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#4540007 - 10/11/17 10:05 AM Did I set a CSR/time record last night?
SevenBizzos Offline

Registered: 12/10/06
Posts: 693
Loc: The IL
I have a small "issue" with my AT&T and DTV accounts. I can no longer long into DTV, so I can't view the program guide or use the app, which I periodically do.

So, 5:40 on the phone, 13 total reps (10 CSRs, one supervisor, and two "specialists") later I gave up for the night. It was always the same script "reset your password" --> "log in" every time. It just became comical for what seems like an easy solution.

I'm not here to bash the company or say where I go next because there isn't a "right" answer because this stuff happens with a lot of companies. I just want to compare notes for how long it took you to solve what looked to be an easy problem.

My runner-up is over seven hours with United Airlines after I had a flight cancelled. My problem did get fixed until the third rep I talked to. This time was shorter overall time, of much less consequence, and didn't get solved, so it's takes the cake to me.

How long/far have you gone with a company to have something simple corrected? Or not corrected?

#4540015 - 10/11/17 10:12 AM Re: Did I set a CSR/time record last night? [Re: SevenBizzos]
Rolla07 Offline

Registered: 11/05/11
Posts: 4737
Ive spent a day and a half dealing with a telco here til i ended up speaking to their exec office (customer service--supervisor--exec office). Im still not pleased since they were supposed to call me back and still have not. A friend of mine had their internet and tv installed (2 tv boxes) and the technicians spent over 8 hours on the install and had to come back the next day and its still not working right...
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#4540037 - 10/11/17 10:37 AM Re: Did I set a CSR/time record last night? [Re: SevenBizzos]
Barkleymut Offline

Registered: 01/27/04
Posts: 2704
Loc: Richmond, VA
5 months. Went into a community bank to get a refund on a fee they put on my sons savings account after being told over the phone that i had to go into a branch. The ONLY person that could reverse the charge was not in, but she would call me on Monday. I wait 2 weeks then go into another branch during my lunch break, but they cannot help me because its not my "home branch". 2 weeks later I went to my "home branch" and closed both my kids savings accounts. Still waiting for the managers call. Customer service is dead at most companies now.
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#4540076 - 10/11/17 11:14 AM Re: Did I set a CSR/time record last night? [Re: SevenBizzos]
ARCOgraphite Offline

Registered: 05/17/09
Posts: 11970
Loc: N.H, U.S.A.
I had a problem with Comcast on demand with my new cable. Didn't work. I talked to multiple reps over a couple days (prob 3+ hours or so) Nothing worked.

Frustrated, I tore out the whole installation then redid It differently. It appears for on demand to work the cable HAS to go into the cable box first and then you daisy chain out from there. I had The cable coming into my Pioneer DVD R- then out to the cable box from there. I thought it was a parallel RF IN-OUT connection but now I suppose not given the functionality issue.

Then there was a DELTA flight cancellation due to mechanical issue from which I was trying to move flight to next day and refund second ticket due to time sensitivity of travel plans. A story for another day. I will say I got a rep in Bangladesh and I'm hard of hearing so that didn't go well.
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#4540161 - 10/11/17 12:35 PM Re: Did I set a CSR/time record last night? [Re: SevenBizzos]
Gerle Offline

Registered: 05/13/15
Posts: 6
Loc: Pensacola, Florida
Sometimes I select whatever number gives you Spanish, so far they have always spoke English as well. I'd suspect that most of the SPanish speaking CSRs are not in India!
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#4540256 - 10/11/17 01:52 PM Re: Did I set a CSR/time record last night? [Re: SevenBizzos]
John_K Offline

Registered: 12/08/06
Posts: 2713
Loc: Columbus, Ohio
I have to share the most incredibly stupid customer service I have ever heard of.

3 years ago I was in a coma for a month. The cell phones were in my name, so she started getting "we're gonna cut off service if you don't pay" messages.

So she called Consumer Cellular. "Sorry, we can't discuss the account with anyone but your husband, it's in his name." But he's in a coma. Nope sorry. How about if I give you 50 bucks toward the account? Nope can't do that either.

So my wife asked for a supervisor. The supervisor actually said "we can't talk to you about the account, but we can add your name to the account and then we can talk to you about it."

WHAT?!?!? You can't talk about the account without my permission but you can put her name on it without my permission? Stupidest thing I ever heard of.
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#4540435 - 10/11/17 05:19 PM Re: Did I set a CSR/time record last night? [Re: SevenBizzos]
Bud Online   content

Registered: 06/04/02
Posts: 1720
Loc: Texas
Comcast tech is always a nightmare. My last call three weeks ago took me calling four different times before I was finally able to get a tech scheduled out to fix the problem. The first two guys could not even put together a sentence that I could understand. Then they get upset you can't follow the accent they have.
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