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#4454616 - 07/09/17 07:33 PM Mobil and Castrol In 1JZ-GTE
Wreckage Offline

Registered: 10/14/16
Posts: 60
Loc: Australia

I was running a 0w40 oil by castrol edge titanium FST which is a3/b4 group 4 POA. I assume its the equivalent to 'german castrol' in the US as Aus runs off european spec.


After i got the car serviced I decided to try Mobil 1 0w40 down here in gold bottle which is mobils flagship product also group 4 POA.

Over 6000-7000km I had to add 2 litres of oil to thr engine. It was below the bottom marker on the dip stick.

I spoke to mechanic about it... he asked if i had oil on the ground where car is parked to which the answer is no.

So he checked the turbo incase it was leaking through the turbo and it was dry.

So conclusion is my 2.5l Turbo engine ate through 2 litres of oil within 6000-7000km.

I dont remember that being the case with the castrol edge titanium fst 0w40.

Mechanic wreckons that its not a mobil vs castrol issue (brand) but the weight of oil im using being too light.

So even castrol 0w40 should burn through the same amount.

But heres the thing...

He suggests i go a 15w40 and see how it goes.

I explained to him what oil companies told me and that is that the 0w or 15w is simply the cold start temp. Once the car warms up (5-10min) thdn its going to be running off the 40 side. Engine would burn through the oil at operating temp not at cold start up.

So to my understanding 0w40 or going 15w40 wont fix anything as it is still a 40 either way where oil burns up.

Sure a 15w will go into the engine and be thicker in the bottle than the 0... but...

So now im trying to work out...

Is the 0w40 fine for my 1JZ-GTE motor, and thr problem is actually thr castrol vs mobil brand where Mobil 1 oil just gets burned up a lot quicker and hence I didnt notice this problem previous service with the castrol.


0w40 is 0w40 between those 2 brands and it just happens that since I put the mobil 1 in that the car coincidently is also using more oil than it did before?

Which also means its not a mobil/castrol brand thing but a weight of oil thing?

So do i need a different brand or do i need like he suggested a 15w 40, or is it what im thinking, which is i need a even thicker oil meaning a 0w 50 not a 40.?

The only thing that i know changed is i started driving around town on a daily basis compare to before. but... 5000km is 5000km whether i do it in 10 weeks or 20 no?

#4454671 - 07/09/17 08:43 PM Re: Mobil and Castrol In 1JZ-GTE [Re: Wreckage]

Registered: 11/28/08
Posts: 860
Loc: Oklahoma
It has been my experience that oil selection (different brands) can have a large impact on oil consumption.

I have cars that burned MUCH more oil than that... switched to a different brand, and burned almost nothing.
15 Toyota Prius - M1 EP 0w20
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#4454716 - 07/09/17 09:37 PM Re: Mobil and Castrol In 1JZ-GTE [Re: Wreckage]
Bob570 Offline

Registered: 04/02/17
Posts: 14
Loc: Michigan
I'm assuming that the Mobil oil you're talking about is the same stuff as Mobil 1 0w40, which is known for burning off. I wouldn't be worried about it, just switch back to Castrol if that doesn't burn off like Mobil does.
2000 Camaro SS w/ T56 - M1 0W-40, Redline D4 ATF (T56), Redline 75W-90 (diff.)
2004 Jetta 1.8T - M1 0W-40, Pennzoil Synchromesh

#4454736 - 07/09/17 09:52 PM Re: Mobil and Castrol In 1JZ-GTE [Re: Wreckage]
merconvvv Offline

Registered: 07/10/16
Posts: 682
Loc: il usa
On the highway m1 0w40 wud have burned even more in my speculation. My expedition used to drink m1 0w40 on the highway.
1988 Mazda RX7 na PP 10w30 Noack 4.7
1994 Chrysler Concorde 3.3
1999 Ford Expedition 4.6 QSUD 10W30 NOACK 5.0

#4454787 - 07/09/17 10:50 PM Re: Mobil and Castrol In 1JZ-GTE [Re: Wreckage]
Vladiator Offline

Registered: 01/04/16
Posts: 695
Loc: NC
City driving is the cause here. Switch back to Castrol and keep the current driving routine. Consumption will be the same.

#4454812 - 07/09/17 11:05 PM Re: Mobil and Castrol In 1JZ-GTE [Re: Vladiator]
SilverFusion2010 Offline

Registered: 06/29/11
Posts: 1485
Loc: Crawfordville FL
Originally Posted By: Vlad_the_Russian
City driving is the cause here. Switch back to Castrol and keep the current driving routine. Consumption will be the same.


Replace your PCV valve
2010 Ford Fusion SE 3.0L V6, 175k miles M1 AFE 0w-20

#4455222 - 07/10/17 12:05 PM Re: Mobil and Castrol In 1JZ-GTE [Re: Wreckage]
1JZ_E46 Online   content

Registered: 04/04/16
Posts: 726
Loc: Oregon
How many miles on your 1JZ? Stock? Do you ever notice any smoking from the tailpipe? If not, I'd switch back to the Castrol and not worry too much about the consumption... the 1J is an old (although an amazing) engine. I have one in an E46 bimmer smile
2007 BMW X5 4.8i, 105K: Castrol EDGE 0W-40, Mann
2012 Mini Cooper, 45K: Castrol EDGE 0W-30, Mann

#4456902 - 07/12/17 05:25 AM Re: Mobil and Castrol In 1JZ-GTE [Re: Wreckage]
Wreckage Offline

Registered: 10/14/16
Posts: 60
Loc: Australia
Its stock and 125000 km. No smoke with either edge or m1

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