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#4553676 - 10/24/17 10:35 PM Tires for 2015 Fusion
PW01 Offline

Registered: 09/10/06
Posts: 747
Loc: Charlestown Indiana
Hey all! I have a 2015 Ford Fusion Titanium and am going to be replacing the factory Goodyear Eagle LSII's that came on it in the next 6 months or so (40,000 miles at that point). I've had lots of experience buying truck tires but am not too familiar with car tires. I'm not sure if I need a touring tire or an all season performance tire. Heck, I'm not even sure what the difference is lol. Most of my driving is highway and I am really concerned about traction and tread life. I live in Indiana so these tires will probably see some light to moderat snow annually. The stock size is P235/45R18. Not that I'm wealthy, but I'm more concerned with quality than price, I drive 1000 miles a month just going to work. As always, any help is appreciated!
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#4553702 - 10/24/17 11:28 PM Re: Tires for 2015 Fusion [Re: PW01]
JohnnyJohnson Online   content

Registered: 10/22/09
Posts: 2167
Loc: Wet side WA
You drive enough you can get the use and life out of a good set of 100,000 miles tires. Just keep them balanced, in alignment and rotate them every 5000 miles.
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#4553706 - 10/24/17 11:31 PM Re: Tires for 2015 Fusion [Re: JohnnyJohnson]
Nick1994 Offline

Registered: 02/19/13
Posts: 9644
Loc: Phoenix, AZ
Originally Posted By: JohnnyJohnson
You drive enough you can get the use and life out of a good set of 100,000 miles tires. Just keep them balanced, in alignment and rotate them every 5000 miles.
Lots of driving miles doesn't mean you get a lot out of a set. It depends on the roads and driving type. City driving and constantly turning will wipe out a set of tires. Straight line roads you get lots of miles out of.

User supton on here commutes 30k miles a year, but on windy NH roads and he rarely gets over 30k miles a set out of any tire on any car.
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#4553793 - 10/25/17 05:42 AM Re: Tires for 2015 Fusion [Re: PW01]
NormanBuntz Offline

Registered: 07/27/13
Posts: 1933
Loc: Outer Banks, NC
Use the tire finder tools on and to see your options. 45 profile tires often are UHP (Ultra High Performance). Make sure you don't get a summer tire. In a P245/45/18 size, I've been very satisfied with a set of Toyo Versados compared to the previous Goodyear Eagles and Cooper Zeons.
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#4553794 - 10/25/17 05:43 AM Re: Tires for 2015 Fusion [Re: PW01]
ssamaroo01 Offline

Registered: 08/22/17
Posts: 39
Loc: Mt. Vernon, NY
I have a 2015 Fusion too, except I have the 19" wheel option. There are so many more tires for the 18" than there are for the 19". Two that I recommend are Continental DWS 06 and General Altimax RT43. I hear great things about the Continental, especially in snowy conditions. Some of my friends with FWD cars are nuts over them and they are on their 2nd or 3rd set. I had the General Altimax RT43 on my Focus and they were a great, quiet, reliable tire that fared well in the snow. These tires are rated for about 50k. has plenty of tires that fit your car with reviews from drivers and Tire Rack reviews and videos. Take a look at that before buying also.
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#4553839 - 10/25/17 07:02 AM Re: Tires for 2015 Fusion [Re: PW01]
Danno Offline

Registered: 10/07/12
Posts: 1881
Loc: Northern Ontario, Canada
My 3 picks.
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#4553841 - 10/25/17 07:04 AM Re: Tires for 2015 Fusion [Re: PW01]
krzyss Offline

Registered: 02/18/12
Posts: 366
Loc: MA, USA
First you need to decide if you want dedicated winter/summer or all season tires.
If all season then you need to decide if high performance (good handling, good braking, good wet and aquaplaning, not so good tread ware, decent winter) is important to you or you prefer to trade wet and dry performance for longer life and maybe better winter performance.

In your size you can go for the best high performance all seasons:


If you want to trade performance (at least dry and wet) for longer tread wear then General Altimax RT43, Continental PureContact are good choices too.


#4553843 - 10/25/17 07:06 AM Re: Tires for 2015 Fusion [Re: PW01]
slug_bug Offline

Registered: 01/08/13
Posts: 223
Loc: Michigan
I put Michelin Defenders on my 2013 Fusion. I had to go with a slightly taller tire than the OEM brand. I really like the way the car rides on them. Looks like they are available in 225/50R18 which might work for you. I had 17's.

Edited by slug_bug (10/25/17 07:17 AM)
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#4553861 - 10/25/17 07:43 AM Re: Tires for 2015 Fusion [Re: PW01]
SubieRubyRoo Offline

Registered: 05/14/12
Posts: 627
Loc: Winchester, Indiana
I have the Conti's and can say they are a very good tire. I am at 45k on them on my 2011 Fusion, and they still have about 6/32" tread depth. I will say they were noisier than the Michelins they replaced for about the first 300 miles or so, they gradually got quieter and have been an excellent tire. My mileage went up by about 0.4-0.6mpg over a full tank over the worn out EnergySavers. They are decent in snow but obviously with only FWD you can easily make them spin in snow; for anything over 2-3" I stick with my Forester. I would buy them again!

#4553992 - 10/25/17 10:16 AM Re: Tires for 2015 Fusion [Re: PW01]
Bgallagher Offline

Registered: 04/17/12
Posts: 3159
Loc: Boston, MA
Continental Truecontact. Good traction, quiet and has a 90k warranty.
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#4554057 - 10/25/17 11:00 AM Re: Tires for 2015 Fusion [Re: Bgallagher]
UG_Passat Offline

Registered: 05/27/08
Posts: 1851
Loc: NJ
Originally Posted By: Bgallagher
Continental Truecontact. Good traction, quiet and has a 90k warranty.

Not available in 235/45r18

The PureContacts are available in that size, according to TireRack.

#4554104 - 10/25/17 11:46 AM Re: Tires for 2015 Fusion [Re: PW01]
WyrTwister Offline

Registered: 01/13/13
Posts: 1152
Loc: Texas
At the other end of the spectrum , I have been internet shopping for tires at for a 2015 Chevy Sonic .

They have several brands , you can choose from .

Best of luck , :-)
God bless

#4554196 - 10/25/17 01:34 PM Re: Tires for 2015 Fusion [Re: PW01]
PW01 Offline

Registered: 09/10/06
Posts: 747
Loc: Charlestown Indiana
Thanks for the responses! Looks like I've got some reading to do. I guess I'm looking for an all season tire. Overall performance is a bigger concern than snow traction
2015 Ford Fusion Titanium, Ecoboost 2.0L turbo, Magnetic (metallic gray)
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#4554333 - 10/25/17 04:19 PM Re: Tires for 2015 Fusion [Re: PW01]
slacktide_bitog Online   content

Registered: 03/20/08
Posts: 5648
Loc: USA
If you really need to use one tire year-round and can't have a separate set of tires for the winter, get something like the Toyo Celsius or Vredestein Quatrac 5 or Nokian WRG3

Another good all-season tires, even though they may not be quite as good in the snow but still good for year-round use, is the Cooper CS5 Ultra, which is very popular on here and US-made. Even better if you can wait for DTD's Black Friday sales with the huge rebates. Yokohama's Avid Ascend is also a good tire and underrated for sure.

My choice for an all-season tire would be the Dunlop Signature HP, which is what I would use if they were still available in my size. I had the predecessor and loved it.

#4554349 - 10/25/17 04:40 PM Re: Tires for 2015 Fusion [Re: PW01]
Rand Offline

Registered: 08/20/03
Posts: 12415
Loc: NE,Ohio
4 of them for $380 until 10-30-17

4 NEW 235/45-18 FALKEN PRO G4 A/S 45R R18 TIRES

480 -100(code pmotors17 at checkout) sold by discount tire direct.

Most of the UHP tires will be mediocre to poor in snow.
These are closer to a grand touring tire than a UHP tire.

it is extremely similar to this tire on tirerack

2017 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk V6

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