Anybody have experiance with these tires specifially in snow?

I have them on my second set of wheels right now. Going to be doing a drive back up north for a few weeks and I'm not sure if I should swap on my factory wheels again(Bridgestone Dueler HP Sport AS). Not likely that I'll run into a snow storm but just incase(I have to drive on I-90 along Lake Erie). The tread on the falken does look more aggressive but it also has a higher load rating and are slightly wider. The tread compound physically feels stiffer at room temprature too. The thing is, the Bridgestones aren't that much better in snow. They're ok for a factory tire.

2017 Subaru Outback - 0w20 FS - Falken ziex s/tz05
2014 Lexus IS250 - 0w20 FS - Conti Extreme DWS
2014 BMW i3 - Bridgestone Ecopia