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#4504644 - 09/01/17 05:05 PM Nano Pro MT
Timmer Offline

Registered: 01/15/16
Posts: 10
Loc: Ga
Has anyone here tried this product?......Looks interesting as they say it was developed for the military.....Good stuff or snake oil like most oil additives? Any opinions....

#4504672 - 09/01/17 05:30 PM Re: Nano Pro MT [Re: Timmer]
kschachn Offline

Registered: 12/26/05
Posts: 9369
Loc: Upper Midwest
Whenever some entity claims an association with the military, you always need to read the statement closely. Note that the military tests a lot of things and consequently rejects most of them.

Just because it was "tested" or "developed" by the military doesn't mean it was found useful or subsequently was adopted for some use. Testing is just that, to determine efficacy. I can "test" water in my engine as a substitute for oil.

Here is the statement on their website, read it closely. It actually says nothing about whether it was ever used by the military. Also note that such claims as this may be referring to a use that is completely different than the one for which the website is selling.



In the heat of combat, machinery must perform under pressure. It must take the heat, literally, and operate at temperatures most machines never reach: from -42° below to 356° F. Equipment failures can cost lives and millions of dollars.

Working in conjunction with the military and with Boeing Phantom Works, NanoProMT is engineering product specifically designed to meet strict requirements and rigorous demands of cutting-edge institutions. And we’ve been put to test, undergoing extensive lab- and field-testing that has led to military-grade formulas being applied to all NanoProMT products.

In fact, looking at the way it is a carefully crafted and worded statement makes me believe it is intended to obfuscate not inform.
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#4504717 - 09/01/17 06:15 PM Re: Nano Pro MT [Re: Timmer]
SilverFusion2010 Offline

Registered: 06/29/11
Posts: 1654
Loc: Crawfordville FL
Most cleaning additives are ok, some more effective than others. Anything claiming to be a magic super lubricant is probably snake oil, read the fine print. Most oil treatments are a viscosity increase, some have extra additives.

The engine manufacturers design their engines to use engine oil. The only oil additive I have used have been cleaners like MMO or Seafoam.

The only fuel additives I have used are Techron injector cleaner. GumOut with Regane and berryman's B12 chemtool, which is what Trav recommends for cleaning up injectors and carbon.

Take it as you will
2010 Ford Fusion SE 3.0L V6, 178k miles M1 HM 10w-30

#4504721 - 09/01/17 06:16 PM Re: Nano Pro MT [Re: Timmer]
JohnnyJohnson Online   content

Registered: 10/22/09
Posts: 2731
Loc: Wet side WA
Wonder if the A team was involved in testing this stuff?
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#4638087 - 01/17/18 07:03 PM Re: Nano Pro MT [Re: Timmer]
Thunderball Offline

Registered: 12/27/17
Posts: 3
Loc: Alabama
Now on the clearance rack at Auto Zone for under $5.

#4732229 - 04/19/18 03:45 PM Re: Nano Pro MT [Re: Thunderball]
Spartanfool Offline

Registered: 02/10/08
Posts: 262
Loc: Michigan
Originally Posted By: Thunderball
Now on the clearance rack at Auto Zone for under $5.

Now on clearance at Lowe's for $2.27

#4733054 - 04/20/18 11:41 AM Re: Nano Pro MT [Re: Timmer]
MolaKule Offline

Registered: 06/05/02
Posts: 19042
Loc: Iowegia - USA
The Science behind NanoProMT

NanoProMT lubricants work with oil and additives, by reducing friction and thus reducing oil temperatures by as much as 40 degrees.

I'm freezing here! grin2

The process is MECHANICAL and not CHEMICAL. Because of this distinction, engine wear AND efficiency are improved.

Mechanically trained elves who abhor chemicals. Interesting! LOL

I don't want to improve wear, I want to decrease it. shocked2

NanoProMT can increase heat transfer and make cooling more efficient by as much as 150%.

Again, this is another case where someone in this company was never trained in Thermodynamics. crzy

Edited by MolaKule (04/20/18 11:41 AM)