Went to the dealer the other day to pick up a filter and drain plug for the GTI and curiosity got me. There is a ADB adapter on the filter housing that has 2 o-rings on it. Inquired about new o-rings as I figure it's a wear item like the bigger o-ring on the housing. Parts person indicated they didn't have the separate o-rings, but had the adapter pictured below.


Snaps into this filter housing (for both 1.8 and 2.0 Gen 3 turbo motors)


Am I being too picky/paranoid about this? It's a $3 part, so cost is no issue. Haven't seen any post around the net about anybody changing them, but like I mentioned the o-rings have to be a wear item. If they don't seal all the oil will simply just drain into the pan, and that's not a good scenario. I figured I'd change it every other oil change. Didn't have a chance to talk to a technician on site to see if they replace it during their oil changes.

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