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#4454734 - 07/09/17 09:49 PM Opinions wanted on A6
Kage860 Offline

Registered: 04/17/17
Posts: 88
Loc: NY
I was looking at the Audi A6 and I like the aesthetics of the exterior and interior. Is the 3.0t and the auto trans a relaible combo? Even though I always said I would never buy a European car after my wifes 15 year old Saab always needed something or other . . . My Jeep Liberty has been pretty good to me overall, I like that the parts are cheap.

If my Jeep ever dies would a 5 year old Audi be a terrible decision? I can do small and medium maintenance / repairs, nothing real complicated like swapping engine transmission or differentials.
2007 Jeep Liberty

#4454765 - 07/09/17 10:19 PM Re: Opinions wanted on A6 [Re: Kage860]
Syntheticuser Offline

Registered: 06/11/17
Posts: 147
Loc: Waco, Tx.
Yes, many on here say Audi (VW) stuff is junk. Don't buy it etc, they CHEATED..... My take, buy what you want. It's your money, many on here are Toyota, Subaru and Honda fanboys and are to short sighted to consider anything that is outside their comfort zone or have no experience with. Yes, every manufacturer makes a lemon once in a while. .

#4454768 - 07/09/17 10:21 PM Re: Opinions wanted on A6 [Re: Kage860]
Danno Offline

Registered: 10/07/12
Posts: 1988
Loc: Northern Ontario, Canada
Yaaaa,...friends don't let friends buy german vehicles out of warranty.
1st hand experience from running many hundreds in a fleet.
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#4454773 - 07/09/17 10:24 PM Re: Opinions wanted on A6 [Re: Kage860]
MCompact Offline

Registered: 07/21/02
Posts: 4110
Loc: KY
BMWs are my area of expertise, but hopefully someone who has actual experience with the marque will chime in. More than likely you will only see posts from people parroting fifth hand hearsay(and who have never even sat in a vehicle from Ingolstadt).

I'd suggest checking the Audizine and VW Vortex forums.
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Buy what makes you smile...

#4454779 - 07/09/17 10:37 PM Re: Opinions wanted on A6 [Re: Kage860]
dareo Offline

Registered: 10/17/07
Posts: 1448
Loc: utah
It will definitely not be as reliable as some cars out there. If that higher maintenance is worth it is up to you.
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#4454789 - 07/09/17 10:51 PM Re: Opinions wanted on A6 [Re: Kage860]
Oro_O Offline

Registered: 09/20/14
Posts: 1351
Loc: Seattle-ish, WA
I have been an Audi owner/fan since the mid '90s. I am not a "fan boy." There are some good years/models, and some bad. Are you talking new, or what vintage?

I am also a fan of their aesthetics. I think they've had the consistently best looking cars for the last 20 years, with some of the most pleasant interiors. I am now more a Lexus/Toyota driver because of reliability (they are not superb on that). If it's out of warranty, and you don't LIKE to wrench (I do), you will be frustrated or pay for the service.

But, before we bloviate on, what year are you looking at?

#4454802 - 07/09/17 10:59 PM Re: Opinions wanted on A6 [Re: Kage860]
hemitruck Offline

Registered: 03/18/11
Posts: 372
Loc: new jersey
if your comfortable with jeeps, show her some nice grand cherokee limited jeeps that are out there.

#4454842 - 07/09/17 11:29 PM Re: Opinions wanted on A6 [Re: Kage860]
Merkava_4 Offline

Registered: 01/30/07
Posts: 17501
Loc: Clovis, CA
A 2012 Audi A6 is pretty sharp.

#4454850 - 07/09/17 11:46 PM Re: Opinions wanted on A6 [Re: Kage860]
Kage860 Offline

Registered: 04/17/17
Posts: 88
Loc: NY
That 2012 looks really good, that's pretty much what I had in mind. I'd be looking for one of those with the 3.0t engine. I've been doing some reading and actually that model may be pretty reliable believe it or not. Consumer Reports says Audi is better than average for reliability now. The Audi forums says biggest problems is fuel pump failing, some reports of oil consumption, and thermostat replacement is a 6 hour job, otherwise pretty solid. Compared to Jeep, less room in engine bay, Audi requires bumper removal for many services, and parts cost is roughly double. All in all might be worth a look when the time comes.

I did take a look at jeep grand cherokees and those do look good too. Right now with a growing family my wife and I are thinking she gets a three row suv next, which means I could potentially get a sedan for commuting. I'll hold off until another promotion or whatnot down the line and this will give me something to look forward to.
2007 Jeep Liberty

#4454871 - 07/10/17 01:08 AM Re: Opinions wanted on A6 [Re: Kage860]
FordBroncoVWJeta Offline

Registered: 04/16/16
Posts: 766
Loc: KS
If you get a VW/ Audi, BMW or Mercedes Benz. GET VEHICLE SERVICE RECORDS! To many people put [censored] oil in these cars. I've witnessed it first hand, quite a few times.

People come into walmart tle, and they leave with 5w-30 quaker state. Then there car dies. Who do they blame? VW/ Audi.
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#4454883 - 07/10/17 01:52 AM Re: Opinions wanted on A6 [Re: Kage860]
DdDd Offline

Registered: 06/08/17
Posts: 189
Loc: NY
Relative is on his third A6. Always leases, three years. By year three it needs a few warranty issues. He is hard on cars. Apparently a lot of Audi owners are. Think bmw driver but even bigger jerk. Lol.

Friend bought one with 100K on the clock. Biggest POS ever. The suspension, Quattro system and electrics.

#4454896 - 07/10/17 02:46 AM Re: Opinions wanted on A6 [Re: Kage860]
Quattro Pete Offline

Registered: 10/30/02
Posts: 35838
Loc: Great Lakes
Wife has a Q5 with that 3.0 engine. All in all, it's a nice powerplant and trans combo. So far it has not had any issues, but long term reliability is TBD. We do have an extended warranty plan on it. If it's anything like her previous MB, the extended warranty will pay for itself many times over before you get to 100k miles.
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#4454930 - 07/10/17 05:54 AM Re: Opinions wanted on A6 [Re: Kage860]
Johnny2Bad Offline

Registered: 05/20/13
Posts: 1810
Loc: Saskatchewan, Canada
Get a Certified Used Audi from the dealership. 5 years old or less. They only accept premium units and fix anything before they're offered for sale. Free Carquest report. They come with a warranty (typically 3 years) and you can add coverage if you want.

Audi makes some of the best designed cars in the business ... the interiors are outstanding, even compared to other premium marques.
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#4454936 - 07/10/17 06:10 AM Re: Opinions wanted on A6 [Re: Kage860]
bigjl Offline

Registered: 09/06/12
Posts: 2220
Loc: London, England
Quattro versions always used to have the ZF autobox.

FWD did have troublesome CVT boxes for many years, don't know if they ever went over to DSG autoboxes in the A6.

I find the A6 bland much like all Audis.

Though at least with low fuel costs you can ignore the diesels.
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#4454973 - 07/10/17 07:04 AM Re: Opinions wanted on A6 [Re: Kage860]
glock19 Offline

Registered: 03/12/13
Posts: 760
Loc: Virginia
I've never personally owned an Audi, but we've had a handful in my family. The A series and the Q series seem to do pretty well. I would definitely steer clear of the Allroad and anything with air suspension.
2017 GMC Sierra SLT Z71 Crew Cab - His
2016 Toyota Highlander Limited - Hers

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