First off, I took no pics. Had to replace a dead alternator fast, which is only reason I opened intake. Also, there was nothing to see.

Since installing an AEM Dryflow "cone in panel" filter 36k miles ago in my automatic 2007 Ram, I finally got a look at it for the first time. There was some light dusting present on the filter, but could be mistaken for a new one at 10 feet.

Filter minder is still putting up exactly no restriction. Removed it an tested it. Reacts perfectly. Pretty weird considering the seriously dirty environments this truck sees.

Engine has barely put up 20ppm Si total over 38k miles and two OCI's. From the looks of things, I'll not need to clean this thing until 2019 at the earliest. Maybe longer.

Overall, very happy, because the OEM panel filter pulled the restriction gauge down by half it's level when brand new.

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