lynchburg, Va
I have tried them all and if I was going to use one I'd prefer solid green beam. Not a fan of pulsating beam. I prefer Crimson Trace, etc over the ones that replace the guide rod. But, in self-defense I'm not sure you would have time to activate the laser. YMMV

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#4625896 - 01/06/18 12:26 PM Re: Laser Sights for Carry Pistol [Re: bigj_16]
skyactiv Offline

Registered: 03/02/13
Posts: 4405
Loc: The Midwest
Yup, you can see green during the day. I realize there is a resistance and hatred against lasers, especially at the gun range, but I want the best tool I hope to never use.
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#4625907 - 01/06/18 12:30 PM Re: Laser Sights for Carry Pistol [Re: bigj_16]
AZjeff Offline

Registered: 01/14/11
Posts: 2651
Loc: PV Az
Not every SD situation requires split second reaction and decision making, training with what you've got is the key. Green is more visible in daylight than red. Buy a brand name, it's your life.
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#4626054 - 01/06/18 02:36 PM Re: Laser Sights for Carry Pistol [Re: bigj_16]
Iowegian Offline

Registered: 01/05/17
Posts: 273
Loc: Iowa
I prefer to have the laser trigger on the handle. Just squeeze with the middle finger. Very natural.
Don't know of anyone else other than Crimson Trace that makes it like that?
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#4626091 - 01/06/18 03:24 PM Re: Laser Sights for Carry Pistol [Re: bigj_16]
OneEyeJack Offline

Registered: 09/14/10
Posts: 7479
Loc: S California
You're going to need a lot of practice to figure out what works for you. When the time comes you'd better be on autopilot.

#4626206 - 01/06/18 06:01 PM Re: Laser Sights for Carry Pistol [Re: bigj_16]
cashmoney Offline

Registered: 03/23/13
Posts: 576
Loc: Al
Get a green crimson trace. Red is useless in daylight. A laser can be absolute life saver if you injure your normal shooting limb and have to shoot opposite hand or more importantly if you are forced to shoot from cover that precludes getting your face behind your weapon or from a tight or awkward space where you can't use the visual sights in normal fashion.

#4626217 - 01/06/18 06:13 PM Re: Laser Sights for Carry Pistol [Re: bigj_16]
Al Offline

Registered: 06/08/02
Posts: 18040
Loc: Elizabethtown, Pa
Its more important to learn SD tactics, trigger control, reloadiong, cleariong jams, etc. There is an awful lot to learn here. If you are in good shape here, which 95% of folks are not (includiong me)..learn this stuff first. Then go to the laser. IMHO

An accomplished shooter can easily get 3 shots on target going from the point that the arms are close to the body (right after the draw)to extended in no more than 2 seconds. A laser will likely slow you down. None of my instructs favor them. Now that doesn't say other and even better instructors do favor them.

Full discloser:..I have never used a laser on a handgun.

#4626271 - 01/06/18 06:57 PM Re: Laser Sights for Carry Pistol [Re: bigj_16]
tc1446 Offline

Registered: 12/10/10
Posts: 952
Loc: Lexington, NC
I have a red CT on a Ruger revolver. It activates by middle finger. I don't consider it useful at all during the day. Not so sure about it for night time use either because if you "paint" the target you also give your location away. Hopefully I can get my hands on the shotgun loaded with #3's.

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#4626434 - 01/06/18 09:30 PM Re: Laser Sights for Carry Pistol [Re: bigj_16]
bigj_16 Offline

Registered: 07/03/17
Posts: 1268
Loc: Douglas County, Colorado
Thanx for all the input, guys.

#4627494 - 01/07/18 08:55 PM Re: Laser Sights for Carry Pistol [Re: bigj_16]
bubbatime Offline

Registered: 03/18/08
Posts: 5628
Loc: South Florida
Tons of pistol combat training. I will just say that a Laser can seriously save your life, or the bad guys life(by quickly surrendering) . I own about 10 lasers and use them in most of my defensive guns. I highly recommend them. Highly.

When I was a patrol officer, I am convinced that it saved a guys life. I put the laser on his heart, and told him to look at his chest. I reminded him that if he didnt stop doing what he was doing, I would not miss and I would kill him. He came to his senses and surrendered.
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