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#4468847 - 07/24/17 11:01 AM Tire Recommendation - '13 Cruze LS - 215/60/16
99Saturn Offline

Registered: 02/25/13
Posts: 1423
Loc: NY
Getting close to searching for new tires for our Cruze. Leaning towards Cooper CS5s (likely the Ultra Touring in H speed rating) or maybe Pirelli P7s (not sure the additional cost would be worth it, perhaps if the timing on a rebate doesn't work out come Labor Day/Black Friday on the Coopers).

Any other recommendations? Preferably with the same or a similar cost/value ratio.

Car sees 25K a year commuting - 50% highway; 40% county route; 10% city.

#4468857 - 07/24/17 11:24 AM Re: Tire Recommendation - '13 Cruze LS - 215/60/16 [Re: 99Saturn]
Rat407 Offline

Registered: 12/13/02
Posts: 1350
Loc: North Carolina
Have the P7's on our 2012 Cruze and really like them. I have the Goodyear Assurance on my 2014 Cruze diesel and like them as well. They have 46k on them and still in good shape. I think I can get 55k out of them by keeping them rotated and will more than likely get them again.

#4468858 - 07/24/17 11:24 AM Re: Tire Recommendation - '13 Cruze LS - 215/60/16 [Re: 99Saturn]
skyactiv Offline

Registered: 03/02/13
Posts: 4011
Loc: The Midwest
If the Pirelli happens to be a LLR tire and the Cooper isn't, the Pirelli's might provide a smudge more fuel economy that could make the overall cost cheaper long term.
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#4468883 - 07/24/17 12:08 PM Re: Tire Recommendation - '13 Cruze LS - 215/60/16 [Re: 99Saturn]
2010Civic Offline

Registered: 12/06/14
Posts: 332
Loc: Minnesota
I have Michelin Defenders on my Civic, 205/55R16, and really like them. A very smooth and quiet tire. I bought them during a Discount Tire sale and got $160 in rebates. Worked out to be about $450 after rebates. $30 cheaper if your car doesn't have those dumb TPMS sensors in the wheels.
2010 Honda Civic LX
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#4468885 - 07/24/17 12:10 PM Re: Tire Recommendation - '13 Cruze LS - 215/60/16 [Re: 99Saturn]
Jimzz Offline

Registered: 10/03/14
Posts: 1074
Loc: NoVA
The General RT43s are a good tire. They test a little better than the P7s

You can get them for around $80 at walmart plus $12 each for install...

#4468915 - 07/24/17 12:53 PM Re: Tire Recommendation - '13 Cruze LS - 215/60/16 [Re: 99Saturn]
Alex_V Offline

Registered: 04/10/16
Posts: 1060
Loc: Campbellsville, KY
The original Firestone FR710's on my '13 were taken off at exactly 50,000 mi. About the last 1/3 of their life hydroplaning in heavy rain was definitely a problem, but they stayed in balance and handled well in all but very, very wet conditions. I replaced them with a set of Uniroyal Tiger Paws and lost 2.5 MPG. The Uniroyals are holding up alright, only about 50-55% worn at 47,000 mi., but the car requires more steering attention to keep it in a straight line, the handling dynamic through hard cornering is, and always has been, different, and I'm still 2 MPG below what the car is capable of. If I had it to do again, in spite of the majority of Cruzers that hate on the FR710's, I'd buy another set. If I have a little extra money when the time comes I may try a higher end sport-touring tire or a good fuel economy tire, but even though they're being discontinued I've no problem with the 3 sets of FR710's I've had/put on different rigs.
I like Chevy and Valvoline.

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#4468922 - 07/24/17 01:01 PM Re: Tire Recommendation - '13 Cruze LS - 215/60/16 [Re: 99Saturn]
Davejam Offline

Registered: 06/14/11
Posts: 9
Loc: FL, USA
I would look into Continental Pure contact.
I researched tires about 3 months ago, and ended up with them. Very pleased after ~10K mi.

#4468956 - 07/24/17 01:41 PM Re: Tire Recommendation - '13 Cruze LS - 215/60/16 [Re: 99Saturn]
gabriel9766 Offline

Registered: 05/10/15
Posts: 926
Loc: Missouri
I got the continental truecontacts 215/60/16 on my malibu and they are a great tire. Amazing in the wet and snow and are a 90k tire.

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#4468980 - 07/24/17 02:06 PM Re: Tire Recommendation - '13 Cruze LS - 215/60/16 [Re: 99Saturn]
CT8 Offline

Registered: 10/09/14
Posts: 10382
Loc: Idaho
I would think about the low rolling resistance tires.
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#4469033 - 07/24/17 03:33 PM Re: Tire Recommendation - '13 Cruze LS - 215/60/16 [Re: 99Saturn]
Throt Offline

Registered: 11/15/14
Posts: 902
Loc: NW Ohio
If they make your size check out the Michelin Premier A/S. Fantastic tire. Wet traction is phenomenal.
'18 Cadillac ATS AWD, 2.0L T-GDI, 200, Factor Fill/Filter, his (lease)
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#4469044 - 07/24/17 03:47 PM Re: Tire Recommendation - '13 Cruze LS - 215/60/16 [Re: 99Saturn]
userfriendly Offline

Registered: 06/03/03
Posts: 2593
Loc: LaFinDuMonde
I tried a set of Geolander ATs in 215/60/16 on an 04 C240 Benz. They worked great in the snow, off road and lasted far longer than car tires.

#4469140 - 07/24/17 05:37 PM Re: Tire Recommendation - '13 Cruze LS - 215/60/16 [Re: 99Saturn]
slacktide_bitog Online   content

Registered: 03/20/08
Posts: 5609
Loc: USA
The Cooper CS5 Ultra is a good tire at a great price. Especially if you can wait for Labor Day (about 6 weeks away). So if your tires aren't completely bald or cracked or showing metal or anything like that, and you can wait the 6 weeks, then wait smile

Will you be using dedicated winter tires? If not, how important is snow traction?

In terms of value/cost ratio, basically nothing beats DTD's holiday promos.

#4469270 - 07/24/17 07:38 PM Re: Tire Recommendation - '13 Cruze LS - 215/60/16 [Re: 99Saturn]
mattwithcats Offline

Registered: 06/13/13
Posts: 1578
Loc: Virginia
I put a set of Hercules Road Tour 4.0 tires on my Dad's 2012 2LT Cruze.

520 A traction, A temperature, inflated to 37 psi, they run very well...

I changed the size from 225/50R17 to 225/55R17...

Another thought is 225/60R16, the General Altimax RT43 in 'H" speed rating, 700, A traction, A temperature...
RT 43

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2009 Smart Pure
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185/55R15 General HP tires, "H" speed rated, 44 psi (300 kpa)

#4469501 - 07/24/17 11:10 PM Re: Tire Recommendation - '13 Cruze LS - 215/60/16 [Re: 99Saturn]
HangFire Offline

Registered: 08/21/13
Posts: 2505
Loc: Central Maryland
The RT43's are a great value tire. But for a smaller car you might easily afford the step up to a Grand Touring tire, and I also recommend the Continental PureContacts. Great rain traction, cornering, quiet, they do everything right. I have them on a Corolla. (I use Winter tires in Winter so I can't comment much there, but the ratings are good).
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