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#4488407 - 08/14/17 01:36 PM Fusion/Milan 2.5L 7.4k OCI M1 5w20 cracked block?
willistheguy Offline

Registered: 11/19/16
Posts: 17
Loc: Michigan
The purpose of this test was to see if the oil monitoring system range was too far or not. The computer will go a set range of about 7400 miles before it gets to 0% oil life. We had a 2010 Fusion and Milan, identical engine. The Milan seemed to make a light knocking noise when cold, much louder when loaded (accelerating). The Fusionís engine did not make the same noise, even though it was much higher mileage. The Milan had about 60k miles on it before I started paying attention to the noise, I donít know if it always made it.

When higher sodium and iron levels came up in the oil analysis, I became worried. Fuel was higher as well but I was very careful to make sure the car had been driven and was at operating temperature when sampling. A cold compression test found all the cylinders to be the same. I also noticed I had to top the coolant off only a tiny bit now and then (almost unnoticeable). They said sodium could have been from a previous fill of an oil that used that as an additive, but I could not remember the oil that was in it before.

Sorry I donít have a video of the noise, but it seemed like top end. And was unnoticeable when the engine was hot. I have seen that these 2.5L blocks can crack, either between cylinders to into water jackets. We no longer own the car, but Iím posting the report in case anyone is curious.
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#4488500 - 08/14/17 04:03 PM Re: Fusion/Milan 2.5L 7.4k OCI M1 5w20 cracked block? [Re: willistheguy]
DoubleWasp Offline

Registered: 05/21/12
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Loc: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Wow. Is there really an oil packing that much sodium that so much would show up in another fill? Super weird.
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#4488586 - 08/14/17 05:58 PM Re: Fusion/Milan 2.5L 7.4k OCI M1 5w20 cracked block? [Re: willistheguy]
SirTanon Offline

Registered: 06/23/14
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Loc: Phoenix, Arizona - USA
Based on the sound you describe, I would say that the most likely answer is probably the known issue of the cracks sometime occurring between cylinders. In worse instances of this, the water jacket can be impacted, leading to a small amount of coolant in the combustion chambers.

If you haven't seen it already, this video by FordTechMakuloco talks about it.

I would wager that the coolant getting into one or more cylinders would lead to impaired lubrication in those cylinders, leading to somewhat increased metal-on-metal wear, and thus higher iron.

In regards to DoubleWasp's comment - quite a few oils have sodium in the mid-400 ppm range.. as shown here at PQIA. Valvoline is one brand that uses it, in fact.
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