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#4567972 - 11/08/17 03:24 PM Happiness at your job
redhat Offline

Registered: 12/07/12
Posts: 1706
Loc: Anywhere, USA
Have you ever lost the majority of drive, motivation and or enjoyment in a job?

Those of you that may know me or my posts might remember, last year, I had posted about loosing my job. Many months of searching but it was, in the end, a good thing to happen. To cut to the chase, about a year ago this time, I was hired at a very respectable healthcare organization. And to put it lightly, I have loved this place. There are many decent perks, pay is very reasonable and the folks here (most) are really a good group of folks. What is done here I can honestly be proud about. I have been very happy until 3 months ago.

I came here, of course, as low man on the totem pole (and I get that, I'm in for some hazing so to speak); but did bring 7 years of IT professional experience. Some SysAdmin, some SysEngineer and plenty of help-desk/tech support. Presently I am on tech support. In light of my advanced knowledge, I have been rewarded with raises and other praise. I have no problem setting up site-to-sites and configuring firewalls, engineering a new deployment with GPOs, MDT and SCCM, VLANs, UniFi WiFi, routing, switching, etc. I have always considered myself a jack-of-all trades, master of none. Cisco is my weak point. Naturally with this, I have assisted our Systems side of the house on numerous occasions. We are relatively split with Systems and Tech Support.

It has been my recent project to design, engineer, test and deploy new workstations with Windows 10 as directed by my boss and our CIO. Presently on 1703. I did all of that. Things have been working flawlessly. GPOs for laptops and desktops, GPP mapping network drives, re-directed My Documents, IE ZoneMappings, 802.1x WiFi configurations, Software Restriction Policies disabling the goofy store apps, Chrome as default browser, etc. Brand new MDT server was spun up for imaging. Old and ancient software was scripted to install via MDT applications (this took some work!).

Everything has been working great. All machines are activating with a MAK key (MS was fast to increase the activation limit). Really a nice process down. I was pleased.

Starting months back, our Sys Admin started looking at things I had done and has repetitively went on tirades scolding me. Most recently they did not understand any of the Windows 10 GPOs or how group policy works. The GPOs were too large and un-necessary. Unfortunately this ended up in me taking what was the majority of a 15 minute scolding. This Sys Admin is not my boss. Any complaints or inquisitions to their superior about these rather rude and un-called for outbursts have resulted in a slew of defensive comments or excuses. However, the scolding continues and it is only worse when CIO and my boss are out for the day. Management does nothing and simply things the guy is joking around.

This individual has also on numerous occasions asked me for help and I've more than happily obliged -- I'm not trying to hide anything and I'm happy to educate/teach. For example, Palo Alto and Juniper devices they were lost with -- I took care of them. Recommendations on WiFi devices to replace aging Cisco hardware, VLAN configs, why two networks with the same IP scheme over a site-to-site via SonicWall TZs couldn't pass traffic (really??!?!?!?!)

To help remedy this, my boss has removed me from this Win 10 project and has in-turn thrown it back to their side of the house for them to finish/continue with to remove me from any future conflict. I fear for us now. As I know 1709 is not being tested, and the WSUS provided 1709 feature upgrades are just a sloppy click away from potentially haphazardly installing. 18 months.... starting..... uhhh months ago!

This has really taken away my motivation and somewhat makes me feel as if I have failed. I loved this place, but without any reprimanding to this individual/changes in acting, it has taken away my drive and excitement. This is one small situation, but an example of what has gone on.

Besides this, other folks on my team are consistently hostile with me as they do not think I am doing anything. I have been instructed to work on higher-level projects and not jump for every support request. I have been doing so... and also dealing with these moments/situations. This has been stressful and annoying.

A good friend of mine that I worked with for many years keeps asking when he can "steal" me and work with him. Tonight I think I will be brushing up my resume. I just want to be happy. I am not an idiot and I don't need to be talked down to when I'm saving someone on the regular.

Also thinking getting out of tech support/help desk will be better off. I feel very at home as a Systems Engineer.

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#4567985 - 11/08/17 03:34 PM Re: Happiness at your job [Re: redhat]
skyactiv Offline

Registered: 03/02/13
Posts: 4394
Loc: The Midwest
I'm not reading all that.
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#4567989 - 11/08/17 03:38 PM Re: Happiness at your job [Re: skyactiv]
Quattro Pete Offline

Registered: 10/30/02
Posts: 35846
Loc: Great Lakes
OP, if you are unhappy there, then the answer is obvious, IMO.

Originally Posted By: skyactiv
I'm not reading all that.

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#4567990 - 11/08/17 03:38 PM Re: Happiness at your job [Re: redhat]
Mr Nice Offline

Registered: 09/12/04
Posts: 21185
Loc: Orlando, FL
Look for another job.

Also thinking getting out of tech support/help desk will be better off. I feel very at home as a Systems Engineer.

Do you have the credentials to be a Systems Engineer ?

Does this jerk scold you in front of coworkers ?

#4567991 - 11/08/17 03:39 PM Re: Happiness at your job [Re: redhat]
Rand Offline

Registered: 08/20/03
Posts: 12638
Loc: NE,Ohio
my only advice would be of course to wait until new year, use up vacation etc. Use bland reasons for quitting "exploring new opportunity" etc.. incase you would in the future want to work for them again no need to burn bridges.

Also try not to let other people "poop" on your "happiness". Happiness should be somewhat self derived.
Yes that is hard to do.

Originally Posted By: skyactiv
I'm not reading all that.

Then why bother even posting? Troll-lololol?
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#4567993 - 11/08/17 03:42 PM Re: Happiness at your job [Re: redhat]
StevieC Offline

Registered: 08/21/08
Posts: 17116
Loc: Ontario, Canada
I just got stolen away from an employer that wasn't very nice to its employees and I can't even begin to tell you how much better you will feel.

I probably work twice as hard here but I know it's appreciated and there is 0 stress and I'm just happy to be building a long future with a company that rewards me for my efforts and recognizes the hard work.

Life is too short. Be happy, time to move!

Edited by StevieC (11/08/17 03:43 PM)
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#4567996 - 11/08/17 03:47 PM Re: Happiness at your job [Re: skyactiv]
EdwardC Offline

Registered: 11/14/13
Posts: 1862
Loc: Chicago, IL
Originally Posted By: skyactiv
I'm not reading all that.

Hah, I was thinking that too, but then I got into it and eventually read it all. At least he used a few line breaks and punctuation.

I can't offer much advice except that if you're not happy there and management isn't helping, there's just one easy answer.

I should hire you to help with my home network. I have all the gear already, but sometime next year, I'll be installing all my POE cameras, NVR, NAS running through an ER-X with a couple UAPs that I'd like to put on separate VLANs for speed and security. It should be a relatively simple setup, but I expect to be googling a lot while setting up smile

#4568000 - 11/08/17 03:49 PM Re: Happiness at your job [Re: redhat]
Kool1 Offline

Registered: 01/25/13
Posts: 906
Loc: California
It may be time to start recording these scoldings. While these recorded scoldings probably won't be admitted in court as they would be recorded without the other person's permission, I'm sure they can be of some help to you if you wish to pursue the matter further (ex. union, big boss, evidence of harassment in a lawsuit, etc.).

Good luck

#4568004 - 11/08/17 03:54 PM Re: Happiness at your job [Re: redhat]
ZZman Offline

Registered: 03/17/08
Posts: 5775
Loc: Michigan
Jealousy in the work place and gossip can be a rough thing. Happens everywhere unfortunately.
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#4568006 - 11/08/17 03:55 PM Re: Happiness at your job [Re: redhat]
2015_PSD Offline

Registered: 09/26/10
Posts: 7234
Loc: SE Texas
Other than the elephant in the room, my other thought is why did your manager not address the overall issue? To allow a non-management person to berate/chastise another team member is not productive nor does it make for a good environment. Additionally, if your role has changed, that should have been made clear to those who "think you are doing nothing". From my limited point of view (based upon what I read here), your manager has some work to do and is either ignoring it in the hopes that it will go away/solve itself or simply does not see it as an issue. Neither of these lends much credibility to their management abilities and either way, you have but three choices:

1. Discuss this with your manager and clearly explain why it is a problem and why you need his/her assistance.
2. Live with it and do your assignments to the best of your ability.
3. Learn as much as you can and move on.
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#4568032 - 11/08/17 04:15 PM Re: Happiness at your job [Re: redhat]
JC1 Offline

Registered: 11/29/08
Posts: 3002
Loc: Oshawa, Ontario Canada
Sounds like the two nimrods you work with need to go format themselves.

I work in IT as well on mainframe systems and I worked with some real doozies over the years.

Leaving is an option, but you'll always find insecure jealous technologically ignorant people that will backstab you to keep themselves from getting fired.

Do what you're told now and let them struggle with windows 10. Look for another job and more importantly learn to explain your value when it comes to your IT expertise while politely walking away from those negative people.
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#4568034 - 11/08/17 04:16 PM Re: Happiness at your job [Re: redhat]
DuckRyder Offline

Registered: 10/20/05
Posts: 4207
Loc: Atlanta
I have absolutely no idea what most of that technical stuff is but it doesnít matter, you can pretty much replace the technical jargon and specifics with the technical jargon and specifics of any decent sized office and itíll fit. That sort of politics has been pretty typical everywhere Iíve worked from car dealerships to enterprises... if you find one that isnít like that you can count yourself among the VERY lucky...

The only thing that might be an exception is the scolding and that depends on the definition of scolding. Is there some actionable information or is this person just ranting?

In the end you got to decide if the benefits outweigh the cons and if the grass really is greener on the other side...

The boss is probably just parroting something an underling is telling him/her. IME any one over the level of first line leader is usually completely technically clueless, and if they did have a clue at one point (many did) it is so out of date it is no longer relevant.

Coworkers ALWAYS think they are working the hardest and no one else does anything...

In these situations I find that controlling what I can control and letting the rest of it go, coupled with checking my bank account every other Friday improves my job satisfaction markedly...
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#4568039 - 11/08/17 04:18 PM Re: Happiness at your job [Re: skyactiv]
Ethan1 Offline

Registered: 12/29/14
Posts: 1632
Loc: 'murica
Originally Posted By: skyactiv
I'm not reading all that.

It's properly spelled, punctuated, divided into paragraphs, intelligent, and interesting. It's much easier to read that some short posts.

#4568044 - 11/08/17 04:22 PM Re: Happiness at your job [Re: redhat]
Ethan1 Offline

Registered: 12/29/14
Posts: 1632
Loc: 'murica
OP, you should schedule time to explain all this to your boss or the CIO. Maybe they would be open to changing your title / responsibilities. It's worth a try. If you hadn't said that the pay is good, I wouldn't urge you to stay.

#4568051 - 11/08/17 04:27 PM Re: Happiness at your job [Re: redhat]

Registered: 04/28/08
Posts: 36431
Loc: Ontario, Canada
You need to have a serious sit-down with your superior(s) to discuss this. It needs to be laid out clearly and concisely, like you have done in your post and please emphasize the impact it is having on your personally. They need to understand that this in't "joking around", which, from your post, may indeed be their takeaway, hence their generally dismissive approach to it thus far.

It seems pretty cut and dry really, you stepping outside of the position you were put in upon hiring to show your strengths has caused some job security feelings to crop up in the Sys Admin, and this is how that has manifested. You've made him feel insecure, so he's taking that out on you.
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