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#4518038 - 09/16/17 06:06 PM Niece says she wants to teach English overseas
Mr Nice Offline

Registered: 09/12/04
Posts: 21173
Loc: Orlando, FL
My niece was telling me that after she graduates college she want to teach English overseas.

How does one go about looking for this type of employment ?

I didn't ask her many questions cause I didn't want to be nosey.

#4518048 - 09/16/17 06:20 PM Re: Niece says she wants to teach English overseas [Re: Mr Nice]
Floydian Offline

Registered: 09/13/17
Posts: 46
Loc: Outside U.S
International expat groups, international job ads so on.

#4518050 - 09/16/17 06:21 PM Re: Niece says she wants to teach English overseas [Re: Mr Nice]
GrtArtiste Offline

Registered: 11/29/03
Posts: 730
Loc: Ohio
I think her approach needs to be somewhat more targeted than what was mentioned in your question. Could she possibly want to teach English to persons who want to enter the United States? Or would she be satisfied merely to teach English to persons who want to use it in addition to their native language?

#4518063 - 09/16/17 06:40 PM Re: Niece says she wants to teach English overseas [Re: Mr Nice]
Mr Nice Offline

Registered: 09/12/04
Posts: 21173
Loc: Orlando, FL
She mentioned teaching in Asia, but really wasn't specific on what country.

#4518064 - 09/16/17 06:41 PM Re: Niece says she wants to teach English overseas [Re: Mr Nice]
NoNameJoe Online   content

Registered: 06/03/15
Posts: 414
Loc: New York
Well I know the east Asian countries are usually big on this like China and South Korea. These countries offer special visa programs for people who come to their country to teach (not just English also).

While the visa is from the government, the usual arrangement is where you sign up with a company that offers to give you housing and pairs you up with a school, the company usually has other teachers doing this, they put you in a group with other teachers and you do things like meet up as a group every week and talk about pain points and experiences and talk with a member of the school administration to see if there is anything that needs to change.

She would also receive a stipend while working.

Things that are notable:
1. Culturally these countries are not the same as the U.S. in that there is a lot of graft that goes on at all levels (especially China and South Korea). Things don't get done or don't get done fast until money is exchanged "under the table" and in China the concept of face and exchange of services is huge and westerners usually don't understand that. She might find herself receiving gifts and bribes from parents to push their kid on for example. She may also receive solicitation for private tutoring which is another opportunity for them to bribe, they're not actually looking for tutoring, they're looking for the opportunity to bribe her under the guise of tutoring.
2. China is full of schools and most of them are junk unless they're nationally known. Most of them are diploma mills. She'll find herself teaching students that are totally apathetic and don't want to do anything and spend their time doing other things instead or not showing up for exams, with school administration not caring if she complains about it.
3. They usually have a problem if you can't "fit in". I know someone who washed out and left their arrangement early because they were teaching English in SK and on the first day the school made him eat lunch with the kids, he couldn't eat their food and they thought it set a bad example for the kids who were wondering why he wouldn't eat their food with them. She might be asked to do things like that and might have to give up if she can't stomach it.
4. YouTube has a bunch of videos from expat teachers that might be interesting.
5. I think if she's open minded she'll have fun. These countries are not as backwards as they might seem to people from the U.S. South Korea for example is really advanced like Japan, she'll find a lot of technological things that you usually don't find in the U.S. China is a different story from SK and Japan in that they have the image of an advanced country and some of the technology but culturally their people aren't at that level because of their history (cultural revolution). She might find really rude people in the streets or people openly spitting in the streets or urinating. Also their toilets are squat toilets with a toilet paper roll in some areas so get used to that. There's a lot of fraud in China too. Someone I work with who is here on visa from China said to me "If you see an old lady laying in the street, don't go near her". She has to be street smart, people are trying to scam people in China all the time.

#4518085 - 09/16/17 07:12 PM Re: Niece says she wants to teach English overseas [Re: Mr Nice]
SR5 Offline

Registered: 07/07/15
Posts: 4455
Loc: Down Under
I had some friends teaching English in Japan. You need to work with a English school, you needed a degree, you didn't need to speak Japanese. The pay wasn't great, but the regular parties were fantastic.

To most it was a short term party occupation, not a long term career. They did get to experience a lot of life in another culture, which was a big positive. The hard part was getting out. Stay too long and you become an old drunk in a party full of young people. Leave too early and coming home is a mundane let down where nothing is happening and you are no longer special anymore.

I was just an outsider visiting friends in Japan, so maybe I missed something. But to me it looked like the easy part was getting in, the hard part was getting out. But maybe I was just mixing with the bad 'uns and I didn't see the others who studied calligraphy after work and sipped green tea.
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#4518089 - 09/16/17 07:18 PM Re: Niece says she wants to teach English overseas [Re: Mr Nice]
madRiver Offline

Registered: 07/11/15
Posts: 3531
Loc: New England
I have known a few folks who did this in Nepal, Japan and Brazil years back. They all are incredibly successful as lawyers and business folks now. Top Grad schools took them in because of their unique experiences.

#4518136 - 09/16/17 08:14 PM Re: Niece says she wants to teach English overseas [Re: Mr Nice]
PimTac Online   content

Registered: 03/04/17
Posts: 4212
Loc: Soviet State of Washington
Does the college not have some insights or contacts in this arena? It would be a great experience for a young person especially if they haven't traveled much before this.

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#4518143 - 09/16/17 08:23 PM Re: Niece says she wants to teach English overseas [Re: Mr Nice]
Silk Offline

Registered: 07/26/03
Posts: 4547
Loc: New Zealand
My wife's cousin teaches English in Hong Kong, she loves it.
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#4518165 - 09/16/17 08:54 PM Re: Niece says she wants to teach English overseas [Re: Mr Nice]
bubbatime Offline

Registered: 03/18/08
Posts: 5615
Loc: South Florida
What foreign language does she know? If she only knows English, she cant teach anywhere. Does she know Japanese, Chinese, Swahili, etc?

Whatever foreign language she knows is where she is going to be teaching.
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#4518168 - 09/16/17 08:58 PM Re: Niece says she wants to teach English overseas [Re: Mr Nice]
HangFire Offline

Registered: 08/21/13
Posts: 2506
Loc: Central Maryland
I knew English teachers who worked in Japan and Korea. Very, very safe countries to live in.

The key to making good money is get a English teaching job that is not too many hours. Then give private tutoring and throw English speaking parties and charge admission. That's where the real money is. They key to making it all work is getting an apartment that's large enough to do that, but rent doesn't suck up all your earnings.
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#4518178 - 09/16/17 09:05 PM Re: Niece says she wants to teach English overseas [Re: Mr Nice]
Ducked Offline

Registered: 10/25/12
Posts: 4325
Loc: Taiwan
If interested in Taiwan, have a look at the relevant bits of the Forumosa discussion board. You'll find the old archived site that I used to post on quite a bit, and the new current one where I havn't bothered much.

In general this doesn't work as a career, at least in Taiwan, but could perhaps be considered a stage in a career in teaching (if that's what she wants) or as stand-alone life experience.

Taiwan doesn't, as far as I have been able to tell, fully match the picture of Chinese corruption painted above, but there's still a lot of face, hypocracy and form-without-substance which can be hard to navigate if you're a western truth teller. Its also rather safe, so street-smarts aren't much in demand, though the driving is rather challenging.

Very much a buyers market here leading to erosion of pay and conditions, but I hear its still relatively buoyant in China.

Might look into the JET govt sponsored scheme in Japan too.

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#4518228 - 09/16/17 10:09 PM Re: Niece says she wants to teach English overseas [Re: Mr Nice]
Danno Offline

Registered: 10/07/12
Posts: 1987
Loc: Northern Ontario, Canada
She might want to avoid SK, Japan and that general area for the near future......
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#4518258 - 09/16/17 11:03 PM Re: Niece says she wants to teach English overseas [Re: Mr Nice]
Timo325 Offline

Registered: 08/31/14
Posts: 338
Loc: AL,NC,TX,Germany,Korea,Italy
I have many friends from when I was living in Asia that were school teachers when I was there. Japan, China, Korea all do it. Most of the teachers tend to be young graduates who are still trying to figure out what they want to do, or they are just wanting to get away from America (other countries too), When I say America I mean school, parents, responsibilities, etc..

In Korea, most don't do it for too long, met a couple that married a foreigner and stayed for that. The pay for all countries are abysmal. 1500-2000 USD per month, housing is normally provided, but as expected not much. A lot of teachers take side gigs giving private tutoring lessons. It is very important for parents to get their children speaking good/fluent English to pass the TOEFL and try to get into an American/English university. An American education is highly prized in Korea. There are a couple of prestigious universities, then after those, it looks better to have an American degree. When I was there I taught some high schoolers (not for cash compensation), but was given an award for it. Not reward, an award.

So hagwans (private english speaking schools) are looking to make contracts for teachers. They can and do have an undergrad in anything. They don't want them making lesson plans or anything like that were they teach from. The education plans tend to be very rigid. In some instances where Americans were allowed to teach what they wanted it didn't always turn out well. Culture, etc.. An example, "Everyone get into groups of 4, we will do an exercise" "I want each of your group to come up with a name and genre for a pretend movie that you make up."

1. They were scared to break into groups on their own since they were not assigned, wasting time.

2. They didn't completely understand the assignment because the idea was so foreign to them. They were afraid to speak up and ask.

3. Later, when they did come up with an answer,every single one of them sounded the same like this..

"Group 1, what do you have?"

"We have Rambo 9, an action movie!"

"Ok what happens in it?" (The exact same as the recent Rambo)

"Group 2, what do you have?"

"The Terminator 8"

"Ok, what happens in yours?" (The exact same as T2)

You get the idea.. not that many original thoughts.. The Asian bosses seem to like working from workbooks, etc..

K-pop and their choreography is something original and amazing, so there's that.

Private tutoring, can be more profitable. Almost all of my buddies did private tutoring on the side and they found it easier to teach. Some students can be frustrating, but the teacher gets to teach what they want in most instances.

I haven't lived in Korea in almost a decade, but went on a month long trip about two years ago. I doubt much of the teaching system has changed since then.

A lot of American teachers say they were meaning to save their money while they were there. Not too much of that was happening from what I was seeing. We hung out at a lot bars and restaurants.

One of my buddies did some youtube videos about teaching in Korea. You can look at youtube for those. Another did several for southern China.

If you daughter just wants to take a "break" following graduation and escape to asia for a year or two that is one way to do it.

She wont get rich, and there are some things she won't like, but she will be better traveled..

Employment is pretty easy and straightforward.
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#4518265 - 09/16/17 11:25 PM Re: Niece says she wants to teach English overseas [Re: Mr Nice]
FermeLaPorte Offline

Registered: 07/25/17
Posts: 466
Loc: Texas (south)
Pay is not great.
If she wants adventure, SHE'LL HAVE.
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