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#4550807 - 10/22/17 08:53 AM Sunco brand LED recessed light retrofit?
Klutch9 Offline

Registered: 01/07/09
Posts: 2445
Loc: Rochester, MI, US, World
Wondering if anyone has experience with the Sunco brand LED retrofits. Amazon sells a number of different color temps, wattages, etc., and the price is right. Going to need about 10-12 for my basement. I've been bitten by cheap LED bulbs before, so I'm going to research this brand to the extent possible. One thing I worry about is one of these 'retrofits' going bad, and there being no identical replacement available down the road. Maybe I'm better off installing a traditional trim ring with an LED BR30?
'11 Fusion SE 2.5L - 75k miles - Havoline ProDS 5w20, FL-910s
'08 Sedona LX LWB 3.8L - 117k miles - Peak conv. 5w30, XG9999

#4550837 - 10/22/17 09:18 AM Re: Sunco brand LED recessed light retrofit? [Re: Klutch9]
JHZR2 Offline

Registered: 12/14/02
Posts: 41401
Loc: New Jersey
Don't have those, but when we redid our kitchen, I installed some recessed light fixtures with some dimmable 3000k leds designed for that application, from HD. Knock on wood, with daily use all are going strong.

I did install some regular LED bulbs into other recessed fixtures in other locations.

My "retrofits" get used daily, many hours a day. They have been great.

The one thing I'll say, after having used a variety of bulbs, is that if you plan to do any sort of task under those lights, I'd recommend 3000k. Its the best bet imo, as 2700 or less tends to be too yellow and anything much higher than 3500, while crisp and bright, can be too overbearing or even too blueish. I have them all in different places. I like the daylight bulbs in bedrooms for reading and studying, but also have 2700 bulbs in there for when bright light isn't needed, like before bed. Other living areas typically get 2700k because it is most ubiquitous.

#4550871 - 10/22/17 09:42 AM Re: Sunco brand LED recessed light retrofit? [Re: JHZR2]
Klutch9 Offline

Registered: 01/07/09
Posts: 2445
Loc: Rochester, MI, US, World
Thanks for the advice on the 3000K bulbs. I have used these before in the typical A19 size and love the look, so that's what I was pretty set on. Some of these will be going in an office/spare bedroom so a softer, yet white light would work well there.
'11 Fusion SE 2.5L - 75k miles - Havoline ProDS 5w20, FL-910s
'08 Sedona LX LWB 3.8L - 117k miles - Peak conv. 5w30, XG9999

#4551820 - 10/23/17 10:30 AM Re: Sunco brand LED recessed light retrofit? [Re: Klutch9]
bmwpowere36m3 Offline

Registered: 04/29/07
Posts: 626
Loc: Connecticut, USA
Cree TW 6" 2700k put over 30 of them in my house... where on sale for $10/ea from HD. Basically the same cost as trim rings + bulbs. They look great, perform flawlessly. Only thing is they require an ELV dimmer so they don't hum ($75).

When I first looked at them [retrofits] HALO wanted $40-50/ea.


Their "whiter" than any incandescent I've put up. I tried the daylight [5k] which where great during the day, but were way to harsh and blue at night. I do have a LOT of overhead lighting in each room, so that makes everything bright and pleasing to the eye.

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