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#4454857 - 07/09/17 11:59 PM Good Frugal Saving Habits, Tips, Sites, Ideas???
TX_1821 Offline

Registered: 05/25/17
Posts: 69
Loc: Arlen Texas..... (Houston)
Hello yall!!

Really love this forum and I see some of you are beautifully detailed...
To the point of maybe being a bit obsessive, But I love it!!! cheers

That being said what are some tricks, tips, ideas, or websites yall recommend in the matter of saving $$$.
Can range from saving money on cereal at the breakfast table, to home necessities, auto insurance, to [censored] even buying a nice pre-owned skid steer.

-Don't buy many major electronics or nice furniture or other things that depreciate to $0.

-CraigsList (Scored beautiful deals on here)
-Ebay (Typically 2nd after CL)
-Rockauto (learned it from yall!!)
-Gunbroker (Can't forget that one)
-CC like Chase Saphire for measly Rewards

Typically use these for home, business, security, auto, machinery, maintenance, atvs, boat, pool.
I guess more on the maintenance end then actual buying.

Already have decent tax deductions, had them overlooked by several referred cpa's.
Can't go any further, since my last names not anything like Bush, Clinton, Obama, Stanley, Lehman, Morgan or any other untouchable figure. frown
(Unfortunately not an important/powerful person)

Thanks Yall!!!
Computers don't make mistakes...What they do they do on purpose"
-Dale Gribble

16' Lacrosse 3.6 LFX
Oil: QSUD 5w30 & Fram Ultra
ATF: Valvoline Dex 6

#4454862 - 07/10/17 12:10 AM Re: Good Frugal Saving Habits, Tips, Sites, Ideas??? [Re: TX_1821]
raytseng Offline

Registered: 12/11/08
Posts: 2270
Loc: CA
I would say the most important thing is to realize and to optimize the highest and best use for your TIME as the most important resource.
If you can use money to buy time or a higher experience that is often worth more than being the cheapest and as frugal as possible.

Edited by raytseng (07/10/17 12:13 AM)

#4454863 - 07/10/17 12:10 AM Re: Good Frugal Saving Habits, Tips, Sites, Ideas??? [Re: TX_1821]
TheKracken Offline

Registered: 04/18/17
Posts: 515
Loc: Fort Worth TX
I spend too much on amazon...
2011 Prius 96k miles RLI 5w20
97 Toy T100 4x4: amsoil 0w20 242k Miles
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#4454870 - 07/10/17 12:41 AM Re: Good Frugal Saving Habits, Tips, Sites, Ideas??? [Re: TX_1821]
Kage860 Offline

Registered: 04/17/17
Posts: 59
Loc: NY
I like, in no particular order:

basically, continuously optimize your income(job, experience), use it to buy assets that earn more money or at least appreciate (real estate rentals, stocks, businesses, land), don't buy too many things that depreciate (cars, clothes), don't waste too much money on nonsense (starbucks, restaurants, cable tv, etc)

warehouse clubs are good places to stock up on the necessities too

amazon, the ups guy and mailman know us too well now, everyday when more boxes come I give my wife "the look" haha

#4454891 - 07/10/17 02:29 AM Re: Good Frugal Saving Habits, Tips, Sites, Ideas??? [Re: TX_1821]
FowVay Offline

Registered: 06/02/02
Posts: 2642
Loc: Southeastern USA
I simply spend far less than I earn. I don't waste money on foolishness. I invest heavily for my retirement and I insure what I have.

I carry zero debt. Make every purchase be a deliberate one and don't do the impulse buying thing. Plan for what you need and then execute the plan cleanly and efficiently. Buying the cheapest thing is rarely the best way to operate. Buy quality and take care of your things.

And finally, try to minimize your tax burden. There's not much rate of return on paying the government these days.
Quaker State across the board.

#4454894 - 07/10/17 02:43 AM Re: Good Frugal Saving Habits, Tips, Sites, Ideas??? [Re: TX_1821]
sleddriver Offline

Registered: 02/06/10
Posts: 4389
Loc: Central Texas's not about sites nor stuff.

It's about learning to care for and maintain the essentials you already own. Not only will it increase your knowledge, it'll also save you money and prevent you from being ripped off from those seeking to take advantage.
1998 Volvo V70 T5 226,808 mi. Original Owner.
M1 10W-30 HM

#4454908 - 07/10/17 04:23 AM Re: Good Frugal Saving Habits, Tips, Sites, Ideas??? [Re: TX_1821]
Johnny2Bad Offline

Registered: 05/20/13
Posts: 1607
Loc: Saskatchewan, Canada
Wrap (most) vegetables in tinfoil.

Celery, Lettuce, Cabbage, Peppers, Green Onions. Get produce out of the "auto-rot" plastic bags as soon as you come home from the grocery store.

I have had vegetables wrapped in foil last more than 30 days fresh in the crisper, crunchy, good colour, good taste.

Cut up some of your fresh vegetables into useable sizes ... peppers, green onions, celery ... and place in Ziplpc bags in the freezer. When you need some to add to a cooked dish, get them from the bag instead of using fresh.

Keep your 'fridge on the cold side of the recommended temperatures.

Buy bulk ... 5 litre dish soap versus small bottles, for example. Refill the last small bottle you bought, or buy a small bottle at the Dollar Store and refill that.

Do not shop anywhere without going to the Dollar Store first.

Save 20% of your income, every dollar that comes in for any reason ... even a rebate check for $5 you would put $1 in your savings account. You can spend the other $4 on whatever you want. If you do it when the money comes in, you won't miss it.

Buy the tool and repair it yourself. You will end up with a complete toolset and will be able to make repeat repairs. It's almost always cheaper to buy tools than pay for labor. Even when it isn't cheaper, it will amortize on your second, similar repair.

I appreciate deals sites and bargain shopping as much as the next guy, but the real economy comes from not shopping.
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#4454911 - 07/10/17 04:32 AM Re: Good Frugal Saving Habits, Tips, Sites, Ideas??? [Re: TX_1821]
svhanc Offline

Registered: 02/06/10
Posts: 198
Loc: Knoxville, Tennessee
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2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0 Auto ([email protected]&Fram [email protected])
2007 Suzuki SV650N

#4454916 - 07/10/17 05:25 AM Re: Good Frugal Saving Habits, Tips, Sites, Ideas??? [Re: TX_1821]
Rick in PA Offline

Registered: 01/04/03
Posts: 3182
Loc: Southeastern, PA
I saw a boat on that list.
Be careful with anything that floats or flies, they cost money.
A wise man told me:
"Heat is your friend." and "Any oil is better than no oil."

#4454927 - 07/10/17 05:47 AM Re: Good Frugal Saving Habits, Tips, Sites, Ideas??? [Re: TX_1821]
madRiver Offline

Registered: 07/11/15
Posts: 3210
Loc: New England
I find folks who use CL want to make money off their stuff not get rid of it. Also communication is unreliable.

Locally on Facebook the neighboring (affluent) town has a on line tag line sale. My recent purchase was a Thule rack with two kayak holders that would retail for close to $500 but they just wanted to get rid of so $50 it was! I purchase bike shop bikes on it for $50-$75 for kids that normally retail $300-500. Communication is reliable with comments and also Facebook messenger.

I find it interesting when folks overprice stuff and you can get glimpse of them on FB and see why and be nosey.

#4454983 - 07/10/17 07:10 AM Re: Good Frugal Saving Habits, Tips, Sites, Ideas??? [Re: TX_1821]
WillsYoda Offline

Registered: 10/17/15
Posts: 467
Loc: MN
Lots of good ideas here. I'll add one...

I might start here with this LBYM page....

Or this getting started page...

#4455001 - 07/10/17 07:40 AM Re: Good Frugal Saving Habits, Tips, Sites, Ideas??? [Re: TX_1821]
bioburner Offline

Registered: 09/19/16
Posts: 1418
Loc: Minnesota and Can setup alerts on items your looking for. Amazon warehouse has saved me on many of my repairs. Prime gets the stuff to my door pretty quick and some good viewing too.

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13 Scion Xb
12 Ford Transit Connect
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#4455007 - 07/10/17 07:51 AM Re: Good Frugal Saving Habits, Tips, Sites, Ideas??? [Re: TX_1821]
Astro14 Offline

Registered: 10/10/10
Posts: 8282
Loc: Virginia Beach
The real frugality?

Pay yourself first by saving for the long term.

Spend less than you make.

Who cares what a product costs? Seriously? Most of the stuff for sale isn't worth it. You can live without it. Your question pre-supposes that having more stuff makes you better off...and I just don't think that's true.

Financial security makes you happy. As long as you live below your means, you'll be happy...

Edited by Astro14 (07/10/17 07:54 AM)
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#4455014 - 07/10/17 08:04 AM Re: Good Frugal Saving Habits, Tips, Sites, Ideas??? [Re: TX_1821]
gman2304 Offline

Registered: 08/11/11
Posts: 2939
Loc: n.c.
Pay your mortgage off early! Don't buy new vehicles! You'll save more money if you are disciplined in these purchases than in any couponing, bulk buying, scrimping pennies, lowering/raising the thermostat, practices. Not saying the latter doesn't save money, but you need to be practical with the small stuff. Sitting in the dark while burning a candle bundled up in January while reading a book you rented at the library, would get old rather quickly. [when young, live like no when you're old, you can live like no other]!

Edited by gman2304 (07/10/17 08:07 AM)

#4455025 - 07/10/17 08:26 AM Re: Good Frugal Saving Habits, Tips, Sites, Ideas??? [Re: TX_1821]
Alfred_B Offline

Registered: 05/12/15
Posts: 1933
Loc: America
Please don't stop consuming -- 70% of our GDP is based on consumption!

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