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#4565200 - 11/05/17 06:32 PM Use the cruise
fdcg27 Offline

Registered: 09/25/09
Posts: 15687
Loc: OH
My trip driving style varies over time between balls to the wall and just setting the cruise at some speed between 70 and 75 mph and going with the flow.
I've recently reverted to the latter and I find it far less taxing.
Trying to maintain some speed in the young eighties in this part of the country on the interstates is usually an exercise in frustration.
Going only slightly faster than the many trucks and those who rarely drive the interstates works really well and is far less stressful than trying to go fast.
For now, I'm a cruise control driver and I do find this far more relaxing than trying to charge through.
My wife and I talk and listen to NPR or whatever. I don't find myself constantly looking for gaps in traffic to charge through and the added time for any give trip is little or nothing. The superior fuel economy is a plus for those who are OCD about tracking each tank as I am.
Go with the flow instead of trying to fight through it.
You might like it and you might find it far more pleasant, as I do.
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95 318i

#4565206 - 11/05/17 06:36 PM Re: Use the cruise [Re: fdcg27]
gabriel9766 Offline

Registered: 05/10/15
Posts: 936
Loc: Missouri
Most highways around here are 65mph. I always set the cruise at 70 in the Malibu. The taurus i drive it like it's stolen.
2015 Chevy Malibu 1LT DI 2.5L I4- PPPP 0w20 and a napa gold 7060 39,829K

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#4565214 - 11/05/17 06:44 PM Re: Use the cruise [Re: gabriel9766]
fdcg27 Offline

Registered: 09/25/09
Posts: 15687
Loc: OH
You'd pretty much have to drive a Vulcan Taurus like it's stolen just to keep up with traffic.
17 Forester 12K MSS 0W-20
12 Accord LX 86K PP 5W-20
09 Forester 95K M1HM 10W-30
01 Focus ZX3 118K PP 5W-20
96 Accord LX 104K T5 10W-30
95 318i

#4565228 - 11/05/17 07:05 PM Re: Use the cruise [Re: fdcg27]
69GTX Offline

Registered: 09/23/15
Posts: 3815
Loc: Connecticut
70-75 mph won't work well in my region unless you're driving in the dead of night or during low volumes on say Sunday morning in winter. At other times you'll be running into someone doing 55-65 mph very soon and then have to come out of CC. My best bet is to set it at 60-65 mph...where you then become the target of the rest of traffic going 70-85 they weave in and out to avoid hitting you.

Too many people going too slow or too fast in my corridor of I-95/I-91 to usually allow any sort of CC when traffic is anything but very light. It's nice when you can do it.

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1969 Ply GTX/RRs

#4565231 - 11/05/17 07:10 PM Re: Use the cruise [Re: fdcg27]
EdwardC Offline

Registered: 11/14/13
Posts: 1862
Loc: Chicago, IL
I've found the same thing, at least when there isn't too much traffic around here, even if I'm not on cruise, just driving somewhere in the mid to low range of the general traffic speed is much easier. It makes road trips much less tiring.

#4565234 - 11/05/17 07:13 PM Re: Use the cruise [Re: fdcg27]
Virtus_Probi Offline

Registered: 06/25/15
Posts: 3966
Loc: New England
I find that whenever I set my cruise control in New England, all kinds of people will pass me, change lanes in front of me, and then slow down so I have to hit my brake and disengage the cruise. This will usually frustrate me enough in 5-10 minutes that I revert to gas pedal control and my usual driving like a maniac.
Setting cruise at any point on 495, 128, or Mass Pike, forget it!!!
2014 Forester XT, 80500 miles
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#4565247 - 11/05/17 07:28 PM Re: Use the cruise [Re: fdcg27]
PimTac Online   content

Registered: 03/04/17
Posts: 4232
Loc: Soviet State of Washington
I find that I have to wait until traffic is smooth running across all lanes before I turn it on. Here in the Seattle metro, that means south of Olympia or around 65 miles +/- . Doing 40 on the freeway is considered good here. Twenty years ago, no issues.
2017 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring

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#4565267 - 11/05/17 07:46 PM Re: Use the cruise [Re: fdcg27]
bullwinkle Offline

Registered: 10/09/04
Posts: 7657
Loc: Cincinnati, OH, USA
I've been doing it more, too-no higher than 74, usually more like 71-72, in the center lane (on a 3/4 lane interstate like I-75), let them pass me on both sides-more money for the OSHP!
06 Ram 3500 CTD 4X4(FG Venturi), 93 GMC C3500 6.2, 89 F-450 7.3, 98 XJ 4.0(XG8A), 05 xB(XG3600), 15 Transit 3.7, 03 Merc Grand Marquis 4.6 2V(XG2)

#4565310 - 11/05/17 08:31 PM Re: Use the cruise [Re: fdcg27]
ammolab Offline

Registered: 01/16/06
Posts: 995
Loc: Ruidoso, NM USA
Retired to N Mexico. I can set my cruise and drive for a hour or more on our rural highways and Interstates...yes, interstates ..PLURAL. We do have 2 in the state!
2009 Honda CR-V
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#4565340 - 11/05/17 09:06 PM Re: Use the cruise [Re: fdcg27]
gabriel9766 Offline

Registered: 05/10/15
Posts: 936
Loc: Missouri
Originally Posted By: fdcg27
You'd pretty much have to drive a Vulcan Taurus like it's stolen just to keep up with traffic.
True, im pushing 4,000 plus rpm just to merge onto the highway. lol

Edited by gabriel9766 (11/05/17 09:06 PM)
2015 Chevy Malibu 1LT DI 2.5L I4- PPPP 0w20 and a napa gold 7060 39,829K

2007 Ford Escape XLT FWD 3.0 V6 motorcraft 5w30 bulk and a motorcraft FL500s 109,944K

#4565347 - 11/05/17 09:11 PM Re: Use the cruise [Re: fdcg27]
Chris142 Offline

Registered: 06/05/03
Posts: 16817
Loc: Deplorable in apple valley, ca
I hang out in the slow lane and run about 65. My truck does not have overdrive. Any faster and its screaming and sucking over priced diesel fuel at an alarming rate. If I am pulling a trailer the max in calif is 55.

I can get 15.5-16mpg @ 65ish. Once over 70 it drops to single didgits.
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#4565360 - 11/05/17 09:25 PM Re: Use the cruise [Re: fdcg27]
bbhero Online   content

Registered: 03/20/15
Posts: 4612
Loc: Virginia
I never hardly ever use cruise control. It is a waste of time around the interstates in my area. I usually go 78 in the 70 mph zones. If I catch a slower vehicle and they are passing someone else I just simply roll out of the gas and maintain a good following distance until they are clear. More often then not they get out of the way. And if not I make it happen. But I do not tail gate people or act like I'm at Talladega. I understand that everyone has their own pace they like to run. Only times it can be trifling is when people stay stuck in the left lane or act we are at Talladega by running 4 ft behind someone. Otherwise I just roll up and catch people in a group and work my way through patiently and break free for awhile cruising at my own pace until I catch another gaggle of cars and trucks. Then do it all over again. Which I am ok with. Things happen. Part of it for me that helps me stay more relaxed is not tailgating anyone. Even though some cats jump over in front of me at times. I just adjust and maintain my distance again and keep on going. Much more relaxing that way for me.
Nissan Altima 3.5 Coupe Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic 5w30 Federated Auto 4612ex
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#4565362 - 11/05/17 09:28 PM Re: Use the cruise [Re: fdcg27]
LotI Offline

Registered: 01/01/13
Posts: 1266
Loc: America's Dairyland
Interstate speed limits here is 70 and thatís where the cruise is set. I enjoyed it when I was 65. 2-lanes set at 56 and I enjoy the scenery while getting 45mpg smile

Those faster than me find that I just catch up to them in the next town.
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#4565437 - 11/05/17 10:43 PM Re: Use the cruise [Re: fdcg27]
Silk Offline

Registered: 07/26/03
Posts: 4549
Loc: New Zealand
It's funny when using cruise control and you pass someone, a little later they pass you, then you pass them again...shows how much speed varies without it. My last speeding ticket I was using speed control, and not speeding. Used GPS to check my speedo, but it just wasn't worth the drama and money to fight it. Cruise control not working now, and I don't really miss it.
1987 BMW R65 - Penrite V Twin 20/50
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1996 Volvo T5 - Penrite HPR15 - 15W-60. Ryco syntec filter.

#4565555 - 11/06/17 06:15 AM Re: Use the cruise [Re: fdcg27]
BJD78 Offline

Registered: 08/05/17
Posts: 493
Loc: Nebraska
I never use cruise in my area of travel which is Lincoln and Omaha and all parts in between. On I80 too many people think they are at NASCAR and weave in and out constantly, then people drive down the on ramps failing to yield so cruise is just not practical and safer without using it. I usually get behind a truck in the center lane and stay there at a constant speed not using cruise. However every couple of years we visit some relatives in Fargo ND on I29 and once north of Sioux City and it is "cruise on" , and often a mile or more between vehicles. Also when traveling west on I80 west of Grand island traffic is sparse enough to use cruise.
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