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#4454320 - 07/09/17 02:20 PM Hate for Cyclists - Cyclist Intentionally Hit
john_pifer Offline

Registered: 07/08/12
Posts: 2070
Loc: Nashville, TN via Memphis
Yesterday, along a road I occasionally ride, a cyclist was intentionally hit by an SUV. Thanks to a helmet cam worn by one of the victim's friends, the perpetrator was ID'd and arrested. Thank God, the cyclist is OK and only suffered some cuts and bruises, but obviously it could have been much worse.

Very disturbingly, the perpetrator is (was) Dean of Students at University School of Nashville. It could have been one of his students that he hit!

But, other than the disgust and anger I've felt about the crime itself, I've been equally shocked, disgusted and angered at the hate for cyclists that's been expressed in the comments sections on the Facebook pages of local news media, which reported the story. Many people are blaming the cyclist, saying it's his own fault that he was hit, because they were riding side-by-side. Well, this was on the Natchez Trace Parkway, which is a federal recreational road. While I personally believe that the safest and best policy when riding on a highway is single-file, there are signs along this highway stating that cyclists may use the full lane, and that motorists are allowed to cross the double yellow line and pass cyclists in the oncoming lane, when safe to do so.

Really people? You actually let yourself get angry because you got delayed by maybe 30 seconds at the most until such time as it was safe to pass a cyclist? Astonishing.

Links to news stories:

Be careful out there, riders. And, if you're one of the people who tends to be prone to anger at cyclists, please just stop and think for a second - it's not that critical! Geez, lighten up! You're delayed by maybe half a minute until you can get around. Believe me, I understand. I drive a WRX and ride a Yamaha R1 and I've been held up plenty of times by bicycle races out in the backroads. But you will live. Have some patience. It will BE OK! I promise!
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#4454322 - 07/09/17 02:22 PM Re: Hate for Cyclists [Re: john_pifer]
Vern_in_IL Offline

Registered: 06/25/14
Posts: 1953
Loc: IL
I never cycle on a highway, too many idiots on cell phones... even when it's Illegal. I try to cycle on the shoulders when possible, and I have equal rights as vehicles, but I don't got no 5 star safety rating.

Edited by Vern_in_IL (07/09/17 02:23 PM)

#4454330 - 07/09/17 02:31 PM Re: Hate for Cyclists [Re: john_pifer]
rooflessVW Online   content

Registered: 12/24/11
Posts: 4565
Loc: North Carolina
"Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead."

#4454333 - 07/09/17 02:36 PM Re: Hate for Cyclists [Re: john_pifer]
Dyusik Offline

Registered: 09/26/14
Posts: 2072
Loc: US-WA
Portland cyclists are a different breed, and I stay away from that place as much as possible, due to the rage I experience every time I'm there. The ride like they are on private property and in a tank, they have no regard for anyone on the road but themselves. I had to slam on brakes/evade too many times to avoid hitting them, which I feel would have been well deserved.
Sure there are others with their head screwed on correctly, but seemingly too few.
As far as this clown goes, he is just another homicidal [censored], only he used a vehicle instead of [insert weapon here]. There is one every so often. We hear about them more often due to improved efficiency/availability of news. coffee
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#4454337 - 07/09/17 02:37 PM Re: Hate for Cyclists [Re: john_pifer]
92saturnsl2 Offline

Registered: 03/02/04
Posts: 1308
Loc: Flaherty, KY
I don't get why so many cyclists go out of their way to assert their freedoms on the roadway, deliberately inconveniencing the drivers around them. This happens a lot where I live, they will give the finger and make all sorts of deliberate gestures that essentially say "what i'm doing is legal, [censored] with everyone else." I treat it as just that-- an inconvenience. No different than a semi passing another semi on a 2 lane highway that's going 0.000000001 mph faster than the other-- which takes an eternity, and you're stuck forever going 5mph under the speed limit. An inconvenience is not worth getting road rage or being stupid over. I treat those cyclists the same, cuss at them under my breath and move on.

Obviously that's not to say that all cyclists are that way. But really, just because it's legal to do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD do that. I have freedoms to do a lot of things, but I don't go around doing things just because I can. If I can make simple gesture that saves the time and aggravation of another, without inconveniencing myself, I certainly try.
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#4454342 - 07/09/17 02:39 PM Re: Hate for Cyclists [Re: john_pifer]
69GTX Offline

Registered: 09/23/15
Posts: 3822
Loc: Connecticut
I cycle 2X per week and would never consider riding side-by-side anywhere...except maybe in the Tour de France.

I don't want to be one of those whose tombstone reads: But, he had the right of way.

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#4454345 - 07/09/17 02:44 PM Re: Hate for Cyclists [Re: john_pifer]
madRiver Offline

Registered: 07/11/15
Posts: 3681
Loc: New England
The biker is also nuts for riding side by side instead of single file with traffic present. I am not sure that was intentional or really bad driving(dui?). Risky cycling the smarter ones stay on edge of road.

Glad no one hurt.

#4454353 - 07/09/17 03:00 PM Re: Hate for Cyclists [Re: john_pifer]
CT8 Offline

Registered: 10/09/14
Posts: 11480
Loc: Idaho
I do quite a bit of cycling. I find the dumbest cyclist think they have the right of way. A battle they are too stupid to realize they will never ever win.
"Don't let your preconceived notions get in the way of facts."
Geoff Metcalf

#4454359 - 07/09/17 03:04 PM Re: Hate for Cyclists [Re: john_pifer]
dlundblad Offline

Registered: 09/30/13
Posts: 10311
Loc: Indiana
Like anything else, it's the few that do bad who give the rest a bad reputation.

My personal complaint are the ones that don't obey traffic signs. If they want to share the road, they need to follow rules like everyone else.
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#4454364 - 07/09/17 03:08 PM Re: Hate for Cyclists [Re: john_pifer]
sleddriver Offline

Registered: 02/06/10
Posts: 4788
Loc: Central Texas
Wow...he was lucky. And the "dean of students" just embarrassed his employer and forgot his position.

I do understand the anger from a drivers standpoint as a few, some, will get political, organize massive rides to completely block a popular roadway, bringing it to a crawl.

Or here, some ride very narrow, twisty, hilly roads, with no shoulders, at peak traffic times because THEY want to, greatly endangering themselves. They could CARE LESS about the traffic they're backing up.

There are jerks on bikes and jerks behind the wheel.

As a rider myself, I never force any issue with a vehicle, obstruct traffic, pull in front of cars, etc. because I'll certainly lose. Not worth the risk. The law may be they have to yield to me, but I yield to cars.

Austin Tx is currently going nuts with removing car lanes, to add bike lanes, restriping roads, all the while doing nothing regarding their traffic problems & grid-lock. The mayor & city council actually believe commuting by bike is an answer to traffic congestion. Needless to say, many are quite frustrated by them continuing to ignore a problem they created.
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#4454369 - 07/09/17 03:12 PM Re: Hate for Cyclists [Re: madRiver]
Yah-Tah-Hey Offline

Registered: 05/26/14
Posts: 3572
Loc: Columbus,Nebraska
Last week in western Nebraska, four riders on two motorcycles were killed when a SUV driver crossed into their lane. Reports are not published yet but there is some talk of driver impairment. The driver won't be the only inmate at the state prison serving time for vehicle manslaughter. And two weeks ago, three riders on two motorcycles were killed when the motorcycles collide at an intersection.

#4454380 - 07/09/17 03:27 PM Re: Hate for Cyclists [Re: john_pifer]
dishdude Offline

Registered: 11/14/08
Posts: 8930
Loc: Phoenix
I hope the cyclist gets every penny the driver has.
2018 Challenger SRT

#4454389 - 07/09/17 03:32 PM Re: Hate for Cyclists [Re: john_pifer]
Kestas Offline

Registered: 06/04/02
Posts: 12464
Loc: The Motor City
I'm glad my weekly group ride is at a metro park, on paths reserved for bikers and joggers. No worries about vehicles.

The rules state that pedestrians have the right of way. A bicycle bell is much appreciated by everyone.

#4454397 - 07/09/17 03:40 PM Re: Hate for Cyclists [Re: john_pifer]
Lolvoguy Offline

Registered: 02/06/14
Posts: 2454
Loc: Canada
I wonder how this will affect the Volvo reputation for safety?

06 Lexus IS350- Wife
88 BMW 325is- Mistress

#4454411 - 07/09/17 03:54 PM Re: Hate for Cyclists [Re: john_pifer]
jimbrewer Offline

Registered: 12/30/12
Posts: 1423
Loc: New Mexico, USA
I think this happens more than we think. There was a case here where the car veered across the road and hit a bicyclist dressed in very bright bicycling togs going in the opposite direction. He was DWI, but it's hard to see that as anything but intentional.

Local auto writer chalked it up as "tropism" the same impulse that draws a moth to a flame.

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