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#4483165 - 08/08/17 10:12 PM Wagon vs SUV for Dogs
FirstNissan Offline

Registered: 12/05/10
Posts: 893
Loc: KY
I have decided to sell my accord and look for something bigger that can fit both of my dogs as well as works better for my outdoor lifestyle. I have two labs, 80 pounds each. I usually am out on a nature trail 4-5 times per week, all paved roads to get there. I am looking at a Subaru outback and wanted to know if something like the Honda CRV would offer equal amounts of trunk space for both of my dogs to lay down comfortably upwards of 45-60 minutes at a stretch. The back seat needs to be in place since my wife and I are expecting.

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#4483167 - 08/08/17 10:15 PM Re: Wagon vs SUV for Dogs [Re: FirstNissan]

Registered: 04/28/08
Posts: 35714
Loc: Ontario, Canada
The Subaru or some other wagon is probably the better choice. We have two dogs, a boxer and a newfoundland and ingress/egress is challenging as they really need to jump up in. I would expect it would be similar with the CRV.
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#4483180 - 08/08/17 10:37 PM Re: Wagon vs SUV for Dogs [Re: FirstNissan]
aquariuscsm Offline

Registered: 12/30/06
Posts: 17713
Loc: South Texas,USA
Full sized pick up truck.
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#4483185 - 08/08/17 10:42 PM Re: Wagon vs SUV for Dogs [Re: FirstNissan]
AZjeff Online   content

Registered: 01/14/11
Posts: 2355
Loc: Cottonwood Az
RAV4 = CRV pretty much, 2 80 lb dogs would fill up the back of our RAV with the seat up. They better be real chummy. The Outback would probably feel more open to your dogs too.
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#4483186 - 08/08/17 10:42 PM Re: Wagon vs SUV for Dogs [Re: FirstNissan]
NormanBuntz Offline

Registered: 07/27/13
Posts: 1925
Loc: Outer Banks, NC
I had a 2015 Outback, and I'd say that two 80 pound dogs would be cramped lying down behind the second row of seats. But I don't think a CRV would be any better. Did you consider a used Toyota Venza? And the new Buick wagon should be available real soon.
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#4483191 - 08/08/17 10:47 PM Re: Wagon vs SUV for Dogs [Re: FirstNissan]
PimTac Online   content

Registered: 03/04/17
Posts: 2962
Loc: Soviet State of Washington
I am going to suggest a Toyota Four Runner or equivalent size SUV. Most likely you will need room for other things besides the dogs.
2017 Mazda CX-5 GT. Idemitsu 0w-20 factory fill. Factory Denso filter.

#4483201 - 08/08/17 11:10 PM Re: Wagon vs SUV for Dogs [Re: FirstNissan]
Nick1994 Offline

Registered: 02/19/13
Posts: 9610
Loc: Phoenix, AZ
Can't take the Sienna?
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#4483221 - 08/08/17 11:56 PM Re: Wagon vs SUV for Dogs [Re: FirstNissan]
TheKracken Offline

Registered: 04/18/17
Posts: 515
Loc: Fort Worth TX
My sienna is the best vehicle to take my dogs in. AWD too so never an issue paved or not. I usually take my dogs out with me when I go snow wheeling in my truck but I have to pick them up and put them in the bed.
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#4483238 - 08/09/17 12:13 AM Re: Wagon vs SUV for Dogs [Re: FirstNissan]
NO2 Offline

Registered: 09/06/12
Posts: 268
Loc: Michigan
I'd look at a Forester simply because the 2017 model has airplay/android audio available. The cargo space is a bit taller than the outback , and it is a bit lighter for better acceleration

#4483259 - 08/09/17 01:16 AM Re: Wagon vs SUV for Dogs [Re: FirstNissan]
dareo Offline

Registered: 10/17/07
Posts: 1406
Loc: utah
You "could" fit dogs, kid, wife, ect into a wagon. Even one as small as a Golf Sportwagen. I would probably suggest buying a larger SUV if purchase and fuel budget allows. Luckily you can get out of an Accord pretty easily with minimal losses. Most SUVs depreciate much more, so try not to go too small. I'm not a dog person but our accord is the primary family/vacation vehicle and if i was to replace it i would take a long look at the new 2018 VW Tiguan. Similar dimensions to an accord but open cargo area. Fuel economy, cost, warranty, are pretty reasonable. Depreciation being what it is on SUVs i would also consider a used larger SUV of proven quality like Toyota 4Runner or Sequoia.
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#4483312 - 08/09/17 06:01 AM Re: Wagon vs SUV for Dogs [Re: FirstNissan]
FirstNissan Offline

Registered: 12/05/10
Posts: 893
Loc: KY
Thank you for the suggestions. The Sienna is my wife's car, it is great for moving the dogs around however I personally find it a bit huge/not all that fun to drive on a daily basis. The other issue is, if I take it out on a daily basis for 1-2 hours, that leaves her stranded at home bored out of her mind!(I on the other hand would flip on the TV and have a great time!).

I think I am going to have to go to a few dealers and just take measurements of trunk spaces, I personally prefer wagon's since their driving dynamics are very similar to sedans, SUV's in general are a bit too upright for my taste however something like a 4Runner/Highlander maybe the way to go.

Thank you all for the help!
2017 Toyota Sienna (Hers)
2017 Toyota Sienna (His)

#4483319 - 08/09/17 06:15 AM Re: Wagon vs SUV for Dogs [Re: FirstNissan]
2dogs Offline

Registered: 02/01/17
Posts: 48
Loc: NY
I was going to recommend a Forester until I read that you need the rear seat to be in place. Too little room then.

#4483380 - 08/09/17 07:29 AM Re: Wagon vs SUV for Dogs [Re: FirstNissan]
FirstNissan Offline

Registered: 12/05/10
Posts: 893
Loc: KY
2dogs- That is an awesome picture! great looking pups.
2017 Toyota Sienna (Hers)
2017 Toyota Sienna (His)

#4483398 - 08/09/17 08:05 AM Re: Wagon vs SUV for Dogs [Re: FirstNissan]
SeaJay Offline

Registered: 03/05/15
Posts: 874
Loc: New York City
The OP ain't gonna want to hear this, but the absolute best vehicle for large dogs and cargo is a Dodge or Chrysler mini-van with the sto and go seat options where the second and third rows fold into the floor (getting to the spare is a problem though with this option).

When they get older, no issue for arthritic dogs to get in and out of the side door with the cargo floor being very close to the ground. And the amount of flat cargo space is much, much bigger than any of those other options, and IMO the most comfortable solution for large dogs. I have had several of those larger dogs, and it works the best. Far better than a Subaru outback that I owned after the mini-van got totaled.

Edited by SeaJay (08/09/17 08:07 AM)

#4483431 - 08/09/17 08:40 AM Re: Wagon vs SUV for Dogs [Re: FirstNissan]
itguy08 Offline

Registered: 09/15/11
Posts: 3122
Loc: Somewhere
We've had a couple Dogs and did it with the SUV, first an old Explorer, then the wife's old Escape, and now an F150 and new Escape. All have been serviceable and once the dogs get older they will need help getting into the vehicle.

But if you like the looks I'd seriously look at the Ford Flex. 3 rows that are useable, low to the ground and basically a minivan in not a minivan's clothing. A Kia Soul may also work.

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