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#4350794 - 03/11/17 02:53 AM Oil Filters - Genuine vs Aftermarket
Bailes1992 Offline

Registered: 03/10/17
Posts: 119
Loc: South Wales, UK
I have a Focus with a DV6 derived 1.5TDCi. In fact it is a DV6, the only difference is a slightly smaller to reduce it to 1.5 litres for the Indian market as they get heavily penalised for engines over 1500cc.

If you google DV6 Turbo failure or DV6 Oil Issues you will uncover hundreds of threads about the 1.6TDCi/HDi PSA/Ford partnership engine. The tiny 3.8 litre oil capacity simply cannot cope with long service intervals and the oil gets saturated. There's an oil filter inline with the turbo (non serviceable item) which eventually gets blocked as a result and pop goes the turbo.

Knowing my car was a basically a DV6 when I bought it and that 12 Month / 12,000mile oil changes were pushing the engine a bit I decided to stick to 6 month / 6,000mile intervals. I'm doing the 'in between service' oil changes myself and using a reputable local to do the services.

I've always been told only to use genuine oil filters as they are of a much higher quality than even the best OEM manufacturers. I've been told this hundreds of times by many different people.

I went out to Halfords and got 4litres of oil on trade for £11 and popped to Ford for an oil filter and sump plug washer.

Ford gave me filter number 1.

1) Genuine Ford Filter - £14.72

I must admit I was really dissapointed by the quality. Filter is branded 'Mahle'. I wasn't expecting Ford, but Motorcroft or Bosch at least! A paper bottom and only single pleated in one direction. So I went and purchased another...

2) Genuine Citreon/Peugeot Filter - £12.42

Exactly the same as the Ford one. Both branded 'Mahle'. Both have the same part numbers.

So I decided to pop on Euro Car Parts and see what they had to offer...

3) Bosch Oil Filter - £7.91 delivered

The exact same filter. Same feel, same weight, same size box. However it is branded 'Bosch'. :roll:

4) Mann Oil Filter - £6.40 delivered

Once again. The same filter. Branded 'Mann'.

Convinced there must be better alternatives out there I tried Halfords.

5) Filtron Filter - £6.99 Trade

I see a pattern emerging. Branded as 'Filtron'.

I decided to try one more filter before handing in the towel. I popped to my local Motor Factors and picked up this...

6) Wix Filter - £8.04

Branded 'Filtron' :lol:

All the filters together...

Even the boxes are identical. Just different printing...

I've only ever bought canister filters so you cannot see what exactly is inside them.
I'm starting to wonder if I've been wasting my money buying genuine the last 5 years because the budget ones seem identical to ones costing over twice as much. Why do people always seem to warn against buying aftermarket oil filters?
It really does seem like all these have been made in the same factory (all made in Austria) and branded to suit. :roll:

I'm sure there are bad filters out there but it's good to know in my application at least I can go and buy the cheapest filter out there.

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'96 LR Defender 300TDi - '12 BMW 320d

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Gearbox Oil - Fuchs Sintofluid 75w80
Diff Oil - Fuchs Sintopoid 75w90

#4350803 - 03/11/17 04:09 AM Re: Oil Filters - Genuine vs Aftermarket [Re: Bailes1992]
Garak Offline

Registered: 12/05/09
Posts: 24620
Loc: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Yes, we certainly know that with some spin on filters, there are some differences. We've seen differences in filters like yours. Clearly, with your application, though, just above everyone farms it out to one supplier.
Plain, simple Garak.

2008 Infiniti G37 - Shell ROTELLA T6 Multi-Vehicle 5w-30, NAPA Gold 7356
1984 F-150 4.9L - Quaker State GB 10w-30, Wix 51515

#4350825 - 03/11/17 06:27 AM Re: Oil Filters - Genuine vs Aftermarket [Re: Bailes1992]
edwardh1 Offline

Registered: 01/17/03
Posts: 2945
Loc: Coastal South Carolina
some are seemingly expensive.
we can buy a fram ultra from walmart for US$ 8.97
These products are all new every year?? They are a revolution!!! Razor blades, mens shirts, TVs, wiper blades, gutter guards, hearing aids... according to the ads. But also all new last year

#4350840 - 03/11/17 07:14 AM Re: Oil Filters - Genuine vs Aftermarket [Re: Bailes1992]
HoosierJeeper Offline

Registered: 11/23/16
Posts: 1276
Loc: WI
Wow, nice write up! I only have one vehicle with the cartridge style filter...and surprisingly, the least expensive way to get it is at the dealer. But I'm sure it'd be the same story as yours.
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#4350842 - 03/11/17 07:19 AM Re: Oil Filters - Genuine vs Aftermarket [Re: Bailes1992]
Ihatetochangeoil Offline

Registered: 10/28/14
Posts: 580
Loc: On the road Midwest
Thanks for posting this. Not my application at all, but really interesting. Some people think we're all suckers. I'd bet you an adult beverage the guys behind the parts counter at your local Ford stealership could NOT pick their own filter out of your lineup.

2003 Lesabre
2004 Lesabre
2004 Impala
If ur NOT doing UOA then you're throwing away good oil or your engine is already damaged. Choose.

#4350852 - 03/11/17 07:36 AM Re: Oil Filters - Genuine vs Aftermarket [Re: Ihatetochangeoil]
Audios Offline

Registered: 11/19/11
Posts: 889
Loc: Lyndhurst NJ
Originally Posted By: Ihatetochangeoil
Thanks for posting this. Not my application at all, but really interesting. Some people think we're all suckers. I'd bet you an adult beverage the guys behind the parts counter at your local Ford stealership could NOT pick their own filter out of your lineup.

I don't think anyone could, besides the Mahle/Mann markings they're all identical, and probably no different whatsoever. Id be fine using any one of these in my vehicle, whatever was the cheapest.
2002 VW Golf TDI-Mobil 1 5/40 TDT
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#4350857 - 03/11/17 07:40 AM Re: Oil Filters - Genuine vs Aftermarket [Re: Bailes1992]
Jimzz Online   happy

Registered: 10/03/14
Posts: 1149
Loc: NoVA
Yea my Cadillac has a cartridge filter and I just buy the cheapest ones when they are on closeout at RockAuto.

Between the 2 Cadillac's we have owned and many other BiLs and customers with the 3.6 never had a issue with any of them. Wish more cars would use cartridge filters and stick with them.

#4350859 - 03/11/17 07:42 AM Re: Oil Filters - Genuine vs Aftermarket [Re: Bailes1992]
Irishman Offline

Registered: 02/01/13
Posts: 159
Loc: Texas
Interesting!!! Thanks for posting this.

#4350865 - 03/11/17 07:56 AM Re: Oil Filters - Genuine vs Aftermarket [Re: Bailes1992]
bigt61 Offline

Registered: 02/12/13
Posts: 3117
Loc: Virginia
Good post - nice job on the pics and the suspense build up. I was convinced the last filter would be different.
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#4350890 - 03/11/17 08:26 AM Re: Oil Filters - Genuine vs Aftermarket [Re: Bailes1992]
RichardS Offline

Registered: 01/14/17
Posts: 623
Loc: Melbourne, Florida
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#4350892 - 03/11/17 08:27 AM Re: Oil Filters - Genuine vs Aftermarket [Re: Bailes1992]
knerml Offline

Registered: 04/05/05
Posts: 481
Loc: NE Ohio
Mahle make good quality products, including German OEM.
2015 Hyundai Elantra Sport 2.0 GDI Mobil 1 5W20 & OEM/Mann W811/80 Filter
2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.0T GDI Castrol Edge 5W40 & OEM/Mann W811/80 Filter

#4350897 - 03/11/17 08:34 AM Re: Oil Filters - Genuine vs Aftermarket [Re: knerml]
Kira Offline

Registered: 08/19/10
Posts: 5266
Loc: Champlain/Hudson Valley
LOVED the post!
I can tell you there are differences between filters for my Volvo 5 cylinder engine.
Hard style media vs. yellow paper vs. fuzzy white clothy stuff.

Good luck trying to find scientific comparisons of media.

Also, anybody remember the crazily folded media in older (1970's) Toyota spin on filters? Kira

#4350908 - 03/11/17 08:43 AM Re: Oil Filters - Genuine vs Aftermarket [Re: Bailes1992]
4WD Offline

Registered: 09/21/10
Posts: 6437
Loc: Texas
I have but one on cartridge so simpler process: order one AC Delco and find it is Hengst - shop price - pack of Hengst from eBay that will last for a long time and takes up little space.

#4350938 - 03/11/17 09:23 AM Re: Oil Filters - Genuine vs Aftermarket [Re: Bailes1992]
Donald Offline

Registered: 03/21/04
Posts: 20472
Loc: Upstate NY
I think the key is knowing when to change the oil which is best indicated by a UOA. Do one at 6k and see where you are. We usually do not talk about oil becoming "saturated". Typically oil can too many contaminants or the TBN is low.
2015 Subaru Forester 2.5 engine/CVT
2015 Ford F250 w/Powerstroke
2016 Subaru Crosstrek CVT (wife's)

#4350963 - 03/11/17 10:10 AM Re: Oil Filters - Genuine vs Aftermarket [Re: Bailes1992]
beanoil Offline

Registered: 10/17/04
Posts: 2961
Loc: Midwest, Illinois
No surprise. In 2012, a new (to us, low mile) Town and Country for the SWMBO. Every filter, from genuine MoPar to STP to Fram was the same. Now there are 2 distinct lines in the wild. One made in Poland, one made in China.
To the OP, the obvious choice is the cheapest one, but you are stocked up for a while.
Thanks for the pics.
beanoil: Tough under heat, real dirty afterwards.

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