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#4473787 - 07/29/17 10:19 AM T/C Encore Pro Hunter
billt460 Offline

Registered: 03/30/15
Posts: 4415
Loc: Glendale, Arizona
This is my new Thompson Center Stainless Encore Pro Hunter in .308, with a 15" fluted barrel I picked up yesterday. I'm anxious to light it up. With only 1" less barrel than a lot of 16" .308 rifles, it will be interesting to see what kind of velocity I'll be getting from some of the medium and slower burning powders. My favorite .308 handload has always been 42.0 grains of Varget under the 168 Gr. Sierra Matchking bullet. So I'll most likely start with that.

I haven't decided on optics and mounts yet. I've got some time before it starts cooling off here, and I'll have quite a few new guns to try out when it does.

#4473793 - 07/29/17 10:27 AM Re: T/C Encore Pro Hunter [Re: billt460]
2015_PSD Offline

Registered: 09/26/10
Posts: 7243
Loc: SE Texas
I just sold two of those--one in .204 Ruger and the other in 30 T/C. I bought them years ago and never fired them. I have to say they are "heavy duty" and I realy like the design, just lost interest.
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#4474087 - 07/29/17 07:08 PM Re: T/C Encore Pro Hunter [Re: billt460]
AZjeff Online   content

Registered: 01/14/11
Posts: 2651
Loc: PV Az
No reason is needed to buy and own any firearm, (but) a .308 single shot pistol seems like a "because I can" kind of thing. I once owned a T/C Contender in .221 Fireball... fun enough but couldn't find a good use for it. Will you shoot it offhand?
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Why know when you can guess?!

#4474246 - 07/29/17 10:56 PM Re: T/C Encore Pro Hunter [Re: billt460]
userfriendly Offline

Registered: 06/03/03
Posts: 2630
Loc: LaFinDuMonde
I'll guess 2400 fps.

#4474356 - 07/30/17 05:24 AM Re: T/C Encore Pro Hunter [Re: AZjeff]
billt460 Offline

Registered: 03/30/15
Posts: 4415
Loc: Glendale, Arizona
Originally Posted By: AZjeff
......Will you shoot it offhand?

Most likely at the plates at 200 yards on our club range.

#4474357 - 07/30/17 05:27 AM Re: T/C Encore Pro Hunter [Re: userfriendly]
billt460 Offline

Registered: 03/30/15
Posts: 4415
Loc: Glendale, Arizona
Originally Posted By: userfriendly
I'll guess 2400 fps.

I'm thinking it will easily achieve whatever ballistics come out of my 16" barreled AR in the same caliber. It's barrel is only 1" less, but it has no bleed off to operate a gas system. It will be interesting to get the chronograph out, and compare it on a load to load basis with my Savage Model 12FT-R in .308. It has a 30" barrel.

#4521928 - 09/21/17 07:39 AM Re: T/C Encore Pro Hunter [Re: billt460]
billt460 Offline

Registered: 03/30/15
Posts: 4415
Loc: Glendale, Arizona
Well, it finally cooled off enough around here. And I was able to get the .308 Encore out for some range time. I took 2 different factory loads with me, (Remington 150 Gr., and Federal 180 "Power Shock" loads), as well as some handloads I built up around R-P cases 42.0 Gr. of Varget under Sierra 168 Gr. Matchkings.

From a solid rest at 50 yards the gun printed dead on both in elevation and windage. No adjustment to the iron sights was necessary. At 50 yards I could easily get baseball sized groups with both the Remington and Federal factory ammunition. The gun functioned flawlessly. The action opened and closed effortlessly. And the cases could easily be extracted with my fingers. The gun raises the cases about a 1/4" out of the chamber, but does not eject them. The hammer seemed a bit too tight, but the trigger let off was very crisp, albeit heavy. I would guess around 6 to 7 pounds.

The problem was recoil and muzzle flip. This gun has a ton of it! Much more than I expected. I have 2 Magnum Research BFR revolvers in both .45-70 and .500 S&W Magnum. As well as a Ruger Super Redhawk in .454 Casull. And this gun is far more difficult to control. Perhaps it's the long 15" barrel, that gives the muzzle more leverage to rise and whip up. In any event it's a beast to hold on to. I only got 30 rounds through it before the hide was completely worn off my trigger finger where it was hitting the lower part of the frame above the trigger guard, and I had to quit.

I came home and cleaned the gun, and gave everything a liberal oiling. Especially the hammer and trigger area. Perhaps they assembled the thing dry. I don't know. But after lubrication, and working the hammer and trigger several dozen times, everything seemed a lot better. This happened last Friday. The following Monday I went back to the range. This time I taped up my finger heavily, and continued the session.

I knew the gun was printing dead on, so I went to the 200 yard rifle range and had at the steel plates there. We have them in sizes from 8" all the way up to manhole size and above, (48"). Taking careful aim I had no trouble ringing all of them. I was surprised at how accurate the iron sights on this gun were. Both the hammer and trigger were MUCH SMOOTHER. The lube job most definitely did the trick. The trigger now seems to be letting off around 5 pounds. And the hammer requires much less effort to cock, and is much smoother doing it.

This time I ran my handloads through it, and the recoil, while still very heavy, seemed more controllable. I finished up, satisfied with the gun, and it's overall performance and accuracy. This obviously isn't a gun you are going to pour rounds through. But it does what it's supposed to do. If I were to plan a hunting trip around this weapon, I would look into equipping it with some type of optic. But seeing as my hunting days are pretty much behind me, (except for perhaps Doves), it will pretty much be relegated to the job of range toy.

I think the next time I bring it out, I'll take my 30" barreled .308 Savage Model 12F-TR with it, and set up my chronograph. That way I can get some velocity differences between the 30" barrel of the Savage, to the 15" barrel of the Encore with identical loads in identical conditions. It should be interesting to see the spread.