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#4598562 - 12/08/17 08:55 PM 4K sources
WyrTwister Offline

Registered: 01/13/13
Posts: 1532
Loc: Texas
Best I can tell , Dish & SuddenLink have no 4K content . DirecTV is suppose to have a little , but apparently my cheap " package " does not include any 4K channels .

So , the 4K TV does not seem to do us much good .

It is a cheap Westinghouse . That may have something to do with it ?

Thanks , :-)
God bless
God bless

#4598572 - 12/08/17 09:10 PM Re: 4K sources [Re: WyrTwister]
StevieC Offline

Registered: 08/21/08
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Loc: Ontario, Canada
You are getting sharper picture with up conversion of 1080 on most TV's so that's a plus. Also there is 4K content on YouTube that you can send to your TV depending on what you want to watch. Netflix also offers 4K for some stuff.
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#4598591 - 12/08/17 09:32 PM Re: 4K sources [Re: WyrTwister]
PimTac Offline

Registered: 03/04/17
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Loc: Soviet State of Washington
Tubi has some 4K movies and tv shows. Thatís a free app.
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#4598718 - 12/09/17 05:56 AM Re: 4K sources [Re: WyrTwister]
dbias Offline

Registered: 12/24/14
Posts: 137
Loc: USA
Directv does have 3 channels up right now. this will be like the beginning of HD when only a few things were actually in HD like the Superbowl and world series. Remember when they used to advertise their show as being in HD? In order to get directv in 4k you have to have an HR54 genie and a C61-700 client, or if you are an existing customer you can uprgrade to the Genie2 HS-17 and a C61-700 client.... additionally you need a Reverseband 3 lnb on your odu.
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#4598739 - 12/09/17 07:01 AM Re: 4K sources [Re: WyrTwister]
MrHorspwer Offline

Registered: 12/18/06
Posts: 1423
Loc: Michigan
Netflix offers content in 4K. Most of their original programming is in 4K now.
Amazon also does most of their original programming in 4K as well.
Apple is selling 4K content on iTunes.
There also good ol' Ultra HD BluRay disc.

#4598772 - 12/09/17 07:56 AM Re: 4K sources [Re: WyrTwister]
alarmguy Offline

Registered: 07/10/12
Posts: 2152
Loc: South Carolina
Originally Posted By: WyrTwister
Best I can tell , Dish & SuddenLink have no 4K content . DirecTV is suppose to have a little , but apparently my cheap " package " does not include any 4K channels .

So , the 4K TV does not seem to do us much good .

It is a cheap Westinghouse . That may have something to do with it ?

Thanks , :-)
God bless

Brand has really nothing to do with it or better said, much like motoroil. Its not like Westinghouse makes the TV, some major company does.

1. Anyway, I agree with Steve C, chances are your TV is upscaling with 1080 content so you should have a better picture.

2. Im not sure if you watch DVDs but that is the ONLY way to get true 4k picture which means you should go out and buy any brand 4K blueray player, even if you rent Red Box Blue Ray DVDs in 1080P the player will upscale to 4k so you will enjoy a nice picture.

3. I dont agree and would not pay for 4k content from ANY pay TV provider that includes Cable, Satellite, Streaming such as Netflex etc. Streaming 4k, Pay TV 4K content is just a claim, its NOT true 4K, its acceptable 4K but not true, the pay TV and Streaming companies compress (dumb down) the picture because they can not deliver the amount of information for a true 4K picture like a 4kBlueRay player can.

We have Red Box all over the place where I live and I much rather watch a 1080P Blueray DVD then a dumbed down (claimed) 4K picture from a pay TV company. The up-scaling from a 4k Ultra Blue ray player will look just as good and better (I think) then ANY pay TV 4k, so save your money, enjoy you TV and if you have Redbox near you, go out and buy a cheap Ultra $k blue ray player for the family.
Please, no one take what I wrote personal, this is my thing about the CLAIMED 4k content that any cable company, satellite company or streaming service, its ALL [censored]. Its not true 4k and they charge you for it.

Hope this helps!

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#4598883 - 12/09/17 10:29 AM Re: 4K sources [Re: WyrTwister]
JHZR2 Offline

Registered: 12/14/02
Posts: 41802
Loc: New Jersey
The only reason I went away from my tube tv was for 4K. 1080p stinks, too many artifacts and whatnot. 4K is where things really started becoming sharp and clear. Upscale stuff is sometimes ok. I like nature/travel videos on YouTube in 4k.

We rarely watch tv, but if we rent movies, Ive got an ultra hd blu Ray player. Netflix/Amazon also delivers content that's "good enough" 4k, so we have been happy with it.

#4598996 - 12/09/17 12:58 PM Re: 4K sources [Re: WyrTwister]
sleddriver Offline

Registered: 02/06/10
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Loc: Central Texas
Source quality is king. Period. To have a better line along with a lot more lines, requires both speed and bandwidth.(Most) manufacturers will claim anything to secure their chair on the "bleeding edge" and join the barage of "WE HAVE THAT TOO!!!!! BUY US".

What they're doing is taking advantage of their potential customers technical ignorance, while promising the picture "WILL BLOW YOU AWAY!!!"

Uh huh...wrong!

THINK before you spend your $$$ to feed the media beast. After all, now that you've bought a new set, you'll be told an "upgrade" is needed to feed the beast. More $$$ out of your pocket.../month.

Case in point: Recently discovered that if I upgraded to UVerse "triple-pac", the video cost ALONE for the lowest-tier "package" runs $80/month!!

What??? I laughed in the guys headset.....
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#4599900 - 12/10/17 01:55 PM Re: 4K sources [Re: WyrTwister]
maximus Offline

Registered: 01/24/08
Posts: 723
Loc: TX
Itís funny. My iPad Pro supposedly shoots in 4K, yet itís own display doesnít support 4K.

I agree with alarmguy this time. Pay TV companies are all scum. Some still charge extra for HD. AND I canít bring myself to pay for a service that transmits commercials with its content. Iíll never understand that.

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#4601239 - 12/12/17 05:34 AM Re: 4K sources [Re: WyrTwister]
Eric Smith Offline

Registered: 02/26/05
Posts: 3013
Loc: Kansas, USA
With our 4k Westinghouse smart-tv we use the built-in Netflix and Youtube apps. Amazing is all I can say. Looks like google is working on a 4k box and we'll get that as soon as it's available.
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