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#4554877 - 10/26/17 07:06 AM Question, is a Dell Optiplex better then ...
alarmguy Offline

Registered: 07/10/12
Posts: 2173
Loc: South Carolina
Ugh, rushing to work, thought I would post this in here, kind of know the answer, wonder if I am missing anything.

I have lots of computers and pretty knowledgeable but NOT with commercial machines.

Anyway, my wifes workplace moved their office and pretty much told her to take whatever she wanted and she got the ok to take a computer I wanted to play around with.

The computer is a Dell Optiplex 790, made in 2012, Windows 7 pro, Intel Core i5.
Its built like a freaking tank, I am amazed how heavy it is for a slim line desktop anyway, its feels like and looks like, well, a BMW.
Not only that but it has rarely been used, maybe for one year.

So do I bother with this thing and look to upgrade the Windows version 7 to 10 OR make it a Linux computer (as a fun project) which I have No experience with or
what I was hoping is to change from my current 2013 Lenovo AMD A4 budget desktop (which runs super great and have no idea why it runs so well) or do just throw the Dell away?

Thanks for any thoughts ... off to work I go.

Bottom line, is a 2012 computer worth the effort? Is there anything special about an Optiplex ... I do know the i5 processor would be a big upgrade from my Lenovo AMD A4 right?

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#4554879 - 10/26/17 07:12 AM Re: Question, is a Dell Optiplex better then ... [Re: alarmguy]
StevieC Offline

Registered: 08/21/08
Posts: 17116
Loc: Ontario, Canada
It's a very decent machine with a Quad Core 2nd generation Intel i5 processor around 3GHz.

This would make an excellent machine for Windows 7, 10, or Linux.

I would load Windows 10 on it personally, especially if you aren't familiar with Linux.

Here are the specs:

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#4554886 - 10/26/17 07:26 AM Re: Question, is a Dell Optiplex better then ... [Re: alarmguy]
GimmeTorq Offline

Registered: 09/23/02
Posts: 216
Loc: IL
Those machines are built to take abuse from a work environment. We have several at my workplace, where they are on 24/7. Worth keeping it IMO. If you decide Linux, Ubuntu is a very user friendly OS.
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#4554895 - 10/26/17 07:44 AM Re: Question, is a Dell Optiplex better then ... [Re: alarmguy]
TinyVoices Offline

Registered: 09/12/16
Posts: 494
Loc: Vienna, VA
It's like a sandy bridge or Ivy bridge i5. Either would be a large processing improvement over your a4. In both heavily threaded and single threaded apps you will see a decent bump in performance.

Those sandy and ivy i5s are still very popular and keep up with the newest chips in game performance when paired with a high end graphics card. It is absolutely worth keeping.

If you dont want it for some season, I'll pay shipping for the ram and cpu.
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#4554901 - 10/26/17 07:52 AM Re: Question, is a Dell Optiplex better then ... [Re: alarmguy]
beanoil Offline

Registered: 10/17/04
Posts: 3001
Loc: Midwest, Illinois
Yes, and yes. OS is a personal choice. If leaning toward a go at Linux, elementary is very user friendly.
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#4554902 - 10/26/17 07:53 AM Re: Question, is a Dell Optiplex better then ... [Re: alarmguy]
demarpaint Offline

Registered: 07/03/05
Posts: 30026
Loc: NY
That's a nice machine. If it were mine I'd install Linux, preferably Cinnamon.
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#4554911 - 10/26/17 08:11 AM Re: Question, is a Dell Optiplex better then ... [Re: alarmguy]
LeakySeals Offline

Registered: 02/18/11
Posts: 6625
Loc: Hudson, NH
I like linux Mint. But... this will offend many... only as a toy... Cant connect to corporate, driver, secondary app issues, can't do a lot of real world things.. You still need Microsoft or a Mac as the primary...
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#4554925 - 10/26/17 08:34 AM Re: Question, is a Dell Optiplex better then ... [Re: alarmguy]
DemoFly Offline

Registered: 06/03/12
Posts: 994
Loc: Bremerton, WA
It's better than your A4, but it won't feel any better than your A4.

Both are going to probably have DDR3-1333, and a hard drive. They'll feel the same.

Unless you're doing more than browsing and media, of course. The i5's strength won't be noticeable unless you're doing something like gaming, rendering or encoding.

Actually, if you're watching 4K video, the A4 is better.
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#4554931 - 10/26/17 08:42 AM Re: Question, is a Dell Optiplex better then ... [Re: alarmguy]
mk378 Offline

Registered: 09/27/15
Posts: 1449
Loc: USA
That is still plenty of PC for typical home use. The small card slots and limited power supply tends to limit your GPU expansion choices to business spec cards. But the built-in DisplayPort video output can be connected to a HDMI TV with an adapter cable.

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#4554934 - 10/26/17 08:46 AM Re: Question, is a Dell Optiplex better then ... [Re: alarmguy]
ARCOgraphite Offline

Registered: 05/17/09
Posts: 12037
Loc: N.H, U.S.A.
Posting this thu a optiplex 790 with sandybridge i5 processor. Kickin machine but if you like sound the o board sound (I think its on board) is only fair. No gaming done here.

I know its not supported but I'll keep my windows 7 over 10.

I liked the form factor, so I bought a Gateway dual core for 270- which is also a nice basic machine. but the front I/O are chinzy.
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#4554940 - 10/26/17 08:54 AM Re: Question, is a Dell Optiplex better then ... [Re: alarmguy]
ag_ghost Offline

Registered: 12/08/10
Posts: 626
Loc: SF Bay Area, CA
SSD, maximum RAM, 64-bit pro version an OS and you can get years of service. Solid state drives are the best thing to happen to PCs in years. I've upgraded maybe 20 with Samsung's EVO line (at least on Win7 and 10).

Use the Dell Service Tag on to pull down the service manuals.

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#4554946 - 10/26/17 09:10 AM Re: Question, is a Dell Optiplex better then ... [Re: alarmguy]
EdwardC Offline

Registered: 11/14/13
Posts: 1889
Loc: Chicago, IL
Pretty decent computer. I'd keep the stock Windows 7 Pro if it were me, I'd prefer that over 10. Make sure to get an admin login if you want to keep the OS that is on there if you haven't already.

In recent years, my office has upgraded to the small form factor desktops, they're pretty ideal for a home/office application where you won't need to upgrade (like a gaming machine). I think they have to build them relatively well just because they're so dense with components. It probably just feels heavy for its size.

#4554976 - 10/26/17 09:55 AM Re: Question, is a Dell Optiplex better then ... [Re: alarmguy]
BrocLuno Offline

Registered: 09/06/15
Posts: 5625
Loc: Kalifornia Kollective
I agree, good machine. SSD all the way laugh
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#4555037 - 10/26/17 11:23 AM Re: Question, is a Dell Optiplex better then ... [Re: alarmguy]
dishdude Online   content

Registered: 11/14/08
Posts: 8834
Loc: Phoenix
Sounds like a really nice machine! Personally I'd upgrade it to W10, since it's a business machine the license will be for Pro. I believe you can still upgrade for free if you use assistive technologies.

Linux Mint is also a good option if you only use a browser and all your hardware is supported. With the spare machine you can disto hop and check out all the different options out there.
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#4555048 - 10/26/17 11:37 AM Re: Question, is a Dell Optiplex better then ... [Re: alarmguy]
csandste Offline

Registered: 05/31/02
Posts: 1241
Loc: St. Peters, Missouri
I'd install a lighter version of Linux, maybe Lubuntu, Ubuntu Mate or Linux Mint Mate. I think the next LTD version of Linux 18.04 looks especially interesting.
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