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#4549399 - 10/20/17 04:45 PM Remove old Klasse for new layer of Klass with AIO?
Mr_Accord Offline

Registered: 01/24/07
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Loc: LBP
I'm in the process of getting my car ready for another season of snow and slushy salt in the rust belt. Back in the spring I changed my usual routine of just waxing the car over the summer months due to the fact I knew I would have no time as in previous years to detail throughout the summer. I applied a layer of AIO + two coats of SG + 845 back in April to coat the car over the summer. We are now 7 months later and I want to give the car a fresh protective coating to last the winter. My winter routine has always been Klasse AIO + 3x coats of SG and then a wax, but in past years by the time summer comes to an end usually any remnants of Klasse have worn off the car. Will AIO remove the old Klasse coatings or do I have to use a polish with my DA machine to accomplish that?
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#4549468 - 10/20/17 06:23 PM Re: Remove old Klasse for new layer of Klass with AIO? [Re: Mr_Accord]
SatinSilver Offline

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Originally Posted By: Mr_Accord
Will AIO remove the old Klasse coatings or do I have to use a polish with my DA machine to accomplish that?

I would not use a polish to remove the AIO. I would use a strong concentration of soap, probably a double dose, spot clay the areas that need it. Which will prob be the front end and the bottom-most areas. Then simply do an IPA wipe down with 70% rubbing alcohol. You can even dilute it down a bit more if you want. Put mixture in spray bottle. Spray surface and wipe with plush MF towel. This will give the AIO a nice squeaky clean surface to bond to. Then put car in garage over night and keep it out of any kind of moisture for 24 hours so the AIO can bond properly. Which means keeping it out of morning and evening dew.

I would use 845 as the winter protection. One, maybe two coats if you want. You have to be careful about polishing it too much. Keeping it clean and protected is the main thing. There's only so much clear coat on the finish. Typically it's the thickness of a human hair starting out new.
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#4549578 - 10/20/17 07:36 PM Re: Remove old Klasse for new layer of Klass with AIO? [Re: Mr_Accord]
danez_yoda Offline

Registered: 07/18/09
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Loc: texas
Aio is a strong solvent based cleaner. It has no abbrasives but it has good solvents. Its all in ine but its main purpose is to prepair the surface for sg.

I would wash, clay, dry, aio, sg x2-3. Done.

Be careful wth aby wax you put over sg. If that wax has any cleaners in it it will reduce the protection you get from sg.

Might be why its only oastng a few months, I gt 6-8 monthe of beading from and AIO SG treatment on toyota paint.

#4549619 - 10/20/17 08:13 PM Re: Remove old Klasse for new layer of Klass with AIO? [Re: Mr_Accord]
JFAllen Offline

Registered: 07/31/16
Posts: 138
Loc: Albury, NSW
The only way to truly strip any old wax/sealants off the car is to use an abrasive. Megs 205, 3M polish, Turtle wax polishing compound (my favourite for a cheap mild non-silicone containing abrasive polish,) etc... (there are lost of mild abrasive polishes.

This will also help to remove any swirls that may be present. Best to use an orbital polisher of course. Nothing will strip/clean the paint better than a bodyshop safe polish (all above are body shop safe.) This will also help to remove more stubborn surface bonded contaminants that a simple clay wont remove.

Don't be afraid of abrasives, they're there the correct too for preparing paint for sealing.


#4549631 - 10/20/17 08:20 PM Re: Remove old Klasse for new layer of Klass with AIO? [Re: Mr_Accord]
HoosierJeeper Offline

Registered: 11/23/16
Posts: 1213
Loc: WI
I'd do the AIO followed by the SG. Then after 8 hours another coat of SG. I think that's how the system is designed to work, but polishing before definitely won't hurt.

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