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#4584905 - 11/25/17 08:52 PM been a while
93cruiser Offline

Registered: 11/18/17
Posts: 102
Loc: New Jersey
So I was thinking. It has been at least 10 years, probably closer to 12 years, since I changed the oil in my mower.
Got it in 2000. Used 1 hour per week from April-November. I know it had Mobil 1 5w30 last change. Up until the last time, I would change it every season.

[censored] thing still starts first pull, two after sitting the winter. Craftsman with a Briggs, 6.5 HP. Could probably use a blade sharpening, never had one.

#4584959 - 11/25/17 09:36 PM Re: been a while [Re: 93cruiser]
Rolla07 Offline

Registered: 11/05/11
Posts: 4555
I just replaced my blade instead of sharpening. I change my oil in Spring every year. Probably not necessary but I have tons of oil and a change is 1/2 a quart. Just toss in whatever oil you have lying around.
2007 Corolla Red Pearl 151k miles
Castrol Magnatec 0w20 & Napa Proselect

#4585026 - 11/25/17 10:55 PM Re: been a while [Re: 93cruiser]
69GTX Offline

Registered: 09/23/15
Posts: 3684
Loc: Connecticut
I do annual oil changes or approx 30-60 hours, depending on whether I do neighbor's lawns. In looking at my B&S booklet they recommend 25 hr OCI's. Maybe I'll start doing 2 per mowing season. The oil always comes out black.

2002 Lincoln Cont 4.6L DOHC/ 81K mi /PPlat 5w30/FUG XG2
1999 Camaro SS M6 /19K /Mobil 1 0w40 /Fram UG /GM MTL-ATF
1969 Ply GTX/RRs

#4585043 - 11/25/17 11:14 PM Re: been a while [Re: 93cruiser]
dlundblad Offline

Registered: 09/30/13
Posts: 9402
Loc: Midwest
Have you had to top it off in that 10 years?
03 Jeep WJ 4.0 197k Castrol Edge 10w40 HM Fram XG16
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97 Chevy Blazer 4.3 142k Rotella T5 10w30 Fram TG3980

#4585078 - 11/26/17 12:12 AM Re: been a while [Re: 93cruiser]
StevieC Offline

Registered: 08/21/08
Posts: 17116
Loc: Ontario, Canada
My dad's Tecumseh engine mower was 22 years old when the deck finally rotted and it had been changed maybe a handful of times in 22 years. It was used for about 2 hours a week for about 6 months of the year. Aside from a blue puff of smoke on start-up it didn't use any measurable amount of oil. He also never used high ZDDP oil meant for 4-strokes either. It was whatever oil he had on hand.

I change my mower and snowblower with Amsoil 4-Stroke every 2 years. The lawn mower sees enough use it could be changed yearly but I don't bother.

Just FWIW.

Edited by StevieC (11/26/17 12:16 AM)
'15 Dodge Journey - 90,000 KM's - SSO 5w20
'06 Hyundai Santa Fe - 535,000km - SSO 0w30 (R.I.P)

#4585203 - 11/26/17 07:13 AM Re: been a while [Re: 93cruiser]
Alex_V Offline

Registered: 04/10/16
Posts: 1062
Loc: Campbellsville, KY
Further evidence that Briggs really don't care and almost anything, every few hundred hours, will keep them running like a top.
I like Chevy and Valvoline.

'13 Cruze, 1.4T, 110K
'85 GMC C3500, 454, 130K
'82 Mercedes 300CD, OM617 turbo, 165K
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#4585227 - 11/26/17 07:34 AM Re: been a while [Re: Alex_V]
Kira Offline

Registered: 08/19/10
Posts: 4751
Loc: Champlain/Hudson Valley
Something about straight 30 appeals to me.
When the mower turned 35 I jumped to 40.

Something which wallows in the dust like a lawn mower deserves clean oil.

#4585299 - 11/26/17 08:52 AM Re: been a while [Re: 93cruiser]
MasterSolenoid Offline

Registered: 09/26/17
Posts: 112
Loc: One Step Beyond
I like to keep clean oil in my Toro with B&S engine because:

#4585314 - 11/26/17 09:10 AM Re: been a while [Re: 93cruiser]
Ethan1 Offline

Registered: 12/29/14
Posts: 1620
Loc: 'murica
Nylon demands a synthetic, too

#4585991 - 11/26/17 06:44 PM Re: been a while [Re: 93cruiser]
jeepman3071 Offline

Registered: 04/15/10
Posts: 4028
Loc: Storrs, Connecticut
As long as you keep oil in them, they will run for a long time. I do notice that the engines that never have the oil changed usually start smoking a bit faster than the ones that have had the oil changed.
2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0L (178k) - Pennzoil HM 5w30, Napa Gold 1516, Magnefine trans filter