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#4469979 - 07/25/17 12:39 PM Cast-Iron Skillets
The Critic Offline

Registered: 08/30/04
Posts: 19787
Loc: CA
I have been meaning to purchase a cast-iron skillet but keep forgetting to do so. Earlier this morning, I received this e-mail and wanted to get the community’s feedback on this particular skillet:

I am also open to recommendations on other cast-iron skillets. I will primarily be using it to sear sticks. I am new to this so any general recommendations on features and sizes to look for, would be appreciated.

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#4469985 - 07/25/17 12:44 PM Re: Cast-Iron Skillets [Re: The Critic]
Leo99 Offline

Registered: 03/30/14
Posts: 3039
Loc: NJ
Whenever these threads pop up on various forums, the majority espouse the virtues of cast iron and how much they adore their skillets. I hate mine. Everything sticks to it. It's heavy and takes maintenance and it's hard to clean.
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#4469991 - 07/25/17 12:49 PM Re: Cast-Iron Skillets [Re: The Critic]
Todari09 Offline

Registered: 01/19/16
Posts: 29
Loc: Bothell, WA
How about this one for searing steaks.
Lodge logic can be had for fraction of the one you posted.
my wife uses 10 skillet every day and she loves it.

#4469995 - 07/25/17 12:52 PM Re: Cast-Iron Skillets [Re: Leo99]
pandus13 Offline

Registered: 08/12/11
Posts: 3176
Loc: Chicago,IL,USA
Originally Posted By: Leo99
Whenever these threads pop up on various forums, the majority espouse the virtues of cast iron and how much they adore their skillets. I hate mine. Everything sticks to it. It's heavy and takes maintenance and it's hard to clean.

User error:
don't worry, mine too:
-I bought it "seasoned" from Aldi (probably chinese); it was really bumpy and not smooth
-EVERYTHING sticks to it.... Plus some smell.

I watch the inter-tubes, and i think over the weekend I will get a wire wheel to it and some good sanding, get it SMOOTH, then do some seasoning on the grill....

I hear you have to use pork fat or peanut oil for the most better "plasticizer" (is that a term?) layer....

The Critic: also some other threads, our BITOG-ers brothers recommended scoring the ebay for older pans (usually made in US, preferably before or after WW II)
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#4469999 - 07/25/17 12:53 PM Re: Cast-Iron Skillets [Re: Leo99]
earlyre Offline

Registered: 11/22/11
Posts: 3857
Loc: Lima, Ohio, USA
Originally Posted By: Leo99
Whenever these threads pop up on various forums, the majority espouse the virtues of cast iron and how much they adore their skillets. I hate mine. Everything sticks to it. It's heavy and takes maintenance and it's hard to clean.

how are they hard to clean?
yes. they take maintenence. swabbing with oil and baking it on. so difficult.
once a good cure is built on, they are slicker than slick. nothing will stick.
they hold heat like nothing else.

the best way to build up a good cure on the cooking surface is simply to cook with it regularly. it can be washed out, but keep soap exposure to a minimum.

some folks prefer a salt scrub. while it's still hot, pour some sat in, and scrub with a paper towel, and a pair of kitchen tongs.

again, SOOO difficult.
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#4470001 - 07/25/17 12:55 PM Re: Cast-Iron Skillets [Re: The Critic]
555 Online   content

Registered: 06/08/09
Posts: 371
Loc: New England
Olive oil has always worked best for me especially after cleaning.
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#4470005 - 07/25/17 01:05 PM Re: Cast-Iron Skillets [Re: The Critic]
fenixguy Offline

Registered: 02/08/17
Posts: 307
Loc: NC
Cast iron is about all we fry/saute on at our house. We have 3 different size skillets. They're all no-name cheap ones we got as wedding presents.
I'm guessing at the diameter, but I think they are 4in, 6in, and 9 or 10in.
To wash them, I first rinse as good as I can with plain water and use a plastic scrub-brush to get any stuck on bits off.
Then I take the dish rag I've washed the other dishes with (should have just a tiny bit of soap on it) and wash the skillet.
I rinse it, then immediately put in on the eye on high just long enough to dry it.
Every once in a while, when it starts to loose it's "shine", I'll rub a very small amount of canola oil (or peanut, or Crisco, or whatever) on the hot pan and that's it.
We store them in the oven so they stay dry (obviously take them out to bake).

I would like a larger diameter one, maybe a 12in or so with a lid. I don't think you need to spend a ton of money on one. They all do the same job.

Edited by fenixguy (07/25/17 01:07 PM)
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#4470010 - 07/25/17 01:06 PM Re: Cast-Iron Skillets [Re: The Critic]
Donald Offline

Registered: 03/21/04
Posts: 20446
Loc: Upstate NY
Buy one used thats older than you are. It will be better than anything new.
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#4470013 - 07/25/17 01:09 PM Re: Cast-Iron Skillets [Re: The Critic]
aquariuscsm Online   content

Registered: 12/30/06
Posts: 18150
Loc: Dallas,Tx USA
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#4470014 - 07/25/17 01:09 PM Re: Cast-Iron Skillets [Re: The Critic]
Blkstanger Offline

Registered: 08/13/11
Posts: 1945
Loc: Lakeside, CA
I have 5 different sizes of cast iron pans. Some are older than I am. It's all we use to cook with. $100 for a #8 pan is just ridiculous.
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#4470038 - 07/25/17 01:40 PM Re: Cast-Iron Skillets [Re: aquariuscsm]
ET16 Offline

Registered: 10/28/08
Posts: 1265
Loc: MD
Originally Posted By: aquariuscsm


#4470041 - 07/25/17 01:44 PM Re: Cast-Iron Skillets [Re: The Critic]
3800Series Offline

Registered: 08/02/14
Posts: 1452
Loc: Gulf Coast, MS
We have one but it only gets used for stuff like steak and onions or corn bread. I'm not a huge fan of them myself but that doesn't mean they don't have some positive benefits.

#4470049 - 07/25/17 01:56 PM Re: Cast-Iron Skillets [Re: The Critic]
Padawan Offline

Registered: 08/24/08
Posts: 333
Loc: NJ
I'll second the recommendation of Lodge skillets. My wife has one of their grill pans and we love it.

This one is very similar in size to the one you asked about:

Made in the USA by a company with a long history of making cast-iron cookware, and just $14 shipped to your door.

#4470051 - 07/25/17 01:58 PM Re: Cast-Iron Skillets [Re: The Critic]
RedOakRanch Offline

Registered: 11/10/13
Posts: 846
Loc: Central Coast California
I cook 90% of my food on a 10" made in USA Lodge. It took a few months of cooking to get a real non stick surface. I only clean it with bot water and a plastic scrub brush. The only thing I can't cook in it is crepes, they always stick! Anything else including eggs come out perfect every time and I spend about 1 minute cleaning it after every use.
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#4470079 - 07/25/17 02:28 PM Re: Cast-Iron Skillets [Re: The Critic]
shDK Offline

Registered: 04/03/13
Posts: 747
Loc: Denmark
I have bin using a variety of cast iron skillets and stamped steel pans for the last 14 years. I have to say that stamped steel pans are better then cast iron in almost every way. And after some use they become just as non stick as any teflon pan. Steel pans are lighter then cast iron. But still heavier then most non stick pans. They have a way better heat distribution then cast iron. I really like a French brand called De Buyer. Especially there mineral B line

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