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#4435538 - 06/18/17 10:06 PM Waterproof greases?
buck91 Offline

Registered: 04/17/12
Posts: 2388
Loc: West Michigan
So considering various greases and their water resistant properties. Generally speaking and also in regards to use in PU bushings. I've used Valvoline red grease in the past with poor results. More recently I'm been using Super-Lube with OK results. I like the fact that the Super-Lube should have zero effect on the PU material... but not sure how much that matters since its supposed to be petroleum resistant to start.

In any case, re-lube interval is rather low, and must be done after any rain storm or squeaking will result. If I were to add lift shackles in my DD truck, they would have a PU bushing on one end and I would have to absolutely minimize lube frequency.

Looked up specs on 10 different grease which claim to offer waterproof or highly water resistant properties. Super-lube is rated #2 on my list with an ASTM D1264 of <1.0%. It is surpassed only my Mystic JT-6 Marine at 0.90%. Most of the offerings from Amsoil range between 1%-3% and CRC's Sta-Lube marine shows a whooping 5% water wash out! Green Grease (unsurprisingly) doesn't publish this specification but I did shoot an email.

Obviously trying to avoid anything too boutique, lets say less than or equal to the MSRP of a 14oz cartridge of Super-Lube as a base line. Is there any better grease out there than Super-Lube for PU bushings? Anything with a D1264 score better than 0.90%?

Name	Water Wash out	ASTM	Thickener	Source
Super Lube Multi Purpose Grease	<1%	1264	PTFE
CRC Sta-Lube Marine	5.00%	u/a	Aluminum Complex
Mystic JT-6 Marine	0.90%	D1264	Anhydrous Calcium
Lucas Marine	<8.0%	D1264	Lithium Complex
Lucas X-tra Heavy duty	10.00%	D1264	Polyurea
Green Grease	u/a	n/a	Mixed Complex
Amsoil Synthetic Water Resistant Grease	1.25	D1264	Calcium-Sulfante
Amsoil Synthetic Polymeric  Off-Road	1	D1264	Calcium-Sulfonate Complex
Amsoil Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis, Equipment	3	D1264	Lithium Complex
Amsoil Synthetic Multi Purpose	1.7	D1264	Calcium-Sulfonate Complex
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1996 Mustang GT 5spd/ragtop

#4435548 - 06/18/17 10:26 PM Re: Waterproof greases? [Re: buck91]
doitmyself Offline

Registered: 06/03/02
Posts: 6130
Loc: MI
Why not silicone?

#4435551 - 06/18/17 10:29 PM Re: Waterproof greases? [Re: doitmyself]
buck91 Offline

Registered: 04/17/12
Posts: 2388
Loc: West Michigan
Originally Posted By: doitmyself
Why not silicone?

Not aware of any reasonably priced options that com in either 3oz or 14oz cartridges?
2011 F150 4x4 5.0L
1996 Mustang GT 5spd/ragtop

#4435588 - 06/19/17 12:10 AM Re: Waterproof greases? [Re: buck91]
AMC Offline

Registered: 10/17/10
Posts: 872
Loc: South Eastern, CT
Lucas marine and Green grease are both lithium complex, easy to find and and reasonably priced. I have used them both and would go with either one. Green Grease is the stickiest, clingiest and tackiest grease I have ever used. It is also very long lasting and makes things operate very smooth. Green grease comes in 3 and 14 oz tubes at autozone, advance auto and a few other places.

Lucas marine grease is good too but it has more of a smooth, waxy texture that seals out water. However, Lucas marine bleeds out of the grease gun pretty badly where the bleeding is very minimal with green grease.
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#4435654 - 06/19/17 06:56 AM Re: Waterproof greases? [Re: buck91]
miro Offline

Registered: 05/05/13
Posts: 119
Loc: the Netherlands
For me is not clear what do you want.
Water resistant grease or grease that withstands spray offs.
They are two different types of greases e.g.
1. steel and paper mill greases has excellent resistance to sprayoffs,
2. marine grease works excellent with presence of water. Than marine greases are devided to two
a. types that absorb water E.g. Calcium based
b. greases that repels water. e.g Aluminium/Barium based

#4435912 - 06/19/17 01:00 PM Re: Waterproof greases? [Re: buck91]
nthach Offline

Registered: 01/02/04
Posts: 3509
Loc: California
I was about to relube my PU bushings with Loctite's ViperLube, a calcium sulfonate-based PAO grease that has on paper a 0.5% water wash score, I got it on Amazon but then I got rid of the car in question and I still have the tube. Loctite claims it should be compatible with polyurethane.

#4438507 - 06/22/17 12:25 PM Re: Waterproof greases? [Re: buck91]
Yah-Tah-Hey Offline

Registered: 05/26/14
Posts: 3111
Loc: Columbus,Nebraska
Calcium based grease. smile

#4439823 - 06/23/17 07:23 PM Re: Waterproof greases? [Re: buck91]
widman Offline

Registered: 05/27/02
Posts: 3282
Loc: Bolivia
For water resistance I like Bentonite based greases. I have one that sticks like crazy and does not mix at all with water.
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#4439918 - 06/23/17 09:49 PM Re: Waterproof greases? [Re: buck91]
claluja Offline

Registered: 02/05/16
Posts: 220
Loc: MD
Amsoil synthetic water resistant has worked well for me in trailer bearings that are often in saltwater.
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#4440040 - 06/24/17 03:53 AM Re: Waterproof greases? [Re: widman]
Jetronic Offline

Registered: 02/27/09
Posts: 3653
Loc: down in the park
Originally Posted By: widman
For water resistance I like Bentonite based greases. I have one that sticks like crazy and does not mix at all with water.

I do too. and if you get a bentionite grease with a PAO base you won't get any rubber swelling on top + excellent high temperature stability.
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#4444315 - 06/28/17 09:00 PM Re: Waterproof greases? [Re: buck91]
RDMgr Offline

Registered: 11/02/09
Posts: 10
Loc: USA
The D1264 water washout has the options of running at 38C and 79C (100F and 174F). The greases with the higher loses are run at 79C according to their PDS's. The greases with the low loses are either run at 38C or their temps are not specified on their PDS's. With such low loses the lower temp is assumed. The comparisons are not really direct.

#4447469 - 07/02/17 01:57 PM Re: Waterproof greases? [Re: buck91]
4WD Offline

Registered: 09/21/10
Posts: 5583
Loc: Texas/International
JT6 is popular with the bay fisherman in my area - self included ...
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#4447473 - 07/02/17 02:00 PM Re: Waterproof greases? [Re: Jetronic]
4WD Offline

Registered: 09/21/10
Posts: 5583
Loc: Texas/International
Bentonite (clay) mixes well with fresh water but not as well with salt water. Must be a low percentage anyway ... and encapsulated in the HC base ...

Edited by 4WD (07/02/17 02:09 PM)
2017 Tahoe 5.3L 4WD
2014 Fusion Hybrid
2013 Cruze RS 1.4T
2010 Canyon 5.3L 4WD

#4465680 - 07/21/17 12:54 AM Re: Waterproof greases? [Re: buck91]
OilSwag Offline

Registered: 07/02/17
Posts: 43
Loc: Tennessee
The best grease for polyurethane is grease made for it. Energy Suspension 9.11110 part number for the Formula 5 lube. If ES swears by it on their bushings knowing they offer a warranty for bushing failure I would trust it.

If you don't want grease specific for poly like the ES recommendation. Any full synthetic grease like Mobile 1, Amsoil, etc will work just fine.

I had a [censored] near full Poly Urethane front and rear on my Mustang 2003 GT for years as a daily in Tennessee and never had a squeek I heard. Control arms, swaybar bushings, and so on. No issues that I heard over the exhaust
03 Infiniti G35 209K, Castrol Edge 5W30 topped with Edge HM, Fram Ultra Filter, Berryman/MMO fuel maintenance in 93 E0, all synthetic fluids

#4501658 - 08/29/17 08:03 PM Re: Waterproof greases? [Re: buck91]
Dave9 Offline

Registered: 08/28/17
Posts: 138
Loc: Cincinnati, USA
Silicone paste is the right choice, 3M, Energy Suspension, etc.

It does not separate, will not thin on hot days, D1264 0.25%, and the cost is justified for other uses. You should not have to reapply it after every rain. If that is the same result you should machine a grease channel reservoir in the bushing or bracket and pack it in. You don't need much.

Not a cartridge but frankly that is not necessary. These are not fast moving parts and relube interval should be very long. Use less grease in total, and save money and time even if it costs more per oz.

$20 for 8oz on Amazon.

The Energy Suspension Formula 5 is also silicone and cheaper at around $17 delivered for 8oz.

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