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#4472756 - 07/28/17 08:10 AM Firestone Destination LE2
mjk Offline

Registered: 02/15/11
Posts: 1235
Loc: Wishin' I was in Wi
Looking for some recent feedback on these tires. Considering them for a Tahoe.


#4472772 - 07/28/17 08:35 AM Re: Firestone Destination LE2 [Re: mjk]
Panzerman Offline

Registered: 12/16/06
Posts: 4213
Loc: Port Orange, Florida
What I have on my company truck. Nice riding and long wearing. Not very aggressive at all. I do go off road with them on the truck.
I am on my second set and they seem to wear as good as any.

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#4472775 - 07/28/17 08:36 AM Re: Firestone Destination LE2 [Re: mjk]
demarpaint Offline

Registered: 07/03/05
Posts: 30012
Loc: NY
I'll be buying them this fall for my Liberty. I've heard only good things about them.
God Bless Our Troops

#4472793 - 07/28/17 08:47 AM Re: Firestone Destination LE2 [Re: mjk]
OneEyeJack Offline

Registered: 09/14/10
Posts: 7485
Loc: S California
I've had them on my 03 V8 2X4 4Runner for a couple of years now and they are doing fine. It's possible that they will last up to and maybe just over 50/60K of hard, loaded use. I run them at 40 psi. They have resisted side wall damage driving in the desert and handle rain well. It does not rain often here but when it does the roads are very slippery because of all the built up residue until it gets washed away. These tires see more hot weather conditions but have never been in snow or ice. They are very quiet on the freeway and handle driving too fast on the ramps just fine which is something I sometimes can't resist. The best recommendation I can give them is that when they do wear out I'm going to buy them, again.

Here is some more info on how I use my 4Runner.

#4472804 - 07/28/17 08:56 AM Re: Firestone Destination LE2 [Re: mjk]
Ddubya Offline

Registered: 09/15/16
Posts: 53
Loc: DFW, TX
I've had the Destinations on 2 different Ford Explorer company cars. About a year ago I had them replaced with Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus and like them better. They are a little quieter, chirp less easily when accelerating (especially while cornering), and have much better wet weather performance than the Firestones. About halfway through their treadlife, the Destination tires became very susceptible to hydroplaning, so much so that I replaced them a little earlier than planned and a couple 32's earlier than required. My driving is 99% on pavement with an occasional foray on dirt or gravel roads. No actual off roading. Beyond a day or 2 a year, I have had limited experience driving either of them on snow or ice, so I can't really comment there.
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2013 Ford Explorer V6 (company car) (Kendall Syn Blend)
2009 Caddy DTS (Castrol EP)

#4472812 - 07/28/17 09:01 AM Re: Firestone Destination LE2 [Re: mjk]
mjk Offline

Registered: 02/15/11
Posts: 1235
Loc: Wishin' I was in Wi
Appreciate the input. One of the reasons I'm looking at them, is the 265/75/16 online can be found for $99/tire. It does seem to get some reasonable feedback elsewhere. Hard to find a tire, other than the real entry-level tires, for this price.

#4472814 - 07/28/17 09:01 AM Re: Firestone Destination LE2 [Re: mjk]
DeepFriar Offline

Registered: 10/31/13
Posts: 1388
Loc: Georgia
Three years on the truck now. Ride well, quiet, good wet traction, wearing well. I'm satisfied.

#4472843 - 07/28/17 09:24 AM Re: Firestone Destination LE2 [Re: mjk]
anl0109 Offline

Registered: 01/02/15
Posts: 576
Loc: West MI
My FIL and MIL have these on their F150. The vehicle is not babied and neither are tires. Not even sure if they get rotated regularly. My FIL says they have been wearing well and overall have been a good tire. I think they have been on for 50k miles or so.
2014 Mazda5 Sport van 2.5L I4
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#4472894 - 07/28/17 09:59 AM Re: Firestone Destination LE2 [Re: mjk]
geekster Offline

Registered: 09/01/09
Posts: 226
Loc: where the wind blows....OK
I've got them on the wife's Rogue. She's put close to 20k on them since last summer. Rotated every 5 and kept properly inflated at all times. They ride well, fairly quiet (Rogue Select has below average NVH) and do well in the rain. We've been happy with them and would recommend them.
17 Nissan Frontier SV 4.0 Royal Purple 5w30
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#4473009 - 07/28/17 12:11 PM Re: Firestone Destination LE2 [Re: mjk]
CKN Offline

Registered: 10/14/14
Posts: 3768
Loc: Utah
This tire generally gets good reviews on several different truck boards.

Before someone else says it---I will

"Michelin are the greatest tires in the world". Better than what your looking at.

(I don't mean it-but I just saved someone the effort).

#4473034 - 07/28/17 12:52 PM Re: Firestone Destination LE2 [Re: mjk]
dogememe Offline

Registered: 04/15/17
Posts: 712
very good tire, highly recommended, have owned a set.

would rather have firestone destination le2 that than a michelin
1997 Suburban 5.7 ~214K Miles, VWB 5W-30, VO-55, Personal.
2007 Crown Vic P71 4.6 ~124K Miles, VAS 5W-30, RP 20-820, Personal.
2010 Escape 2.5 ~75K Miles, VAS 5W-30, Wix 51348, Rented on Turo.

#4473531 - 07/28/17 11:30 PM Re: Firestone Destination LE2 [Re: mjk]
Crispysea Offline

Registered: 04/14/17
Posts: 419
I have a set on my Ranger. My wife had them on her last car. Great handling and ride, very little wear. Very quiet, and good in rain.

#4473537 - 07/28/17 11:41 PM Re: Firestone Destination LE2 [Re: geekster]
4WD Offline

Registered: 09/21/10
Posts: 6540
Loc: Texas
Good stuff - The AT version has been great on my old generation Canyon ... I'm at the end of crud road now and only loss was a slow Cottonmouth ...

#4473779 - 07/29/17 10:05 AM Re: Firestone Destination LE2 [Re: mjk]
Mr_Joe Offline

Registered: 11/16/09
Posts: 579
Loc: Wisconsin
I think they are a fine tire, especially when mostly on pavement. No sense to have a noisy tire when trying to listen to the radio or talk in the phone.

#4473809 - 07/29/17 10:41 AM Re: Firestone Destination LE2 [Re: dogememe]
demarpaint Offline

Registered: 07/03/05
Posts: 30012
Loc: NY
Originally Posted By: dogememe
very good tire, highly recommended, have owned a set.

would rather have firestone destination le2 that than a michelin

No love for Michelin here either. No one here has commented about how the Destination LE2 handles in the snow. That's a high priority on my list. I read good reviews about them in snow, I'm wondering what the Bitog community thinks.
God Bless Our Troops

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