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#4486037 - 08/11/17 07:45 PM Plymouth Acclaim curiosity
urrlord Offline

Registered: 09/25/08
Posts: 652
Loc: central ga
I have been looking for a Spirit/acclaim/Lebaron with a console or floor shifter for a while.I can find a number of column shift models but for some reason I want a console shift auto or a 5spd.Neither of which seems to exist locally.So while I was bouncing around on craigslist I found a 90 Acclaim 3.0v6 and console shift auto. and 140k in the next state east.I suspect the auto is the troublesome 4spd o/d.The owner did not know what trans was in the car,he did say there was an"O" around the D on the shift indicator.I told him I was worried about that tranny as it was subject to several recalls.He sent me the vin and I went by the Dodge dealer and had the vehicle looked up.The girl (she looked about 20)looking it up said HMMM I don't see any recalls for this vehicle.She called over another service guy who looked like he had been around forever he looked over her shoulder raised his eyebrows and said"nope no recalls on that vehicle.unusual.".I am curious as to how the car missed involvement in the recalls.I was under the impression that the first 2-3 years of the o/d tranny were all problems and the later ones(93 up or so) had the issues resolved.The guy with the vehicle is a flipper he had a listed a while back at 1250 and has dropped it down to 1000.The vehicle was originally light bronze/champagne with a tan interior.Someone had it painted dark blue but did not bother painting the door jambs ,sills basically the car looks like [censored] when the doors are opened.Guy says it runs (no smoke)and shifts good but needs valve cover gaskets.I'm thinking about maybe offering 800-850.I have experience with 2.2 and 2.5 4cyl engines but not the v6 chryco/mitsu products any thing to look out for?

#4486041 - 08/11/17 07:52 PM Re: Plymouth Acclaim curiosity [Re: urrlord]
SatinSilver Offline

Registered: 01/24/08
Posts: 9500
Loc: OH
You can go on Autotrader and input the features you like on the car and do a national search. I remember those back in the day. We had an 89 Dodge Shadow four door, automatic, with the 2.5 liter engine which was an upgrade over the 2.2. Dark cherry was the color.
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#4486043 - 08/11/17 07:53 PM Re: Plymouth Acclaim curiosity [Re: urrlord]
dishdude Offline

Registered: 11/14/08
Posts: 8409
Loc: Phoenix
I'd hold out for 2.5/3 speed, it was the most reliable powertrain combo. The 93+ V6 could be had with the 3 speed auto if you really want the V6. The V6 was known for dropping valve guide seals causing oil burning, but was greatly improved by '93.

I'd say only 1% were manuals, maybe 10% had an auto with floor shifter.

A '91 LX in white would be nice!
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#4486056 - 08/11/17 08:11 PM Re: Plymouth Acclaim curiosity [Re: urrlord]
eljefino Offline

Registered: 06/15/03
Posts: 32235
Loc: ME shows only a 4 speed auto for the v6 in your year.

Don't buy a car from a flipper. He knows more than you do.

#4486077 - 08/11/17 08:32 PM Re: Plymouth Acclaim curiosity [Re: urrlord]
Run Offline

Registered: 06/07/15
Posts: 703
Loc: Canada
A 3.0 of that vintage will be ready to take a massive leak from the seals at any moment. I would avoid the flipper mobile. It sounds like a headache waiting to happen.
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#4486195 - 08/11/17 11:07 PM Re: Plymouth Acclaim curiosity [Re: urrlord]
Chris142 Offline

Registered: 06/05/03
Posts: 16347
Loc: Deplorable in apple valley, ca
Would they do a recall on a 27 yr old car?
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#4486210 - 08/11/17 11:56 PM Re: Plymouth Acclaim curiosity [Re: Chris142]
CKN Offline

Registered: 10/14/14
Posts: 3550
Loc: Utah
Originally Posted By: Chris142
Would they do a recall on a 27 yr old car?

Would they even have the parts?

#4486219 - 08/12/17 12:16 AM Re: Plymouth Acclaim curiosity [Re: urrlord]
dishdude Offline

Registered: 11/14/08
Posts: 8409
Loc: Phoenix
2015 Grand Cherokee 3.6 - M1 5w-30 Wix 10010
2017 124 Spider 1.4T - PP Euro 5w-40 Wix 57341

#4486268 - 08/12/17 03:57 AM Re: Plymouth Acclaim curiosity [Re: urrlord]
skyactiv Offline

Registered: 03/02/13
Posts: 4046
Loc: The Midwest
I test drove a Dodge Shadow with a V6 5 speed that came in on trade when I was a mechanic at a Honda dealer. It was a good drivetrain in that car with ample torque.
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#4486274 - 08/12/17 04:39 AM Re: Plymouth Acclaim curiosity [Re: Chris142]
Lubener Offline

Registered: 01/22/11
Posts: 2448
Loc: N.Ohio
Originally Posted By: Chris142
Would they do a recall on a 27 yr old car?

I really doubt it.It amazed me that those rear axles were never recalled because the lower spring platform would rust and then collapse, dropping the car to the ground..

Edited by Lubener (08/12/17 04:46 AM)
The "thinking" man's friend.

#4486323 - 08/12/17 07:30 AM Re: Plymouth Acclaim curiosity [Re: urrlord]
thorromig Offline

Registered: 03/22/12
Posts: 804
Loc: BerksCounty/Pa.
Seems like the vintage Acclaims I see in my neck of the woods anymore are only the V6s still on the road. My buddys Mom bought a brand new 1993 Dodge Shadow with the V6 back in the day. That car was a little screamer & I luved it. She had the 2.8L 1988 Beretta before that & that Shadow would wipe its arse from the door if ever matched up.
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#4486329 - 08/12/17 07:39 AM Re: Plymouth Acclaim curiosity [Re: urrlord]
bullwinkle Offline

Registered: 10/09/04
Posts: 7356
Loc: Cincinnati, OH, USA
You might not be happy with a 2.5 5 speed-I had a '92 Shadow convertible with that powertrain, and there was a big gear ratio spread between gears, and I honestly thought the engine was pretty noisy & weak compared to 2.2 cars I've driven, you would be better off with the V6 3 speed (or 4 speed) auto.
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#4486370 - 08/12/17 08:36 AM Re: Plymouth Acclaim curiosity [Re: urrlord]
KCJeep Offline

Registered: 06/30/11
Posts: 6958
Loc: Mahzurrah!
I am under the impression the dealer data base will check for outstanding recalls on the vehicle, meaning recalls issued that do not show to be done, not whether or not there ever were any recalls.

I am thinking whatever recalls were issued on it were done by a dealer at some point. But it's old enough there simply may not be good digital records either.
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#4486409 - 08/12/17 09:34 AM Re: Plymouth Acclaim curiosity [Re: urrlord]
AVB Offline

Registered: 05/20/12
Posts: 1129
Loc: Georgia
You are correct, a VIP report will list open recalls. If a recall has been performed it will be closed and not show up. Parts availability is also a problem on older vehicles. I have personally experienced a recall on a old Jeep Wrangler that we could not get parts for.

#4486439 - 08/12/17 09:54 AM Re: Plymouth Acclaim curiosity [Re: eljefino]
pbm Offline

Registered: 04/19/04
Posts: 7435
Loc: New York
Originally Posted By: eljefino shows only a 4 speed auto for the v6 in your year.

Don't buy a car from a flipper. He knows more than you do.

Unfortunately, In my area the vast majority of cars "For Sale by Owner" on CL are being sold by flippers...When somebody has 5 or 6 cars for sale, he's a DEALER...

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